Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy (Remake)

Fairy Tail is about to get a whole lot bigger, with the members growing and new stories brewing, An old story remade... Katsu Dragsteel's story is being remade, new characters are coming into the light as Many Hero's Legacies show all in this new revised version!!


16. The GMG continues

“Morning and welcome to the Grand Magic Games!!!! It’s going to be tag teams! Pick your members who will represent your team!” The announcer said and everyone did.

“Alright first it will be Blue Pegasus vs Lamia Scale!” the announcer said and it was Hibiki and Ren vs Lyon and Yuka. Lamia scale won. “Now it’’s Raven Tai vs Mermaid heel!” and it was Kurohebi and Obra vs Beth and Risley. Raven Tail won. “Now Sabertooth and Fairy Tail A!” and it was Sting and Rogue vs Natsu and Katsu. The fight was long.

“Roar of the Fire Dragon!”

“Roar of the Neo Fire Dragon!”
“Roar of the White Dragon!”

“Roar of the Shadow Dragon!” the fight kept it was four dragon slayers and it was a stalemate till Natsu and Katsu got the mark but Sting and Rogue won. Fairy Tail was losing on all there fights they were last place.

“Next is the race to finish!” the announcer said and now it was anyone’s game the same people were good. Sabertooth and Fairy Tail A were doing good till movement began, it was now four motion sick dragon slayers not able to do anything.

“Oh my! Looks like Natsu, Katsu, and the twin dragons are having a problem! What can it be?” the announcer said and both Erza and Cana were laughing as they past them. Raven Tail’s Kurohebi and Obra were now in first place not to far  behind them was Beth and Riseley. Match three was just the beginning, no one knew how harder it was going to get. Raven Tail ended up winning the race and making Fairy Tail farther down the list off being last place. “Next the Pendulum monsters! Take the amount you must!” the announcer said and Erza smirked

“I will defeat them all!” she yelled as she defeated all 100 which gave Fairy Tail a boost back up. The princess was watching and had a frown on her face.

“We will trust the person if it turns out they were correct on the games” she said and the others nodded.

“Yes your majesty” they said as the games continued. Mavis was smiling to Laxus and Makarov when Fera walked up.

“Hey guys” she said and they turned around.

“Fera hey” Laxus said and Makarov was shocked.

“Whoa Fera you look different!” Makarov said and Fera laughed.

“Yeah well it’s this thing called puberty gramps, whos the new girl?” she asked and Mavis smiled.

“I’m Mavis Vermillion!” she said and Fera’s eyes widened

“The first guild master of Fairy Tail?” she asked and Mavis nodded.

“Yes, you are?” she asked and Fera smiled

“Fera Kalen, a member of Fairy Tail and Sabertooth” she said and Laxus looked at her.

“Who was that girl that looked like Cana but with Gildarts hair?” he asked and she smiled

“Calisa Clive, a member of Sabertooth, and Earth Mage” she said with a smile and Laxus nodded

“Neat I guess… so why did you come here?” he asked and she glared at him.

“Well if you forgot Laxus, I am a part of Fairy Tail” she said and Laxus smirked.

“Yeah I know squirt” he said and she glared at him.

“Stop calling me that! I ain’t no squirt!” she yelled and he laughed.

“Oh yeah? You looks like a squirt” he said and she glared at him some more

“Like I said before I can’t help you are on steroids you giant!” she said and he laughed.

“I’m just picking with you Fera, don't get sensitive” he said and she stuck her tongue out at him and frowned.

“Maybe I should head back to Sabertooth” she said and Laxus nodded no

“That’s not necessary, stay with us for a bit” he said and she laughed.

“Aww does Mr. Steroids want me to stay?” she asked and Laxus nodded.

“Yes I would like it if you would stay” he said and she blushed a bit and nodded.

“I’ll stay” she said and everyone hugged her. “I missed you guys to” she said and Bickslow looked at her.

So Fera!!!!!!! Are you apart off the Thunder League?!” Bickslow asked and Fera shrugged.

“I don’t now, am I Laxus?” she asked and Laxus nodded

“You are a Lightning Dragon Slayer so I suppose” he said and she smiled but glared at him at the same time.
“I’m a Celestial Lightning Dragon Slayer” she said and everyone laughed and he smiled.

“Well sorry, a Celestial Lightning Dragon Slayer” he said and she laughed as the games continued with many battles and Fairy Tail was slowly getting their name up in the ranks. It was really good battles in and out, if it’s solo and a duet.

“Whoa there's another amazing powerhouse showed by Marzela Kanoya! She’s been showing her power ever since they let her on the field!” the announcer said as Hibiki was knocked out cold.

“Look at Lettie two! She’s on fire like literally!” the announcer said and Lettie wiped her lips and smirked.

“That was a great fight Toby, but you lost” she said and Toby frowned.

“Defeated by her again” he said and she laughed.

“Fairy Tail is coming on up! They are ready to prove themselves to become number one again!” the announcer said and the crowd actually cheered for Fairy Tail. Gildarts was watching TV about the Grand Magic Games when Cana went all beast mode on Fairy Glitter and got 9999 on her attack power.

“That's my girl!” he said as he looked at a girl that looked like Cana but with hair similar color to him and yellow eyes.

“Calisa Clive just slapped her own Guild Member for being an idiot!” The announcer said and Gildarts eyes went wide.

“Calisa Clive? So UP have another daughter who looks like Cana? WHOA!” he said as he messed up the town and was kicked out.

“Ah Cally was that necessary?” Rufus said and Calisa glared at him.

“Make a mistake like that again and I will take your place understand?” she said and Rufus nodded.

“How was I supposed to know she had that up her sleeve?” Rufus complained and he ate the dirt literally she smacked him so hard he was in the dirt.

“Holy cow she has some crazy strength!” the announcer said and Calisa smirked. Rufus got out the dirt and sighed as he wiped the dirt off him and shook his head. Natsu and Katsu were talking to each other as Gray and Marzela were laughing.

“Man Zela, you are a beast!”  he said and she smiled

“Well thanks Gray, your not to bad yourself” she said and the laughed again. Juvia was sitting down pouting and everyone was shocked when Minerva came back it was the all female water thing. Blue Pegasus was out because no females, Chelia did it for Lamia Scale, no one from Raven Tail, Minerva for Sabertooth, Milana for Mermaid Heel, no one for Quatro Puppy, Lucy from Fairy Tail A, and Juvia from Fairy Tail B. Everyone thought Juvia was going to win but the battle came and Minerva played a dirty but legal trick and Juvia lost.

“The winner is Minerva from Sabertooth!” the announcer said and Juvia’s eyes went wide.

“J-J-Juvia-san lost? Oh that sucks!” she said with a frown and everyone patted her back.

“It’s okay Juvia you did your best” Wendy said and Juvia smiled

“Thanks Wendy, Juvia-san happy now” she said with a smile and everyone rushed Lucy to the doctors, she was hurt really bad. Natsu and Lettie stayed to comfort her.

“Just defeat them, that’s my wish” Lucy said and the all nodded.

“Will do Lucy, we will do our best” Lettie said with a smile as they soon left so Lucy can rest up. Zerena and ‘Mystogan’ went to a bench and sat down.

“Soo Mystogan how is it being in the games?” she said keeping his cover.

“Good Zerena, I’m glad that my cover was saved from earlier” he said with a nervous laugh.

“That was a close one” she said as they looked up at the sky.

“You know… you were the first thing I remembered when I lost my memory” he said and she looked at him.

“Oh really? That’s nice, you were always on my mind J… Mystogan” she said almost saying Jellal.

“Yeah… it’s so weird huh? All the things that happened? It’s so strange” he said and she smiled.

“We should get some rest” she said and he nodded no.

“Let's stay out here for a while, I know that the others are wondering where we might be, but we haven't really hanged out” he said and she nodded.

“Yeah… so how are you going to explain it to Milana? I know she knew you when your cover was blown she looked really mad… thank god for that guy in the council” she said and Jellal laughed nervously.

“I don’t know… I mean I was controlled by dark magic and killed one of my best friends… now that I’m out of the dark, I feel really bad” he said and Zerena hugged him.

“It’s okay, I can back you up on the controlling of dark magic, Zeref’s magic can really get to people. Most like you who didn’t have a childhood and the people who had you hammered that Zeref’s magic was they way to live.” she said and Jellal smiled.

“Well I appreciate it Zerena, I mean I really do… I’m glad I have someone like you in my life” he said as he kissed her. She kissed back and they didn’t know was the Milana was watching from a distance and she was a little upset on what she heard. She kept it to herself as she headed to her room. Zerena and ‘Mystogan’ stayed outside for a little longer till they wished each other a good night and headed to the separate rooms. Marzela and Gray walked down the sidewalk heading to their rooms. It was getting late and Gray looked at her.

“Just stay in my room, it will take less time” he said and she smiled and nodded.

“Sure” she said as they went to Gray’s room, got their showers and went to bed. The night was quiet, and the last day of the games were tomorrow, who will win the games? What is the princesses worries about? Will Lucy be okay and not? Will Fairy Tail come out on top? The next day is coming and we will all figure it out!


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