Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy (Remake)

Fairy Tail is about to get a whole lot bigger, with the members growing and new stories brewing, An old story remade... Katsu Dragsteel's story is being remade, new characters are coming into the light as Many Hero's Legacies show all in this new revised version!!


7. The Life of Erza

People came and ruined the party but Erza seemed glad to see them.

“I can’t believe it!” she said with a smile and the people smiled at her.

“Hello Erza” one of them said who looked like she was a cat.

“Milana! I can’t believe you are here!” Erza said with a smile and Milana smiled at her. What Erza didn’t know was that it was a kidnapping They took her and everyone was trying to find her. Natsu was going crazy and he was pissed.

“They took Happy!” he yelled and Lettie calmed him down.

“We need to figure out where she is and where Happy is” Lettie said and they all nodded at each other and breathed in and out as Natsu and Lettie go a scent from Erza and followed it. Erza soon escaped the grasp of her friends and was face to face with someone that looked like her. She had blue eyes and a light blue shirt, her pants were black and she had a serious look on her face.

“Ezra?” Erza said with wide eyes and the girl just looked at her with a stern look.

“Hello Erza, but I am not here to reunite and go lovey dovey with you” Ezra said and Erza looked at her.

“Were sisters, I don’t want to fight you” Erza said and Ezra looked at her with one of those looks and closed her eyes.

“I’m not going to let you stop Jellal’s plans neither” Ezra said as she pulled out a sword.

“You think you can defeat me with no magic? I don’t want to fight you, but if I must I will, and win” Erza said and Ezra smirked.

“Yeah? Well let's fight sister!” Ezra said as they both clashed with each other. They both had that Erza scary face on as the swords was in a stalemate.

“I made a name for myself Ezra! I will not lose!” Erza said and Ezra smirked

“I know Titiana is the name you made for yourself, I have made a name for myself that’s how Jellal found me again Erza. We are sisters by blood and nothing can stop that but I will not allow you to harm the one who protected us when it was time! You left us behind and did not look back so you could be free! We stayed there for so many years in pain Erza! Now you will feel the pain of your family tearing at your soul!” Ezra yelled as he attacked Erza and Erza had tears fall down.

“My family is Fairy Tail! I didn’t leave and didn’t looked back! I put it behind me so I could be stronger!” she said and Morgan ran in and saw Erza crying and looked at Ezra.

“Yo making her cry huh! That’s badass!” Morgan said and Ezra looked at him.

“Who the hell are you?” she asked and he looked confused

“It’s Morgan!” he yelled and Erza looked at him with a what the hell face.

“I’m Erza, that’s Ezra” Erza said and he looked at them both.

“Well damn! This is all so confusing!” he said and Ezra smirked.

“Looks like your friend needs to see how much we are different huh sis?” Ezra said and Erza smirked.

“I will prove to you that I am to get my freedom! I was kidnapped under Jellal’s orders!” Erza said and Ezra laughed.

“Yeah whatever” she said as they continued to fight. Ezra breathed in as she got the sword and cut Erza and she swore it was hot but cold.

“Huh how is that?” she said an Ezra smirked as she continued to attack. Erza turned to one of her strong armors and they continued to fight. Morgan just stood there with amazement on his face. He’s never seen such an amazing fight like this before. He was smiling like an idiot standing there.

“Whoa this is intense…” Morgan said as Erza’s sword contacted Ezra’s sword with full force and nothing happened

“Impossible! You ain’t using magic at all!” Erza said and Ezra smirked.

“Who said that magic is important in strength!” Ezra said as they fought.

“Hey Erza give her a Hot Fisting!” Morgan said and the two girls stopped and looked at him.

“Morgan what the literal fuck do you mean by that?” Erza said and Morgan looked at them.

“Uh kick her ass? Why it’s my saying” he said and they both looked at each other and then at him.

“You are a very weird pinked haired man” Ezra said as her and Erza continued to fight.

“What does that mean?!” Morgan yelled as he was sent flying by the impact of the two fighting each other. “Holy mother of dragons” he said as he saw the impact that the two had. His eyes were wide as Ezra and Erza stopped to breath.

“I can’t see how you are surviving this with no inch of magical power” Erza said and Ezra smiled.

“I am using magical power, I’m just no showing it that’s all sister, it’s simple actually” Ezra said as they fought and the last blow got them both on the ground. “I guess you are telling the truth Erza… looks like I have nowhere to go”

“You should join Fairy Tail, it’s like a family there” Erza said

“Fairy Tail huh? I guess it’s better than nothing” Ezra said as they both got up and Ezra hugged her sister. “I’m sorry I didn’t believe you at first” Ezra said and Erza smiled.

“It’s fine Ezra, Jellal wiped your mind to believe he was the good one” Erza said as they walked out together. Natsu sees them and his eyes go wide as he looks at Ezra.

“T-T-There’s two of them!?” Natsu yelled scared and Erza laughed.

“Natsu this is my sister Ezra Dragon” Erza said and Natsu looked at Ezra.

“Dragon?! You a slayer?” Natsu asked and Ezra looked at him with a smile on her face.

“Fire and Ice” she said and Erza looked at her confused

“Who’s ya dragon?” he asked and she smiled even more

“Flatina” she answered and he smiled

“Whoa Erza’s sister is a… wait oh no! Why have you done this to meh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Natsu yelled and the two laughed at each other.

“So… a dragon slayer huh? Since when?” Erza asked and she smiled.

“Oh I’ve been one all my life, just hid it because I was scared to be honest” Ezra said and Erza smiled

“Well you don’t have to keep something from me sis” Erza said and they smiled at each other.

“Oi I heard someone say something bad earlier,I know it was bad because Happy was laughing like an idiot” Natsu said and they pointed to Morgan.

“What?! I didn’t say nothing bad!! All I said is give her a hot fisting!” Morgan said and Happy laughed and Morgan looked at him. “What’s so funny you cat?! It’s my saying!” Morgan yelled and Natsu looked at him.

“Who da hell are you anyway?” Natsu asked and Morgan looked at him.

“I am Morgan Draganov! The  Blue Fire Dragon Slayer” Morgan said and Natsu had wide eyes.

“How many Dragon Slayers exist?!” Natsu asked and everyone laughed at him. They all went and saw Jellal who had a wide grin on his face. He went to attack Erza and Simon got in the way to protect Erza.
“SIMON NO!” Both Erza and Ezra yell and Jellal laughed

“He doesn’t understand I will still kill you! He died in vain!” Jellal said and Erza began to cry. Morgan began to shake and Jellal was laughing as he attacked Erza and hurt her. Natsu and Katsu were about to go off like donkey kong but Morgan stops them as his whole body get’s dark aura around him and Jellal continues to laugh in a sadistic way. Morgan pushed Natsu and Katsu out the way, jumps up and punches Jellal out of his place and Jellal laughed.

“You want to fight? Then let's fight!” Jellal yelled and the two fought. Morgan was on the offense and Jellal on the defense. Morgan breathed in as he looked at Jellal

“I’m going to kick your ass for making Titiana cry!” he yelled as he got into a stance and Natsu looked at him.

“Is that my move?!” Natsu yelled and Katsu just looked at Morgan confused.

“Blue Spear Lotus Blade!” Morgan yelled as he blasted it towards Jellal. Jellal was breathing heavy as he looked at Morgan.

“I get it now… Etherious Morgan Dragneel” Jellal said and Morgan looked at him.
“I am Morgan Draganov and you made her cry and you made her hurt. She’s a strong woman known everywhere as Titiana the strongest equip mage ever. She was kind to me and she loves her family and her friends, Jellal you made her feel sad by killing one of her friends trying to kill her and I will never respect that!” Morgan yelled as he made a blue flame and threw it at Jellal, Jellal has been defeated. They all escaped and Marzela was passed out on Gray’s lap breathing really hard.

“Gray-sama why is Marza-chan on your lap?” Juvia asked and Gray looked at Marzela.

“She used a lot of magic energy to protect me and the others” Gray said and she nodded.

“Oh, Juvia was just being curious Gray-sama that’s all” Juvia said as Natsu looked at the others as they all headed home to Fairy Tail. Morgan and Ezra were going to join the Guild both because of one person, Erza Scarlet aka Titiana. Marzela woke up to look right at Gray’s face.

“We home yet?” she asked as she sat up and he shook his head no

“Not yet you okay?” he asked and she nodded with a smile.

“I’ll be okay, Erza how are you?” she asked looking at Erza who gave her a slight smile.

“I’ll be fine” Erza said and Lettie looked at her

“Don’t you do that again! We were all worried for you Erza” Lettie said and Erza smiled.

“I’m sorry Lettie, didn’t know you cared so much” Erza answered and Lettie glared at her.

“Well off course I care! You are my Nakama after all, our relationship is like Natsu and Gray, we fight alot but we care for each other” Lettie said and smiled as she leaned her head on Natsu’s shoulder and yawned.

“Yeah, Lettie is right Erza don’t do that, I can’t wait till we head home. I’m exhausted” Natsu said and everyone laughed as they started the boat and Natsu and Lettie got motion sickness

“I’m glad everyone is okay” Lucy said and Juvia smiled.

“Juvia is to” Juvia answered with a smile and they all laughed. Everything was going to be okay. They all went back to Fairy Tail and everyone was happy to see them all alive and well. They all through a party for the return of Erza and not to mention the welcome on two new members of Fairy Tail. Morgan got his mark on his chest the color black, Ezra got hers ice blue and the same place as Erza’s.

“Welcome to Fairy Tail Erza Dragon and Morgan Draganov” Makarov said and they smiled and thanked him.

“Thank you master” They said with smile as they walk away from each other. It was crazy how big Fairy Tail was getting and it’s not stopping neither as a girl with blond curly hair walked in and got herself a mark as well on her leg. Fera Kalen is now also apart of Fairy Tail but she had no idea she joined at the wrong time.


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