Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy (Remake)

Fairy Tail is about to get a whole lot bigger, with the members growing and new stories brewing, An old story remade... Katsu Dragsteel's story is being remade, new characters are coming into the light as Many Hero's Legacies show all in this new revised version!!


12. The Race to S-Class

The S-Class exams were about to begin and everyone was excited to be picked. Natsu, Cana, Gajeel, Gray, Juvia, and Mest. They all went to the ship and smiled as they headed in the water. They all were headed to Fairy Tail’s sacred land, Tenrou Island. What they all didn’t know was that someone was on that island and that this S-Class test was going to get really bad. Katsu had left, Yuki refused to go and not to mention all of Fairy Tail’s strongest members are heading to the island. Soon a group off the toughest dark guild came named Grimoire Heart. A guy named Azuma was the first to pop up, he had control over the nature around him. The fight was strong and Natsu smelt the air he began to walk and was stopped by a girl in his path.

“Are you causing trouble?!” he yelled and she nodded no. She hair long light pink hair and black eyes. Her eyes were wide when she looked at Natsu.

“Not possible… what have you done brother” she said and Happy’s eyes went wide.

“That’s her! She’s the girl I saw that day talking to Jellal!” Happy said and the girl looked at Happy.

“The blue cat?” she asked to herself and he looks at her and the the mark off Fairy Tail.

“Who are you and why do you have the mark off Fairy Tail on your arm?!” he asked and she looked at him.

“It is none of your concern Natsu” she said and he looked irritated.

“It is my concern! People are attacking my Nakama and I want to know why you have that mark on your arm! Why are you here and why did Happy see you talk to Jellal? What is your business with Fairy Tail!!” he asked and she looked at him and then at the sky.

“Right now none of that can be answered Natsu… I must go now and find him, he is close” she said and he looked at her.

“Who is close? How do you know my name?!” he yelled and she looked at him and sighed.

“Natsu I told you right now nothing can be answered. Right now I must stop Grimoire Heart’s plan to awake my brother now till we see each other again, goodbye” she said as she disappeared.

“First that guy who messed up my scarf and now this? Man I just wanted to be an S-Class mage!” Natsu said as Lettie ran up to him.

“We just figured out who that guy is with the weird magic Natsu… and it’s not pretty” she said and he looked at her.

“What is it Lettie?” he asked and she looked at him.

“It’s Zeref the Dark Mage” she said and he looked at her with wide eyes. The girl walked till she was face to face with Zeref, his eyes went wide.

“Zerena what are you doing here?” she asked and she looked at him

“Zeref what have you done? Bringing back our little brother, becoming this dark nightmare? Just what in the hell are you doing?” she asked ignoring his question.

“I’ve told you millions of times before sister, Now please answer me why are you here?” he asked and she looked at him.

“Looking for you, warning you that Grimoire is trying to awake your dark side. You need to leave Tenrou Island immediately and find a new place to hide! I still haven’t figured how to help your death touch but I will soon. I just not to long ago was able to return to my state of human” she said and Zeref looked at her.

“Demigra Dragsteel is still messing with you huh?” he asked and she nodded her head.

“No… trying to kill his son Katsu” she said and Katsu looked up and wondered why he heard his name.

“Really? That’s messed up, but that’s the Dragsteel’s curse off killing family now I am aware of the tries of these people so leave me be” he said and Zerena looked at him and walked away.

“I thought I knew you Zeref… guess I was wrong” she said as she left Tenrou Island. Everyone was fighting different people and now Erza and Juvia were introduced to Meredy as Marzela and Gray were following Ultear.

“Gray Fullbuster is my number one to kill” Meredy said and Juvia stood up in a crazy way

“Who did you say you were going to kill?” she said and Erza was scared

“Calm down” she said and both Meredy and Juvia began to fight. Gray and Marzela was following Ultear who was carrying some guy that was sleeping. They both soon felt pain and leaned on a tree.

“What was that? What’s this?” Marzela said as her and Gray both saw something on their wrists. It was Meredy’s mark and thanks to Juvia it was there, she was thinking about Gray which gave Meredy that connection and then he was thinking of Marzela and got that connection set. The whole thing going was was because of Juvia’s imagination that one day her and Gray will be a thing. Marzela looked at Gray and the at Ultear who they were still hiding from.

“She looks like Ur huh Zela?” Gray asked and Marzela nodded.

“Sure does… but we should stay hidden… Gray I have something I have to admit to you” she said and Gray looked at her to have her kiss him. His eyes went wide but kissed back and Meredy laughed.

“Wow looks like your Gray is kissing someone else!” she said and Juvia shook her head no.

“Gray-sama wouldn’t do that to me!” she said and Meredy laughed.

“Not was our lips feel! It feels like a kiss was given!” she yelled and Juvia nodded her head no.

“How dare you accuse my Gray-sama off cheating!!!!!!!!!!!” Juvia yelled and a surge off power came off of her. Marzela and Gray seperated with a smile.

“Zela… I had no idea that you felt that way” Gray said and Marzela blushed a little.

“Well you know… I really wasn’t brave enough… but this situation is making it easier, and I promise one day you will be an S-Class mage Gray” she said and he smiled

“Well for now let's get home alive huh?” he said and she nodded as they were spotted by Ultear and she told them who she was.

“I am Ultear, and Ur is my mother” she said and both Gray and Marzela was shocked.

“What? Master Ur has a daughter? I never knew” Marzela said and Gray frowned.

“Yeah well… I was lost at a young age so she probably forgot me” she said and Gray nodded no.

“She never forgot you, I would walk in and sometimes see her cry… I don’t know why, and she wouldn’t tell me about it” Gray said and Ultear laughed.

“Well… I came here to tell you how to defeat Hades… he’s to strong… the only way to defeat him is Ice Shell” she said and Gray looked at her.

“That’s a risk, because the person turns into the ice” Gray said and Marzela looked at Gray.

“Yes I know… but Master Hades is to strong for Fairy Tail” she said and Marzela laughed.

“That’s Grimoire’s big mistake it not taking Fairy Tail seriously” Marzela said and Gray nodded as they both walked away from her and Ultear had a huge smirk on her face. She walked up to see Meredy and a knocked out Juvia and looked at her.

“Who’s this?” she asked and Meredy looked at her

“Juvia Lockster… she has some relation to Gray” she said and Ultear smirked

“Perfect!!” She said as she was about to attack and ice stopped her. Marzela and Gray were revealed, Gray was holding Juvia and put her down carefully.

“That was a big mistake” Marzela said with a smirk and Gray nodded.

“Big time mistake” Gray said and Meredy looked at Marzela.

“So it was you, tell me how well do you two know each other?” Meredy asked and Marzela and Gray blushed. “Thought so… I will take Zeref Ultear” Meredy said and Juvia started to chase her because Gray asked her. Marzela, Gray, and Ultear were about to fight.

“Zela… go find the others, I can handle this” Gray said and Marzela nodded and ran off.

“Stay safe” she said as she went to find the others. Gray won against her and everything was coming into place. Everyone met and got treated before the big fight against Hades. Erza helped Mirajane the best she could and Ezra was laughing as she walked off. She soon was face to face with a man with short black hair and he eyes went wide.

“Zeref?” she said and he looked at her and his eyes went wide.

“Whoa… Ezra that’s… what are you doing here?” he asked and she looked at him.

“The S-Class exams… I’m a Fairy Tail mage” she said and he looked at her.

“You are in the Guild with Natsu?” he asked and she looked at him and nodded.

“Yeah… how do you know Natsu?” she asked and he sighed.

“Natsu is my brother… I’m Zeref Dragneel” he said and Ezra’s eyes popped out of her head.

“What?! Natsu is related to you the Dark Mage? Wait does he even know?” she asked and he nodded no.

“No I haven’t told him… it’s to strange and Zerena hates me” Zeref said and Ezra laughed

“Oh she does? Who’s this Zerena you speak of?” Ezra said a little confused and Zeref gave a small smile.

“Zerena Drangeel, my sister… she’s been trying to help me with many things… when she saw Natsu she just popped and now she hates me” Zeref said and Ezra looked confused then a light bulb  went off.

“That girl with light pink hair? Holy moly!” she said and Zeref nodded.’

“Well I will be off Ezra… nice seeing you again” he said as he walked away and she wondered why he was here on Tenrou Island but shrugged it off and went back to the others. Natsu and the others were headed to Hades to fight him. It was going to be the most epic showdown the Guild has ever seen. Natsu started to fight Hades with all he’s got and Hades was kicking his ass. Natsu was on the ground and Lettie looked at him.

“Natsu are you okay?!” she yelled and Natsu was barely able to get up. Laxus came and saved the day and fought Hades till he was defeated and Laxus gave Natsu his lightning.

“Thanks Laxus for the meal, now let’s go Hades!” Natsu said as they fought each other. This time Natsu was kicking ass and everyone was happy. They were routing for Natsu, and his scarf fell off and Lettie caught it and smiled.

“Natsu is going to save us all” she said and she was right but next thing was something no one could see. A huge dragon named Acnologia came and was going to sink Tenrou. Makarov was going to fight it alone but the others said no and they formed a circle combining hands.

“We are Fairy Tail, we will fight and we will die with pride. This Dragon will defeat us and that’s all right for we are Fairy Tail the strongest Guild in Fiore” Makarov said as Acnologia began to demolish Fairy Tail. The strongest members and the master gone and it’s more pain the anyone could’ve guessed.



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