Oh sister

What happens when Quaillen Short comes to LEP. and her beauty catches Artemis fowl's eye


4. I'm sorry not sorry

Artemis and Holly took a walk in the park when they saw a group of children, line up at the front of the line was Quail with child on her lap. They whispered something in her ear then kissed her cheek then got up and ran to there parents. " what are you doing?" Holly asked as a little girl sat on her sister's lap. "They think I'm Santa's messages". She said happily. The little girl looked at Holly then at Quail. " so your not?" She asked." No but I know Santa's daughter!" She giggled." After the children had said what they wanted and kissed her cheek Holly pulled her away in disgusted." Your hang with mud people. They ones that killed our mom!" Holly screamed." Don't lecture me about when tour hanging with him!" She spat and pointed at Artemis." Sorry not sorry".  She threw her hands and disappeared in thin air.

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