The Dark Wizards of Blood Creek A novel

Alan Donald is a thirteen year old teenager who doesn't believe in magic. When he meets several magicians who are scared of The Dark Priestess, his world in Blood Creek, which is near Los Angeles, California, is turned upside down.


2. The Dark Priestess-Part Two


Alan Donald was dreaming about Carla Sharpe. He looked anxious. "What's bugging you, Alan?", she asked him. "Oh, nothing. I had Professor Campbell's class for English. And he looked like he would tear my essay in half", he answered. She smiled. "Everything's out of kilter these days", Carla said. Alan shook his head. Suddenly Eddie Franklin grinned at them. "There's no magic in Blood Creek. Only fakes who want to be on YouTube", he said. He focused on the app news about strange phenomena on his I-phone. He smiled. "Everyone is determined not to think that magicians are false people. Besides, look those stage shows. And movies about magic. You can't believe the performers are faking it. I know​ it". Alan grinned. He was about to say something when Mr. Baxter, the Maths Teacher, arrived. He was six foot tall. He gazed at Alan. "Okay, class. We're having a maths test for the whole hour. I want all of you to know you'll be graded afterwards". Carla sighed. She sat on her seat. Then she took a long sigh, and forced herself to smile at Alan and Eddie.


The Dark Priestess arrived at Blood Creek. She gazed at the lamp sign. She was dreaming of a better future in which the Warlock, Simon De Graves, would marry her. She saw the sign that read: ​WELCOME TO BLOOD CREEK, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. By the time she saw cars zooming across the busy road, she clapped her hands. Red smoke filled the freeway, and the Hollywood Hills came into focus. And, as the Dark Priestess smiled, the nightmare had started.


Cara heard the sound of the school bell.

"The class is over", she said.

"Thank God", Alan stated.

"Let's go to the next class", Eddie added.

And Alan nodded.


Los Angeles Detective Arnie Clamper was eating a hot dog when he heard it. The loud sound of screams. He stopped eating, as Detective Earl Sheppard, his partner, who was also eating, grabbed their warm coffees. "What's in the name of God is going on, Earl?", he asked him. "Something weird", he answered. And he saw the Dark Priestess, and shivered. 


Alan, Carla, and Eddie saw Mrs. James, the English Teacher. 

Suddenly she focused on the teenagers.

"Good morning. I was...", she said.

And then she saw the Dark Priestess with the detectives, and the world of fantasy and reality collided.

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