Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy (Remake)

Fairy Tail is about to get a whole lot bigger, with the members growing and new stories brewing, An old story remade... Katsu Dragsteel's story is being remade, new characters are coming into the light as Many Hero's Legacies show all in this new revised version!!


14. The Journey Continues

“The mages are safe and sound again, Acnologia is taking it to far” Igneel said and the others nodded.

“True Igneel, but what can we do? We must stay hidden so our Dragon Slayers know not where we subside, it’s to early” Flatina said and Latina nodded.

“Yes, we are hidden from them… in a world they know not of. We just can’t pop up out of nowhere and scare the jesus out of them” Latina said and Igneel nodded.

“I know, what should we do though? Acnologia is not going to stop till the world is his” Igneel said and Lienana nodded no.

“His wish is to kill Dragons, and Dragon Slayers. He want to be the only Dragon to be around” Lienana said and a dragon that looked not like the rest nodded and her name was Godella.

“Acnologia knows not the secret to the Dragon Slayers and the missing Dragons. We shall stay hidden till the right time and the we will strike” she said and Weisslogia looked at Skiadrum and the the rest.

“Godella is right, we need the perfect timing before we show ourselves to the Slayer we raised” he said and Poseidra nodded as well.

“For once I agree with the white dragon Weisslogia” she said and all the dragon’s laugh.

“We will wait till Acnologia attacks our slayers again, which most likely will be around the time Tataros appear” Igneel said. The Dragon’s Plan was in play, around the mysterious Tataros they will start the plan of showing themselves and hopefully defeating Acnologia the black dragon. They weren’t the only one with plans near Tataros’ time, it was also a timeline where Purple Dragon Fang was going to show up and make a move.

“We will wait till Tataros reveals themselves, I heard of the book the is the story and life line of Zeref’s most powerful demon E.N.D” the master said and Kasai looked at him

“E.N.D? That’s end master” Kasai said and the master nodded with a smirk.

“I know this, this is the name that Zeref gave him, what it stands for truly no one besides Zeref knows. But it’s the life line to the strongest demon, who ever has the book controls the demon it says in legend, with that book and the demon we can be all powerful and no one could stand up against Purple Dragon Fang! It’s the perfect plan, get the book and control E.N.D! Oh also two more demons were created which makes it better. E.M.D and E.K.D, also demons created by Zeref, if we get all of their life lines we will rule them and soon the world!” The master said and Kasai thought of E.K.D, it sounded familiar but he shrugged it off and returned the smirk to his master.

“Tataros won’t see it coming” Kasai said with a laugh and there it was, the other plan for Tataros’ time. Fairy Tail did not know what was going to hit them, it would be a serious time for everyone. They were in the Guild just chatting to each other and acting the same way like normal. Natsu and Gray are at each other’s throats, and Lettie and Erza shooting of glares at each other. Marzela was sitting in a stool watching Gray and Natsu fight when Juvia sat by her.

“Marza-chan, can Juvia-san ask you something?” Juvia asked and Marzela nodded

“Yeah Juvia, what’s up?” she asked and Juvia looked embarrassed.

“Well Juvia-san was wondering what Marza-chan’s feelings are towards Gray-sama” she said tryig to see if that kiss meant nothing.

“Well Juvia, you see the thing is me and Gray really like each other… We actually were on like a date last night where we kissed, it was like fireworks” Marzela said and Juvia nodded

“Oh… Okay the Marza-chan thank you for telling Juvia-san, Juvia-san appreciates it” Juvia said as she got up and walked away. Elanie was looking out the window of the Guild. She was trying to think about the memories flowing in her head. She really couldn’t explain the feeling, it was really weird, and she hoped it would go away. Zerena looked at her and the walked out the Guild and looked at the sky as she sat down on a bench. She thought about her family and the about Katsu.

“Why hasn’t he came back? I told him the danger Fairy Tail could be in and he hasn’t came back? Does he not care about Fairy Tail?” she thought as she sighed. She had no idea what she was going to do anymore, she was depressed and she couldn’t even think about Katsu anymore. She looked at the sky and closed her eyes as she began to hum the song she used to sing to Katsu and smiled. “I am Zerena Erasteel Dragneel, once known as Erasteel the dragon of Purple Flames, also known as Neo Fire” she thought and stood up as she decided to take a walk and found herself on a hill and smiled as she looked up at the sky with a smile then left going back to Fairy Tail. Katsu was still thinking about the female that talked to him about Fairy Tail. He didn’t know her but she knew him, her voice sounded so familiar.

“Katsu… one day you will figure it out… but for now, just head back to Fairy Tail as soon as you can for a war is going to brew… and Fairy Tail is going to need help more than ever now” her voice echoed and he still didn’t understand it, that was the last words she said to him before she left.

“She shared the last name of Natsu, is she related to him? How does she know me? I am so confused” he thought and sighed as he stood up and sighed as he walked down a path. “Here I come Magnolia, Fairy Tail, I’m coming back home” he said as he continued to walk down the path. Ezra was outside the Guild at the time thinking about Zeref, he looked so alone the last she saw him and she didn’t know why but everytime she sees him her heart beats really fast. Jellal, Meredy, and Ultear were in the woods thinking about something.

“When will we reunite with Fairy Tail?” Meredy asked and Jellal shrugged.

“No telling, we just need to keep hiding from the council… I’m a wanted man for a reason that I don’t really remember” Jellal said with a sigh and Ultear smirked.

“Well I could tell you what happened” she said and Jellal nodded no.

“I rather you don’t tell me thank you” he said as he got an idea. “What if I pretend to be Mystogan? He was the Edolas me, and he’s back in Edolas” Jellal said and they looked at him.

“That’s a really good idea Jellal, but wouldn’t Fairy Tail know?” Meredy said and Jellal nodded.

“Yes, but not the others… Mystogan kept the mask thing on him which made his face unknown” Jellal said as he started to think and the it hit him.

“The Grand Magic Games! We can be in that part! I know when they tell the others they would want to join! We can reunite with them then, and tell them why were here” Jellal said and they smiled

“Smarty mack smart pants” Ultear said and Meredy laughed.

“It’s a good idea, and not to mention you will see Erza” Meredy said and Jellal nodded his head.

“Yeah… but it’s not like that okay?” he said and they laughed

“Sure Jellal, tell yourself that” they said and he sighed as he looked at the night sky. It wasn’t like that, his head was always on someone else… hie whole heart shiered and the thought of her and he didn’t really understand why. They all went to sleep and thought of when the Grand Magic Games will come. Fairy Tail was quiet at night and the next day it was loud once again. Macao and the others told them about the Grand Magic Games and Natsu smiled.

“I’m all fired up! This will prove that Fairy Tail is still the best!” Natsu said

“Yes it will Natsu” someone said and they all turned around to see Katsu and everyone smiled.

“Katsu!!!” They yelled as they tackled him to the ground.

“This seems somewhat familiar” Lettie said and Katsu laughed.

“It’s good to see you guys, be better if I could breathe” he said and everyone got off him. Zerena was sitting at the bar just ignoring that Katsu was there, she just didn’t know what to do anymore. Katsu spot her and walked up to her

“Can you please tell me who you are? I know your Zerena Dragneel but why are you som familiar?” he asked and she looked at him and sighed.

“Katsu… my name is Zerena Erasteel Dragsteel” she said and his eyes went wide.
“E-E-Erasteel?” he asked and she nodded.

“I know it’s all to much to take in, that’s why I didn’t want to tell you” she said and he smiled.

“Well now I know you are alive so why should I be upset? I  just want to know why you left me?” he said and she sighed.

“My time of a dragon was gone, I turned to a dragon to protect you from Demigra, like I told you before, he wanted to kill you and I didn’t want you to die. You were just a baby and I couldn’t see you die” she said and Katsu hugged her.

“I’m just glad your okay” he said and Zerena laughed nervously as everyone looked at her confused.

“Long story, I was once Katsu’s dragon Erasteel” she said and Natsu’s eyes went wide.

“What?! My sister was a dragon?! That is so sick!!!!!!!!!!!” Natsu said and everyone laughed.

“Yeah Natsu sick… just the words  a sister would love to hear” she said and Natsu laughed nervously

“Not like that! I mean nice, like awesome!” he said and Zerena laughed

“Oh I knew what you meant, just joking Natsu” she said and he frowned.

“You made me feel bad!” he said and Lettie laughed as she kissed his cheek

“You will be okay Natsu” she said and Katsu smiled as he looked at Elanie.

“What’s up Elanie?” Katsu asked and she smiled.

“Hey Katsu how are you?” she asked and he looked at her

“You wearing a purple shirt now… why did purple call out to you?” he said and she laughed

“No, me and Kinana look alike so I switch the color to my poison magic” she said with a smile and he nodded

“Oh alright neat, whose Kinana?” he asked and Kinana smiled as she waed

“That would be me” she said with a smile and Katsu looked at her.

“Have I seen you before?” he asked and she nodded no.

“Not that I know of why?” she asked and he looked at her some more

“You smell famili….ah!” Katsu said as he was tackled to the ground by Yuki.

“Don’t you dare do that to me again!” She yelled and he laughed nervously

“H-H-Hey Yuki how’s it going?” he asked and she glared at me.

“You Nit With why you leave me? You scared me so bad!” she said and he hugged her

“I just needed some space to figure things out” he said and she hugged him back and everyone smiled. They all began to train for the Grand Magic Games as Makarov decided the members of the team.




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