Oh sister

What happens when Quaillen Short comes to LEP. and her beauty catches Artemis fowl's eye


5. My Gaurdian*snort* Far from it

Quail walked through the dark forest her mother's voice leading her. She stopped a dark pit." Come closer". The voice said. She blended down and touch the dark liquids." You know who you are!" The voice turn to a curel   voice. It pulled her in. You belong to the spirits of the dead! It hissed. Quail woke up panting for air. She looked over at the picture of her mother. She had brown hair and hazel eyes like Holly. The picture seemed to be laughing at he. She slammed the picture down and got up and shuffled to the bathroom. Every night the same dream it only gets worse. She washed her face,and looked at the mirror. He mom stood behind her. Quail turn around. To her horror nothing was there. She looked at the mirror and saw nothing but her face. " you belong with the spirits!" The voice said in her head. She screamed in pain. She fell to the ground. Her tears turn to blood, it spattered on the floor. She squeezed her eyes shut. " Get away!" She screamed over and over again. Something was present here. Hunting her. She grabbed her gun and sword and strapped to her new clothes. After she was done she drove to the therapy office.

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