All Your Little Things - Larry Stylinson

"Louis it hurts." Harry sobbed, his legs shaking as he tried his hardest to control the inevitable.

"Harry I'm right here. I'll stay right here."


Harry Styles was diagnosed with PGAD (persistent genital arousal disorder) when he was 15 years old. He's been the target of teasing, bullying and harassment for a year. Louis Tomlinson is Harry's best and only friend. He's the only one un-bothered by Harry's disorder, other than Harry's mother. Louis wants to show Harry he can be loved, but Harry has a hard time believing he's worth anything.


Contains: self harm, depression, suicidal thoughts


2. Two


Harry's point of view...

We got inside my place and I shuffled my feet a little anxiously. "Um.. I need to, you know, change and... stuff." I looked down at the floor. "Yeah sure, go ahead. I'll wait here." Louis said with a bright smile. I nodded quickly and went upstairs. I changed my boxers and my trousers, getting on a new pair and stuffing the dirty ones in the laundry basket. I sat on my bed gently and brought my head in my hands, starting to softly cry. 

After a while, the quiet sobs turned into angry sobs as I began trashing my room. 

"Son of a bitch!" I screamed at I threw my shoe at my mirror. I didn't break it, but I wish I did so I wouldn't have to look at my pathetic face every day. 

"Freak! Mistake!" I screamed, punching the wall. I tore down a poster, hitting the wall again. I tugged on my curls, hard, sobbing angrily and yelling profanities. 

"Harry!" I heard Louis yell.

I turned to face him, breathing hard and tears cascading down my red cheeks. My eyes were swollen from crying and my fist ached from hitting the wall. "Haz, what's going on, what the hell are you doing?" Louis asked, coming forward and wrapping me in his arms. I gripped onto him tight, sobbing and shaking in his arms. 

"Shhh. Shhhh. You're alright Haz. You're alright, I've got you." He whispered soothingly, stroking my hair and swaying side to side a little. "I just want to be normal Louis." I wailed into his chest, my shoulders shaking violently.

He tilted my head up forcefully, "Harry you listen to me right now. You are normal okay? This stupid disorder doesn't change the fact that you're an amazing, funny, generous and kind person okay? You're beautiful Harry. You're my best friend."

Without warning, Louis crushed our lips together. I tested his salty tears that must have spilled down his cheeks when he was giving his "Harry is amazing" speech. I tasted the mint gum he always chewed. I tasted the strawberry flavored chapstick he wore. I tasted... Something amazing. But for some reason, my eyes were wide open.

I moved my hands to his chest and pushed him away, "Louis what the hell are you doing?!" I gasped. His blue eyes overflowed with hurt and he stammered, "I- I'm sorry Harry, I.. I'm sorry I dunno what I was thinking I-I'm sorry."

I turned away, brushing my fingers over my lips. The lips that were just kissed by Louis Tomlinson. And I realized that... I really wanted to kiss him again.

I turned to face him again and his eyes were watering with shame and hurt. "Harry I'm sorry, I probably just fucked up everything, I'm so sorry. I dunno what I was thinking, but Harry I've been in love with you since - "

"Shut up and kiss me you fool." I said, pulling him close and pressing my lips against his. At first he was shocked, but then his lips melted into mine and we were kissing with the passion of lovers who were separated by war. His hands made their way into my hair, running through my curls and tugging softly. I ran my hands down his back. He hooked his thumbs into the loops of my trousers, bringing my hips closer. I didn't even notice the pressure building, I didn't give a fuck. I was kissing Louis. I was kissing my best friend Louis.

I broke off the kiss with a strangled moan, doubling over in ecstasy. I had come because I was kissing Louis.




Way to make yourself look like a loser Harry.

I sighed, glancing over the wet spot in my trousers and felt my cheeks heat up. I chewed my lip, tears burning my eyes again. Louis pulled me close, rubbing circles on my back. "Shhh. I've got you Harry. It's okay. It's okay, I've got you."

I looked up to see Louis looking at me with a soft smile. "Why did you kiss me?" I asked shyly, wrapping my arms around his waist. He bit his lip nervously. He looked adorable when he did that. "I couldn't stand the urge anymore." He whispered softly, brushing a stray curl out of my eyes. He began rubbing my cheek with the back of his hand, smiling at me. I smiled back.

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