All Your Little Things - Larry Stylinson

"Louis it hurts." Harry sobbed, his legs shaking as he tried his hardest to control the inevitable.

"Harry I'm right here. I'll stay right here."


Harry Styles was diagnosed with PGAD (persistent genital arousal disorder) when he was 15 years old. He's been the target of teasing, bullying and harassment for a year. Louis Tomlinson is Harry's best and only friend. He's the only one un-bothered by Harry's disorder, other than Harry's mother. Louis wants to show Harry he can be loved, but Harry has a hard time believing he's worth anything.


Contains: self harm, depression, suicidal thoughts


3. Three


Louis' point of view... 

Harry invited me to stay for dinner. His mum worked 12 hour shifts at the hospital as a nurse to provide for Harry and his sister Gemma. She was staying over her boyfriend's tonight, so it was just Harry and I. 

I sat down on the sofa with him, grabbing my plate of pizza pops. He curled up on the sofa, clicking on the tv. He scrolled through channels, finding a Halloween movie and choosing it. It was Halloween Town. I scoffed, "You were always one of those dorks who watch Halloween movies around Halloween and Christmas movies around Christmas."

He waved his hand sassily at me and snorted. I smiled and curled my arm around his shoulders. "Louis," he began. "About earlier... Um, how.. how do you feel about it now? I mean, I'm not sure where to go now, from there." He stuttered.

I turned to look at him and smiled softly at his worried eyes. "Haz, listen. I've.. I've been crazy about you for a long time. Even before you were diagnosed with PGAD. I want nothing more than to call you mine. But if you're not ready, if you want to go slow. I'm okay with that. I promise I am. Yeah?" I said.

He smiled bashfully and looked down at his feet. I slipped my hand into his and rubbed my thumb against his knuckles. "Louis I, um. I kinda dont wanna go slow. I mean, I don't wanna rush, I don't wanna be fast. Cause that isn't healthy or so I've heard." Harry rambled. "I just... I dont even know. I sound so dumb, I'm just. Louis, I really like you and - "

I broke off his ramblings with a kiss to his lips, brushing my fingers through his soft curls. We pulled away and I looked up at him, smiling. He gave a shy smirk and bit his lip softly.

I giggled and blushed a little. "So... Does this mean?" I asked, wiggling my eye brows jokingly. Harry chuckled and looked down, "Boyfriends perhaps?" I smiled and nodded, leaning closer and rubbing his cheeks with my thumbs, "I would love to."

He was about to respond when suddenly his breathing hitched and he lowered his head. He crossed his leg over the other, squeezing them together and groaning softly. I took his hand in mine as I knew he was having an episode. "Hey hey, shhh." I cooed. "Its alright Harry. It's okay. Just breathe, squeeze my hand. I'm right here." Harry whimpered softly, covering his mouth to try and muffle the small moan that came from his mouth. "Uuh-uh..." He grunted softly and I saw a wet spot in his trousers.

He sniffled and covered his eyes, lowering his head and begining to cry. I pulled him into my arms and pressed my lips against the side of his head. "Shhh," I whispered close to his ear. "You did so good Hazza. So so good. Please don't cry sweet boy, don't cry. "

He rested his head against my chest and I softly rubbed circles on his back. He rubbed his eyes and looked up at me with puffy eyes, "Louis?" He asked hoarsely. I rested my palm against his cheek, "Yeah love?" He leaned into my touch and said softly, "Thank you." I smiled and pressed a soft kiss to his pink lips. "Never need to thank me Harry." I said truthfully.


Around 10pm, I decided it was time to leave. We had school tomorrow anyways and we both needed a good night's rest.

"I'll see you tomorrow then Haz?" I said, standing up to go to the door.

He stood up with me and took hold of my hand, "Louis wait." I turned back to look at him questioningly, "What's wrong?" He shook his head, "No nothing I just, um, well I wanted to know if you could stay with me? My mum doesn't come home until midnight. Plus she won't mind. She loves you... And, well, I don't like being alone." He looked down shyly and scuffed his foot into the carpet.

I smiled and ran my hand through his hair, "Of course. Let me just shoot a text to my mum and let her know."

I got out my phone and sent; hey mum. Staying over Harry's place tonight. Give the siblings a kiss for me and have a good night x

She replied a few minutes later with; ok love. Everyone wishes you both a good night. Love u x

I smiled and pushed my phone back into my pocket. I looked up and Harry was coming out of the kitchen with a cup of sleepy tea. I chuckled, "Never can go to bed without one huh?" Harry shrugged and smiled a dimpled smile and we went upstairs. He lent me some of his pajamas and I went into the bathroom to change. His pajama bottoms were a little long on me and I chuckled. I was always the shorter one out of us both.

I came out of the washroom to find Harry getting the bed ready. His tea was finished and placed neatly on his night stand. He chucked some extra pillows to the side and turned to smile at me. I smiled back and wrapped my arms around his waist. He giggled and we both got into bed. He kissed my head softly and snuggled into my side as I covered us with the sheets and duvet. He lay his head on my chest and I absently played with his perfect curls.

He softly sighed and in minutes he was asleep. It didn't take me long to doze off either. The night spent with Harry was one of the most restful nights I had in a while. I've always had a bit of insomnia, but in Harry's bed, with him, it felt like heaven itself.

The next morning, Harry's alarm went off and I opened my eyes. I was on my side and Harry was behind me, arms wrapped protectively around my body. I smiled, nothing ever felt so right. 

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