Chasing a Broken heart

Welcome to my life. A few months ago, my mom got cancer. The doctors did everything they could to save her but it was too late. She died and it made everything in my life miserable. My dad got a depression, and all of my friends left me because they thought I was a. Maybe I am who knows? I only have my big sister left, but she does not live at home anymore. In School, I am sitting alone. I even eat my lunch in the bathroom. Everything went bad since my mom died, and I do not blame her because my dad used to punish her every day when she got home from work. So enough from the past. I want to tell you my story personally, and why I want to end it. Today I have school, and I already know what is going to happen. People are probably going to look at me as if I am a freak.

it's my first story, so please don't hate


12. Chapter 12

** Liam takes her hand and they walk into the car together**

**at the hospital**

Nurse: what can I help you with today?

Sara: I am Sara from the police department. This is Caroline and she needs to go to the examination room right away.

Nurse: Oh, just follow me and I'll show you a room.

Nurse: Doctor Tancredi will be here soon.

Sara: thank you, you can leave now.

I could see that she wanted me to tell her the story but I was too scared. I didn't want her to publish my story, even though my dad did all of this to me, I still loved him. I wish my sister were here. I wanted her hug, her kisses, and the love that she used to give me. I knew she wasn't coming back, and I understood why.

Sara: now that we have some extra time, maybe you could tell me the story of your father treating you in that way.

Caroline: Uhm okay...

Sara: I promise I won't tell anyone.

Caroline: it is not that. I don't want the story to get published.

Sara: okay I will make sure of that.

Caroline: my mom got Brain cancer. She died after a lot of pain. My dad blamed it all on me. I don't know why though. He wanted to punish me for causing my mother's death. He started this business thing. He would sell me out to men, and the money he earned from it, he used it to buy himself alcohol. He made my life a living hell these past months, and I really can't take it anymore. If I didn't do what I was told to, he would start hitting me and spitting on me. When I met Liam and he found out about me, he was all about telling the police, because he didn't want me to go through it anymore. I gave him permission to record it while it was happening, and then a girl from the school took a copy and showed it to the school. I felt like nothing matters in the world anymore and that's when I tried to kill myself.

Sara: wait, when did you try to kill yourself?

Caroline: today. It all happened today in school.

Sara: well I am happy you're still alive so we can put your father in a prison cell and make him feel miserable about what he did to you.

Caroline: thank you very much.

** the doctor comes into the room**

Dr. Tancredi: Hello Caroline, so we are going to do a DNA test and a few blood samples.

Caroline: does it hurt?

Dr. Tancredi: it might sting a little but that it.

Caroline: what is the DNA test for?

Dr. Tancredi: the DNA test is used to see if your DNA matches your fathers.

Liam: is it possible that it's not her real father.

Dr. Tancredi: there is a chance.

/Authors note/

thank you for reading my new chapter

byeeee - Zeinab


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