The Dark Wizards of Blood Creek A novel

Alan Donald is a thirteen year old teenager who doesn't believe in magic. When he meets several magicians who are scared of The Dark Priestess, his world in Blood Creek, which is near Los Angeles, California, is turned upside down.


1. The Dark Priestess-Part One


The grey haired wizard stared at the Oracle of Light. He had calmly discussed what to do with The Dark Priestess of Blood Creek, (which was ten miles away from Los Angeles, California), was imprisoned in the dim cells of the dank dungeon. He rubbed his long, grey, beard with his strong hands; he glided towards the Black Walls of Doom. "Time is short, Christian. She will use her powers for evil if she's ever released". Christian, who was a young wizard, nodded. He was concerned about the darkness consuming the city. He took a long, deep, breath. Then he looked forlornly at the older wizard, and gripped the ancient spell book in his right hand. And vowed to incant one of them to bind the Priestess from ever using magic ever again.


The Dark Priestess wore a long purple gown. Her black hair was shiny. Her eyes were an ocean blue; her face wasn't lined, yet. She stared at the rusting shackles on the blackened walls; she imagined breaking free of her prison cell. She had been in the dungeons for two hundred years. She was used to dealing with the wise wizards. The fight against them was over control over Blood Creek. She reached for the spell book with her long fingers. She picked it up, then incanted one. Suddenly she saw red smoke filled the dungeon. And, in a matter of seconds, she had vanished into thin air...and escaped her fate.

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