Chasing a Broken heart

Welcome to my life. A few months ago, my mom got cancer. The doctors did everything they could to save her but it was too late. She died and it made everything in my life miserable. My dad got a depression, and all of my friends left me because they thought I was a. Maybe I am who knows? I only have my big sister left, but she does not live at home anymore. In School, I am sitting alone. I even eat my lunch in the bathroom. Everything went bad since my mom died, and I do not blame her because my dad used to punish her every day when she got home from work. So enough from the past. I want to tell you my story personally, and why I want to end it. Today I have school, and I already know what is going to happen. People are probably going to look at me as if I am a freak.

it's my first story, so please don't hate


9. Chapter 9

She went up the stairs, and then I remembered that I have my camera open, so I took the blankets and ran up the stairs. I quickly ran up the stairs to get her. Luckily, I already got the blankets, so I had an excuse to take her out of my room.

Liam: I got the blankets, Rebecca

Rebecca: okay babe, your room is so artistic. I did not know that you were a little bit of an artist.

Liam: it's not really something that I tell people, I used to draw, so I wouldn't think of my mom being gone all the time.

Rebecca: Oh, is it something you want to talk about?

Liam: no, I want to talk about you, and why you actually are here.

Rebecca: what do you mean? Do you think I am lying to you?

Liam: no, no it's not that I don't believe you, it's just that I don't understand...

Rebecca: what is it that you don't understand?

Liam: I don't understand why you want to get with me, just so you can annoy Caroline.

Rebecca: so this is what you don't understand, not why I was crying over my dad because he might take my sister.

Liam: it is such a bad thing he is doing, but I just keep wondering why you would do that to her.

Rebecca: honestly your such a douchebag, if you didn't like me then why would you even get with me, like just make everything even worse and break up with me. Right here and now.

Liam: why are you yelling? I was just asking one simple question.

Rebecca: because my own boyfriend does not believe anything I say, and that is heartbreaking.

Liam: I do believe you; don't ever think I am like that. I am not good at relationships, okay. Just forget what I said about Caroline before, I shouldn't have done it and I am sorry. Tell me about what happened to your dad.

Rebecca: I forgive you, and my dad is a good man, so I don't understand why he would do such thing to my little sister.

Liam: what did he exactly do?

Rebecca: he has been acting weird these past days. I did not think I was such a big thing but he called me earlier and said that he was going away for a few days, to clear his mind off. Then after a few hours, he called me again, and said he was taking my sister, and never coming back.

Liam: I think you should go home and talk with your mom, she will understand. She will probably call him, and tell him that If he won't return your sister back home, she will call the police on him.

Rebecca: Okay, I will do that, thanks for helping me.

** kisses Liam on the cheek**

/Authors note/

Thanks for reading my new chapter

I see you in next chapter

XoXo Zeinab

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