Chasing a Broken heart

Welcome to my life. A few months ago, my mom got cancer. The doctors did everything they could to save her but it was too late. She died and it made everything in my life miserable. My dad got a depression, and all of my friends left me because they thought I was a. Maybe I am who knows? I only have my big sister left, but she does not live at home anymore. In School, I am sitting alone. I even eat my lunch in the bathroom. Everything went bad since my mom died, and I do not blame her because my dad used to punish her every day when she got home from work. So enough from the past. I want to tell you my story personally, and why I want to end it. Today I have school, and I already know what is going to happen. People are probably going to look at me as if I am a freak.

it's my first story, so please don't hate


2. Chapter 2

Caroline's POV
Liam walks over to me. "Hi Liam," I said, he smiled. We started talking, and he followed me home. I asked him "do you live here nearby?", "Yeah, I live in the house next door". I could not stop smiling. I was in shock. I think I finally got a friend, and he lives next to my house. I walked through the door, and my dad was drinking again. Every time, he drinks; I get even more scared of him. A ting scares me every time he drinks, and no one will be able to understand, what he does to me, but I am going to tell you people later on in the story. I run up to my room, praying to god that he does not punish me. Later that night he starts to yell at me, and I start crying. He pushes the door open and starts to rip all my clothes off. I did everything I could to stop him, but he was stronger. I knew what he wanted from me. This happens every time he is drunk. I was naked, and he started to kiss me. I pulled away; he slaps me on my cheek. I stopped, and he did the same as always. He raped me. When he was done, he just left. I cried so badly, and it ended with me crying myself to sleep.

Liam's POV.

I got home from my first day in school. I met this girl, and I feel bad for her. She looked so sad, so I had to help her. Caroline was her name. Her golden-brown hair was shining through the sun, and those blue eyes were so beautiful. I could not stop looking at her, and the best thing is that she is my neighbor. Later that night I could see her through my window, she looked so scared. Her dad suddenly got into her room, omg he looks drunk. I cannot believe my eyes; he is kissing her, and taking her clothes off. This is so disgusting. How can he rape his own child like that? I don't know what to do, should call cops? I really like her, but her own father treats her like shit. I am so mad, she deserves better than anyone does. My mom asked if I wanted anything to eat. I said no, and sat on my bed. I keep looking through the window, but this time her father was gone. She was crying. I could not sleep, thinking that a beautiful girl like her gets that treats like that. She fell asleep crying.

Caroline's fathers POV

I miss my wife every day, why would that bitch leave me. I drink every day trying to forget her, but I cannot. I loved her so much, but I hate her daughter. I know she is the reason she died and she has to pay for it. So I gave her a job. Every week a man pays me money, so he can have fun with her. One day, I hope she dies. But until then, she has to pay for what she did to her mother and it's going to cost a lot.

/Authors note/

Thanks for reading this part

love u XoXo Zeinab <3


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