Chasing a Broken heart

Welcome to my life. A few months ago, my mom got cancer. The doctors did everything they could to save her but it was too late. She died and it made everything in my life miserable. My dad got a depression, and all of my friends left me because they thought I was a. Maybe I am who knows? I only have my big sister left, but she does not live at home anymore. In School, I am sitting alone. I even eat my lunch in the bathroom. Everything went bad since my mom died, and I do not blame her because my dad used to punish her every day when she got home from work. So enough from the past. I want to tell you my story personally, and why I want to end it. Today I have school, and I already know what is going to happen. People are probably going to look at me as if I am a freak.

it's my first story, so please don't hate


5. Chapter 5

 We started driving towards the park. When we arrived, he opened the door for me, and we started walking around. I found a bench and sat, and he asked me.

Liam: are you tired? Already?

Caroline: Yes, these shoes are killing me

Liam: if you're not ready to talk I understand but I have to ask, what happened to you?

Caroline: okay I am going to tell you, but you cannot tell anyone, okay.

Liam: I swear I am not going to tell anyone.

Caroline: okay it all started when my mom got brain cancer 8 months ago, the doctors could not save her so she died, unfortunately. My dad blamed it on me and wanted me to pay for it so he started a business. He sold me to men, and they paid him. All the money he earned from me he used it to buy himself drinks and stuff. When he is drunk, he does the same to me.

Liam: how often does he do that do you?

Caroline: every Friday

** I started crying**

Liam: I feel so bad; he cannot treat you like that. Do not think that you caused your mother's death at all.

He wiped away my tears and gave me a big hug.

Liam: I can help you if you let me help you

Caroline: do not waste your time on me, because I am just trash.

Liam: you are definitely not Trash, and such a beautiful girl like you cannot live a bad life like that. I won't accept it.

We walked back to his car and he followed me home, I opened the door and ran up to my room, then I changed my clothes and got into pajamas. For the first time, I slept well

/Authors note/

Thanks for reading my chapter

sorry, it's not that long, but it's hard to keep track on school, and writing.

see you next time XoXo Zeinab

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