Klance angst - vld fandom - may or may not be sad (will be quite sad) - please enjoy - PLEASE DON'T HATE ME ;-;


1. Klance

Lance looked at the pieces of wood and paper on the floor of his room.

He had stayed up for days, working to make the perfect collage and picture frame of all of them together. Of all the time they shared out in space. He had given it to them, and they had broken it and left it in his room.

They really didn't care about him at all...

Lance's knees buckled as he picked up a shred of paper with his hands. The paper contained some green color, and he knew that this was a section that Pidge was included in.

Tears started to form in his eyes as he crawled around the floor, turning over every piece of paper and looking for all the green sections.

He placed them all aside on a section of his floor, and then he started gathering all of the yellow parts and placed them next to the green leaflets.

Pidge and Hunk had been his best, his only firends in the Garrison. He shared everything with Hunk, and was always there for Pidge when they felt down or just needed to rant to somebody.

He was always there, he thought that they would always be his frieds, and that they would keep their strong bond that they'd created over the years, when in fact that bond had always been crumbling, but Lance refused to acknowledge it.

He wanted things to stay how they were and never change. He should have known things wouldn't work in his favor, they never had.

He grabbed all the black colored pieces and stared at them for a minute. Shiro had been his role model,his hero... He looked up to him and had always wated to be like him.

Now, he just felt heartbroken as tears fell on the shredded paper.

All he really wanted, was for Shiro to praise him like he did to Keith, even just a tiny bit. He just wanted to feel like he was actually contributing to team Voltron, instead of just getting in everybody's way.

He tried his hardest not to anger anyone in the castle, but nothing seemed to be working. He often would lay awake at night, and have thoughts that the team would be better off without him, the shredded pieces of paper proved those negative thoughts to be right.

Tears started flowing from his eyes and falling on the floor as he stared at the remaining blue and red pieces.

He knew from the very beggining that he should never have gotten too attatched to Keith. He always told himsef, "never get too attatched to anyone! You know that they'll never care about you!"

He always told himself that, yet he always ended up ignoring those words and crying his heart out in the end. He never listened to his advice, and instead listened to his heart and in the end, he ended up hurting and listening to the demons intruding into his mind.

He went to grab the blue pieces, but he couldn't bring his hand to get any closer than a few inches away from the paper.

He got to his feet and stumbled out of his room, heading towards the kitchen. He opened the cupboards and got out a glass. He poured himself some water and headed back to his room, glass in hand.

He decided to take the long way and on his way there, Lance could hear the voices of his teammates floating down from the training arena.

"I just don't know what to do about him anymore! He's really starting to piss me off, and I can't stand him anymore!" Pidge. Lance thought to himself.

He gripped his shirt where his heart would be with his free hand, and clenched his teeth to keep in his sobs.

"Yeah, I mean, I get that he's trying to help, but we could do without it," he heard Hunk say.

"I wish he would just shut up! I could really do without his talking all the time, it is really annoying!" Allura complained.

"Guys, I know that this is hard on all of us, but we just have to beaar with it for only a little bit longer. So come on, let's go eat something." Shiro told them.

They walked across to the other side of the training arena and walked into the kitchen, where Lance was only a few minutes ago.

He stood there for a minute and when he turned around, he bumped into Keith, dropping his glass and spilling the water all over the other paladin's shoes.

"K-Keith! I-I'm so suh-sorry!!" Lance managed to stutter out. Keith glared at him, but softened his gaze once he realized the state that Lance was in.

Keith put his hand on Lance’s shoulder, “It’s okay, don’t worry about it… It’s just water. But, are you okay?” he asked.

“Y-yeah…” Lance said.

Keith frowned, “you’re clearly not. What happened!?”

Lance shook his head and tried one more time to get past Keith. Keith grabbed Lance’s hand and led him into his room, “there, now no one can hear you. What’s the matter?”

Lance tried to smile and say that everything was fine, but he kept choking on his words. Keith hugged him as Lance kept crying. He wrapped his arms around Keith and held him like a lifeline.

Lance stayed like that, clinging to Keith as Keith held him. Lance’s knees felt weak and he started to fall.

Keith caught him and held him close to him again, “let’s get you into your bed, okay?” Lance didn’t responds so Keith walked out with him into the hallway.

When they got to Lance’s room, Keith had to open the room with his foot since Lance had fallen asleep halfway to his room, leaving Keith too carry him the rest of the way.

The door opened and he placed Lance on his bed, covering him with a blanket. He looked around his room and finally noticed the pieces of paper on his floor.

Keith finally understood why Lance had seemed so… broken earlier. He felt angry tears start to cloud his own eyes as he grabbed the pieces and headed to his room.

He looked around in his drawers for some tape. When he found some, he started to put the paper back together, piece by piece.

The next morning Lance woke up with a headache. He stepped outside of his room and went into the kitchen, no one else was there.

As he got a plate, Keith walked into the room and hugged Lance. Lance hugged him back and they held each other for a long time.

“Lance…” Keith said, his voice barely a whisper, “Lance, I-“

“I’m sorry.” Lance cut him off. “… And thank you. Y1ou didn’t have to take me back to my own room, but you did. Thank you.”

Lance held Keith closer to him.

“Lance.” Keith pulled out of the embrace, leaving him cold. He pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to Lance, “I know it’s not… I... I tried my best to fix it… I…”

Lance started crying and pulled Keith back to him, Keith held him and stroked his back, calming him down.
“It’s perfect Keith… Thank you…” Lance told him.

When they finally let go of each other, Keith turned the paper in Lance’s hands around. Lance read the writing on the back of the page as Keith was walking out of the room.

Tears welled up in his eyes and he fell into a seat, clutching the paper to his chest.

On the paper were the words that made Lance brim with a feeling of hope. For the first time since he left Earth, Lance felt loved beyond description.

A smile, a genuine, bright smile was pasted onto his face.

I love you Lance. You will never be alone. I’ll always be here for you, my Sharpshooter. –Keith <3


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