All Your Little Things - Larry Stylinson

"Louis it hurts." Harry sobbed, his legs shaking as he tried his hardest to control the inevitable.

"Harry I'm right here. I'll stay right here."


Harry Styles was diagnosed with PGAD (persistent genital arousal disorder) when he was 15 years old. He's been the target of teasing, bullying and harassment for a year. Louis Tomlinson is Harry's best and only friend. He's the only one un-bothered by Harry's disorder, other than Harry's mother. Louis wants to show Harry he can be loved, but Harry has a hard time believing he's worth anything.


Contains: self harm, depression, suicidal thoughts


4. Four


Harry's point of view...

Louis and I went to school together, hand in hand, happily. I looked over at him with a smile as we sat down for first period class. The students began piling in, and for the first time, I didn't care. I haven't had an orgasm all morning, which added to my peppy mood.

Of course that mood ended.

Always does.

Halfway through class, I felt a pressure building all the way through my pelvic area. The worst part of PGAD was the feeling of about to orgasm.... but it never goes away. My leg began to shake, the ache growing. "F-fuck..." I whimpered under my breath. Sometimes, when it got too bad, I snuck off to take care of "business" in the boy's room.

This seemed to be one of those times.

I raised my hand to excuse myself, walking awkwardly due to the intense throbbing between my legs. I stumbled off to the boy's room and locked myself in a stall. I couldn't get my pants off fast enough.

I braced my hand on the stall door and began taking care of my growing problem. Little moans and whimpers escaped my lips and I felt disgusting. I felt like a freak. But this was my life, every day.

I heard the bathroom door open and I froze, my hand on my... um, you know.

"Harry?" A soft voice called.

I exhaled. It was just Louis.

"L-Louis." I whimpered.

I saw him sit outside the stall door and reach his hand underneath, for me to take. I slid down to my knees, holding his hand with one hand and wanking off with the other.

His thumb rubbed against my knuckles soothingly as I cried. Little desperate moans came from my mouth as I was nearing my episode. I leaned my head back, tears falling down my face as I shuddered and came.

I wiped off my dick and began crying into the hand that wasn't tightly grasped in Louis'.

I pulled my pants up and stepped out, cheeks flushed and highly embarassed. But Louis did what he always did and made me feel not so bad about myself.

"Shhh. It's okay." He murmured. "You did good, bub. You're okay. Did you need your pain medication? Are you sore?" He asked, rubbing my shoulders.

Louis was the only person who knew I kept my pain tablets in my backpack. The doctors gave them to me when I was first diagnosed. They help with the pain. I have other medication to help with my dick always being so sensitive and hurting, some helped with swelling, some helped with my depression. I had multiple pills I took daily.

I shook my head yes, because I was sore. Though, I'm always sore with this damn disorder.

"Okay love, let's go back to class and you can take them." He kissed my head affectionately and held my hand as we walked back to class. Some of the boys snickered as they saw me come back, they knew why I left. You could tell by the flush in my cheeks, and my eyes red from crying earlier. 

"The fuck you staring at, pal?" Louis snarled as he sat beside me, shooting Zack a death glare. 

Discretely, I took my pain tablets with water and continued doing my work. Throughout the day, I cam nine more times. The worst one happened in Louis' car on the way home, go figure. 

He kept his eyes on the road like always, but I just couldn't god damn come. It hurt so bad, the ache was so intense. I whimpered and groaned, not able to hold it back. I writhed on the seat, crying softly. "L-Louis." I whimpered, tears cascading down my face. "Louis I-I can't. It hurts so bad Louis." I sobbed weakly. 

He squeezed my hand softly, "Shhh Harry it's okay. I'm right here, it'll happen eventually."

I couldn't hold back a loud groan, the throbbing just got worse. My cock was pulsing to be touched, just to have some release. But I couldn't. God, I couldn't. Not in front of Louis. 

It took the whole ride home for me to eventually come, and I came hard. 

I groaned, crying and whining at the release. "A-a-ah.." Little sounds came from me as I collapsed into myself with ecstasy. Maybe the sensation felt good, but I felt like such a fool. 

When it was over, I was panting, my legs crossed trying to hide the wet spot on my trousers. 

Louis took me inside my house, leaving me for five minutes so I could change into clean clothes.  I came out of the bathroom, head down and cheeks still blazing hot. Louis took me in his arms and held my shaking body against his, whispering sweet nothings in my ear. 

"You did good bub. It'll be okay." He murmured, kissing the shell of my ear and stroking my curls. 

How can it be okay?

How, Louis?

When this is my life... Day in and day out. 

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