Chasing a Broken heart

Welcome to my life. A few months ago, my mom got cancer. The doctors did everything they could to save her but it was too late. She died and it made everything in my life miserable. My dad got a depression, and all of my friends left me because they thought I was a. Maybe I am who knows? I only have my big sister left, but she does not live at home anymore. In School, I am sitting alone. I even eat my lunch in the bathroom. Everything went bad since my mom died, and I do not blame her because my dad used to punish her every day when she got home from work. So enough from the past. I want to tell you my story personally, and why I want to end it. Today I have school, and I already know what is going to happen. People are probably going to look at me as if I am a freak.

it's my first story, so please don't hate


4. Chapter 4

I was stupid. I need to say sorry. I know that she told me to leave her alone, but I could not. I decided to call my mom and ask her for help.

Dialing *mom*

Mom: hello

Liam: hi mom it's Liam, I have a question about a girl in my school. Do you have time to talk?

Mom: Yes, baby what is wrong?

Liam: there is this girl in my school. I think her father raped her, but she does not want me to call the police. What do I do?

Mom: wow, listen darling she is probably just hurt and wanting someone to talk with. Her dad is not a great father and he has to go to jail. My advice would be that you record him, raping her even though she did not want it and hand it to the police.

Liam: okay mom, I really hope this is going to help her, but I am doing it on Friday.

Mom: okay, I have to go I love u.

Liam: goodbye mommy I love u too.

My mom and I are very close to each other because I no one else but her. Even though she travels all the time, we always talk.

Caroline's POV

I kept thinking about Liam repeatedly. Was I too mean? I know he was just trying to help me but I do not know how this works. The friendship thing. I looked through my window, and I could see him. I waved. He looked at me holding a paper in his hand. There was written sorry on the paper. I smiled and took a paper and wrote thanks for being concerned. He smiled, and when he smiled, I got so happy. I literally felt like I was flying. He took a paper and wrote, "What are you doing this Friday?" I sighed and looked down. I did not know how to tell him that my father's friend is coming over, and yeah he is going to do the same as my father. I really wanted to, but I could not. I went to my bed looking up at the roof. Suddenly I fell asleep. I woke up, took my clothes on and got out of the door. On my way to school, I met Liam. He ran up to me and we started talking

Liam: Caroline I am so sorry if I got over your limit.

Me: it's all right, I am totally fine, and I am sorry if I was too mean.

Liam: you were just not ready to talk about it, and I understand that. When you are ready to talk, I will always be here for you. That is what friends do for each other.

Me: thank you so much. You are my only friend; I did not get along very good after my mom died.

Liam: what are you up to after school?

Me: nothing, why?

Liam: I want to get to know you better.

Me: sure, where do you want to go?

Liam: I know a park 30 minutes away from the school.

Me: Uhm okay.

When we got to school, I got to my class. I had French, and of course, Rebecca was in the class. I took a seat, hoping it was not her seat. So she basically came over to me and looked at me as if I was a freak and then she said "move your busted creeper butt from my seat" I did not move, then the teacher said, "Miss Forbes, can you move from miss Georges seat". Everyone started to look at me, when someone decided to speak. It was Liam. He told Rebecca that it's just a seat, and I could sit there. I could barely speak, I was happy. He was there to rescue me, when Rebecca was mean to me. It was time for lunch, I took my bag and started walking towards the girls bathroom when Liam stopped me he said "where are you going, aren't we supposed to eat in the lunchroom?" I sighed, took his hand, and walked in the janitor's room. I told him all about what Rebecca did and what she said to me. He looked very angry. He literally took my hand in to the lunchroom, and sat me in a chair and one next to him. Everyone was staring at me. Therefore, I was waiting for the time, for Rebecca to show up. She got to the lunchroom and came over to me.

Rebecca: excuse me, but why are you sitting there? You know it is where I sit and I told you before that if I see you again you're going to see what I am going to do to you.

Liam: who are you exactly? There are so many other seats to sit on why would you sit there? Like can't you see that was sitting here?

Rebecca: Uhm it's my seat

**Liam cut her off**

Liam: you are not sitting there, what is it that you do not understand?

**She finally moved with an angry face**

I chuckled

Me: thanks

Liam: no problem.

When school finished Liam was there to pick me up from my class. He is such a gentleman. He opened the door for me to his car.

/Authors note/

Thanks for reading my story

 you next time XoXo Zeinab



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