Dying Secret

Can you keep a secret? Grace Middleton sure can. She has a secret that she has been keeping and no one seems to know what is.

Detective Damien Bennett transfered from New York to L.A finds that all rich and famous hide skeletons in the closet. Starting from affairs, gambling and even some with murder.

When Damien and Grace cross paths, Damien can't seem to shake a feeling that there is something that she is hiding. He makes his mission to figure it out before it is too late. But in the process can he keep his growing feeling for her at bay and will her feelings for him become a obstacle in her quest?

Anything can happen in Hollywood as it is to 'die' for... literally...


1. One

The door stood ajar as slowly the NYPD started to make it's way inside the apartment. The team being lead by Detective Damien Bennett. He stopped when he heard the muffled screams of the resident inside. 

"Ok by the sounds of it, there seems to be only one hostage inside. He isn't willing to talk and he sure as hell doesn't want to hear what we have to say either," whispered Damien. 

"We are the ready. We have a clear shot inside the building as we can see our guy," came the voice of the sniper through the ear piece. 

Damien stood there for a second. Damien was someone who like to look at a situation in different ways before taking action. He liked to look at the possible outcomes that could be achieved in a situation before going in. He was a follow the rules kind of person. 

"Ok, we have all the escape routes covered and we have checked that there is only one hostage. We have studied this guy and know that he has nothing to lose. If something starts to go out of his plan, he is willing to kill his hostage. That means, we have to make sure that it doesn't come to that," whispered Damien. "We all have one shot... make it count.:"

With a nod, the first member of the SWAT team indicated 1 2 3 and then with a loud bang, bust open the door. It felt like chaos as the SWAT yelled... NYPD yelled to indicate their presence. The criminal at first was little confused but when he made a run for it, he was tackled down by a SWAT member and he lay face down. 

Damien ran to the woman tied to the chair and quickly opened her hands and legs. He gently removed the tape from her mouth. She hugged Damien who gently pulled her to her legs and started to take her out of the building. 

Outside was no better. Crowds were gathered around the barrier as news reporters lined up at the approaching hostage and detective. Flashes and yelling scared the woman as she held tight on Damien's black leather jacket. 

"Excuse me, move aside please," he yelled to the crowd of reporters. He held onto the woman and walked over to the EMT truck and placed her inside where a paramedic started providing her with medical. 

"Detective Bennett, we have placed Miguel in the car and he is now been taken downtown and new chargers are being added to his offence," informed one of the officers. 

"Thank you." 

Damien watched as Miguel was driven away and a sense of relief came over him. 

"You made a promise and you delivered," came a familiar voice. 

Turning around he found his partner standing there with a smile on her face. She removed her jacket and placed her gun back in her holster. 

"You promised to catch that man before your move and you did. I don't know if I should be proud of that or worried? Have you even had any sleep?" 

"I'm fine. Now that this all is over, I can relax. Now I can start at LAPD without wondering if you here were able to catch him," joked Damien. 

"Come on, look who's eco is becoming big now. We are going to be fine without you... even though you will be missed," smiled Amiela. 

"You are an amazing Detective and a great partner. Which ever sucker gets you will be very lucky."

"Yeah yeah... I guess same goes for you too. You have been a pain in the ass but I was lucky to have you. Why again are you moving?" 

"My dad is sick and mum can't handle things on her own. They need me."

Amelia gave him a smile and a hug. Where had the time gone. It only felt like yesterday that she was introduced to a new partner. Three years had gone by so fast. 


Damien entered his apartment and looked around at his empty room. Everything was packed away and ready to be moved. He was happy to be going to move back him but moving to New York was his dream and now he it was over. 


Damien slowly opened his eyes as his alarm rang and a stream of sunlight hit his eyes. Yawing he got out of bed and looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He could see dark circles under his eyes which were a result of his lack of sleep. 

Quickly changing and getting dress, Damien gathered his things and gave his keys to the landlord after which he made his way to the airport.


After a long time, Damien stepped out at LAX airport. He was finally home. He stared to make his way to the taxi stand. As he went for the cab, someone else at the same time went for it. He turned to confused as to who was about to steal his cab when he froze. 

Standing there was a woman with strawberry blonde hair. She slowly removed her glasses and starred back at him. Damien or did this mystery woman say anything for a few seconds until they the cab driver spoke. 

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