Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy (Remake)

Fairy Tail is about to get a whole lot bigger, with the members growing and new stories brewing, An old story remade... Katsu Dragsteel's story is being remade, new characters are coming into the light as Many Hero's Legacies show all in this new revised version!!


13. The Next Time

Seven years passed and Katsu was in a city and he saw a girl with long pink hair and black eyes look at him. She looked familiar but he shrugged it off as he went into the store that he was heading to. He walked out to see the same girl sitting on a bench, when she saw him she stood up and walked to him.

“May I help you?” he asked and she nodded. It looked like a tear fell from her eye but she didn’t even react to it.

“Katsu Dragsteel, you must head back to Fairy Tail” she said and he looked at the mark on her arm.

“Whoa! Purple and your in Fairy Tail! It’s like mark buddies!” he said and she laughed.

“Yes, but on serious terms Katsu… Fairy Tail has fallen into a deep problem seven years ago when the S-Class exam took place and the mages never returned” she said and Katsu’s eyes went wide


“It was a dragon named Acnologia, he is a powerful dragon who has a human form. He demolished the island of Tenrou and flew away. I also am here to warn you of your father Demigra... He is attending to kill you Katsu and I will not allow that” she said and he looked at her

“Why? What makes me that important?” he asked and she smiled

“Like my brother said, Nakama is everything and you Katsu… are like a son to me” she said and he looked at her.

“What’s your name?” he asked and she looked at him.

“My name is Zerena Dragneel, the Ultimate Dragon Slayer but you know me as someone else” she said and he looked at her but she turned away. “Katsu… one day you will figure it out… but for now, just head back to Fairy Tail as soon as you can for a war is going to brew… and Fairy Tail is going to need help more than ever now” she said as she walked away which left Katsu standing confused like and idiot. Sabertooth’s Hibiki and Ichiya decided that they would help find Tenrou Island and it popped up and they went on it and found everyone asleep it looked like. Natsu and Lettie were cuddled up, and same thing with Marzela and Gray it was so strange. They all began heading back to Fairy Tail and it was a long way home especially for the Dragon Slayers.

“So… where's… Fera?” Laxus asked trying not to barf.

“Well… we have no idea, when she heard of the sinking she never really came and tell anyone hi… so she’s in the shadows” one of the members said and Laxus nodded. Marzela was a little green but was sitting by Gray.

“So Fera left? Well that’s great… Katsu, Fera, and Elanie disappeared… Why is our Nakama leaving?” she asked and Gray shrugged

“No idea Zela, but they will all come back someday.

“Oh Elanie’s back” the member said and they smiled.

“Whoa! Really?” Gajeel said then he barfed

“Yeah, her and Kiana look the same which is so weird tho” another member said and everyone smiled. They were heading home back to Fairy Tail, it was way to exciting. When they got their they saw Elanie who was now wearing a purple shirt like her last talking to someone that looked like her.

“That’s Kinana a newest member” Romeo said with a smile and Elaine turned around and smiled.

“Looks who back, the main attractions of Fairy Tail” she said with a laugh and they all smiled.

“Looks like you still have your spark eh sis?” Gajeel asked and she smiled. Zerena walked in and everyone looked at her.

“Looks like they are back… that’s really shocking” she said and Natsu looked at her.

“Now we can talk!” He yelled and she looked at him.

“I rather not right now, you just got back Natsu” she said and he glared at her.

“How do you know me?!” he asked and Makarov walked forward.

“Hello Zerena, I’m going to take a wild guess and say you decided to come back?” he asked and she nodded

“Sure am, and man haven't you grown old!” she said with a laugh and Makarov laughed at her.

“Har Har Zerena… so Katsu still hasn’t returned I see” Makarov said and Zerena frowned as she looked at him and shook her head no.

“No he hasn’t” she said and everyone was now quiet. It was quiet till Natsu and Gray were arguing about something and both Marzela and Lettie were sweat dropping laughing nervously.

“Can’t you two ever get along?” Lucy said and she sweatdropped as well. Erza just ignored it as she sat at the bar and got a drink. It was like a normal day in Fairy Tail, except that the Guild was a whole lot smaller than usual. Everyone was happy that everyone was back and safe. Natsu stopped fighting and walked up to Zerena.

“So Zerena right?” he said and she nodded her head

“Yes what is it Natsu?” she said and he looked at her frustrated

“How do you know my name?” he asked and she looked at him

“Well Natsu… I’m your sister” she said and everyone looked at her shocked.

“Wait what? How is that possible?!” He asked and she laughed.

“It was a long time ago Natsu… I rather not talk about it” she said with a frown.

“Well how do you know Katsu?” he asked and she just ignored that question all together. She didn’t know how to explain the reason she knew Katsu so she stood up and walked out.

“You just hit the Katsu button” Romeo said and everyone looked at him. “Everytime we ask her she does that and just glares at us, we call it the Katsu button” he said and the others nodded and they soon stormed to the Guild that they owed and showed them they were the boss and got their normal Guild back.

“Well we should spruce it up” Natsu said and they all nodded. Lucy started to head back home and she knew her rent would be alot. The landlord told her to go upstairs and when Lucy got there she saw a bunch load off gifts.

“Holy cow” she said as she saw who it was from and her face had a frown. They all were from her father. “W-W-Why?” she asked as she walked off the stairs and to the town and started to head to her home. She was going to visit her father so she could thank him and maybe even visit her mom’s grave. When she got to her job she got bad news that her father had passed away so she headed to her mom’s grave and talked to her as she headed back home at Magnolia. She went to her room and tears started to fall from her face, she was so sad that her last words were full with hate.

“Yo Luce! Me, Lettie, and Happy are going on a quest! We’ll give you time to mourn but we’ll see you later!” she heard Natsu say and she wiped her tears and went to the window.

“Wait for me!!!” she yelled as she got ready and headed down stairs. She went out the room to be faced with three smiles. One from Natsu, the other from Happy, and the last Lettie as they all headed to the quest. Marzela and Gray were at the Guild helping out and smiling at each other. Juvia was glaring at the two of them.

“I knew she was a love rival from the beginning” she said as Marzela and Gray walked right past her.

“Gray, it’s amazing huh? That were back with Fairy Tail?” Marzela asked and Gray nodded

“Sure is Zela, It’s so weird that everyone who were at the S-Class were the structure of Fairy Tail” Gray said and Marzela smiled.

“Yeah, thank the heavens that we were saved… I wonder how tho” she said and he nodded.
“I think it was the spirit of Master Mavis” he said and she smiled.

“The spirit of the first Guild Master? Makes sense, we were on her resting ground” she said as they waved everyone a goodbye and walked on the streets that was covered in the dark sky with so many stars. Marzela was wearing a light blue dress and Gray was wearing a white shirt and black pants as the two sat down on the grass. Marzela leaned her head on Gray’s shoulder and he put one of his arms around her waist sorta.

“This is amazing” Gray said and Marzela smiled

“Yeah… it’s really amazing Gray, it’s perfect” she said and Gray laughed.

“I want you to know Zela, that I am happy that were together” he said and she lifted her head off his shoulder with a smile.

“Me two Gray” she said and Gray put on hand on her cheek and they both closed their eyes and kissed each other. To them it was like a million of fireworks going off in the night sky. Juvia was crying as she walked away.

“Looks like Gray-sama loves Marza-chan and not Juvia-chan” she said as she walked home. Lettie and Natsu were now walking on the sidewalk with Happy after dropping Lucy off at her house.

“Natsu, maybe you and Happy should stay at my house tonight, that treehouse really isn’t that steady and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you guys” she said and Natsu smiled.

“Sure but I’m going to get some clothes, important things” he said and Lettie smiled.

“Yeah Yeah let's go get you some clothes” she said as they walked to Natsu’s treehouse. Natsu grabbed some clothes and they headed to Lettie’s. Lettie smiled as she opened her door and Natsu looked at the house.

“Whoa Lettie, didn’t know you had a place like this” he said and she smiled.

“Yeah well that’s how it goes, follow me to the bedroom” she said as she opened the door and his eyes went wide.

“Whoa! This is amazing” he said and Lettie laughed.

“Yeah well, I’m going to get my shower” she said as she walked into her bathroom. Marzela and Gray stood up from the hill they were at and smiled at each other.

“Gray, this is an amazing place, we should come back one day” Marzela said and Gray nodded.

“I agree Zela, this is an amazing place. Well it’s getting late we should head home” he said and Marzela nodded as they walked together to the city and then looked at each other as they shared another kiss before they said their goodbye’s and walked away. Lettie walked out the shower to see Natsu on the bed and she laughed as she cuddled up to him. He didn’t wear a shirt but she was okay as she covered them up. Happy ended up laying on Natsu’s face and Natsu had tick marks on his head.

“Happy get off” he said but it was to late Happy was asleep. Lettie fell asleep and Natsu ended up falling asleep as well. It was a quiet night at Magnolia so peaceful, but not for long.


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