Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy (Remake)

Fairy Tail is about to get a whole lot bigger, with the members growing and new stories brewing, An old story remade... Katsu Dragsteel's story is being remade, new characters are coming into the light as Many Hero's Legacies show all in this new revised version!!


8. The Fighting Festival

-time skip-

  Erza had left to go see if she could deal with the lightning balls in the air over fiore. She had left Katsu to deal with Laxus. Natsu and Lettie were helping Gray and Marzela with Freed. Yuki had been defeated in battle and Morgan was trying to find Erza. He had been hurt and he was trying to see if Erza was okay. All that remained was Katsu and Laxus, The Final Battle of Fairy Tail. Katsu turned toward Laxus.

     “Be grateful you have to opportunity to fight with me. As of right now me and you are the last ones.” Laxus said. Katsu looked serious.

     “Hmf that’s funny because we still got Natsu, Marzela, and Lettie. If I don’t defeat you one of them will. Because I’ll make sure I leave a weakness on you before I lose.” Katsu said as he clenched his fists. “For Yuki.” Katsu thought. He looked downward, He knew there is nothing he could do for her. She had lost to Erza’s battle. She got in the way to save Erza. Katsu looked up and Laxus was beaming at him. Laxus clotheslined Katsu. Katsu flipped and Laxus grabbed Katsu’s hair and shocked him. Laxus then slammed him into the floor and lightning struck through Katsu. Laxus picked him up and dropped him. Laxus’ thundering fist slammed into Katsu’s stomach making his back poke out. Laxus then elbowed him in the back slamming him back into the floor. Laxus raised his foot and was going to stomp Katsu’s head, but he moved and Katsu ignited both fists with purple flames. Katsu punched Laxus, but Laxus caught it. He punched Katsu in the face with thunderous fists. Just when Laxus let go Katsu grabbed onto Laxus’ arm. He lifted his head up and a smirk was on his face.

     “Dragon see dragon do!” Katsu said and his free hand engulfed with flames and he gave Laxus some of his own. Laxus’ head slung back. Katsu went to give him another punch but Laxus grabbed that hand. Katsu engulfed his right foot into flames and went to go sweep Laxus off his feet, but Laxus jumped up and Katsu missed. Laxus’ foot surrounded in lightning and planted Katsu’s head into the ground. Laxus then kicked Katsu into the roof and Katsu grabbed onto one of the boards that supported the roof. Katsu swung on that and his feet engulfed into flames and he let go as soon as Laxus was coming close. His flaming feet hit Laxus in the stomach pushing him back toward the floor. Laxus slid across the guild. Laxus smirked as he looked at the timer.

     “Only thirty seconds left.” Laxus said. Katsu smirked.

     “Don’t count Morgan out. I’m sure he’ll help Erza. Just like at The Tower of Heaven.” Katsu said. Laxus ignored the remark.

     “Don’t get your hopes up.” Laxus said.

     “Your plan will fail!” Katsu said as he ignited his fist with flames and he rushed in on Laxus. Laxus smirked and ducked. Katsu missed Laxus and when he turned around Laxus punched Katsu with a thunderous punching making him fall onto the ground. Katsu got up and engulfed his fists with flames. “Alright enough with this playing crap, it's Clobberin Time!” Katsu said.

     Katsu slid on the floor from being attacked by Laxus. Laxus looked at the timer and it had stopped.

     “What?” Laxus asked himself. Katsu smirked.

     “Looks like they took care of the lightning bolts.” Katsu said.

     “Well with Marzela and Lettie with them it wouldn’t be doubtful.” Laxus said. He seemed angry. He clenched his fists and let out a yell. Lightning surrounded him and his hair was flowing. A wave emitted from him. Katsu held his ground. He slid back some. Laxus looked at Katsu and Katsu put his hand on the floor.

     “Bullhorn of The Flame Demon Dragon!!!” Katsu yelled as he flew like a bullet to Laxus. Laxus caught Katsu and Katsu’s eyes went wide. Laxus powerbombed Katsu and then kicked him in the chin and made him go into the air. Laxus then shoved his thunderous fist in Katsu’s stomach and then punched him with his fist and after that kicked him in the head and then after that finished the combo with a punch to the back making Katsu fly into the floor. Katsu was laying on his side and lightning surrounded his body.

     “I-I can’t move.” Katsu said. Laxus had a huge ball of lightning in his hands and he devilishly smirked.

     “I will finish you off now! Raging Bolt!!!!!” Laxus yelled as he threw the lightning ball toward Katsu. Laxus watched as the lightning ball consumed the ground. Laxus laughed as it exploded. “Who’s the strongest now!!! I guess you can’t say that now since you been turned into dust!!!!” Laxus yelled as he laughed.

     “That's no way to treat a comrade.” A voice said. Laxus’ smirked turned into a straight line and he looked up. Gajeel had a hold of Katsu’s jacket. “I got to him first before you did.” Gajeel said. Gajeel jumped down and through Katsu’s body to the side.

     “Hey!” Katsu said. He got up and looked at Gajeel.

     “I’m the only one that's going to take this kid out not you or anyone else.” Gajeel said. “You should find your own squirt to pick on.” Gajeel said. Katsu jaw dropped.

     “That’s just perfect then. Cause I’m going to choose you.” Laxus said.

     “Hey! I told you that your mine!!!!” Katsu said. Laxus smirked.

     “I’m bored with you. I need a new punching bag.” Laxus said.

     “You little!” Katsu said. Gajeel put his hand in front of Katsu preventing him from going in on Laxus.

     “Don’t even think about it. That’s what he wants.” Gajeel said. Katsu looked at Laxus. He had lightning surrounded him and sparks came from his fists and feet.

     “Thanks for the heads up.” Katsu said. “What do we do now?” Katsu asked.

     “As I hate to say this we have to team up.” Gajeel said. Katsu nodded.

     “I’ll team up with anyone just to take this goon down.” Katsu said. They both looked at Laxus.

     “What you scared?” Laxus asked smirking. Katsu engulfed his fists with purple flames.

     “No, as a matter of fact you should be!” Katsu said. Gajeel got himself ready as well.

     “Then bring it!!!!” Laxus yelled. Katsu and Gajeel both rushed in and started punching and kicking Laxus. Laxus’ defense was incredible. He kicked Katsu back, and then punched Gajeel.

     “Iron Fist of The Flame Demon Dragon!!!!” Katsu yelled as he went to punch Laxus. Laxus ducked, but Gajeel came in after Katsu and punched him in the stomach. Gajeel dodged Laxus’ punch and Katsu kicked him in the back of the head with his flaming foot. Laxus swung his arm back and Katsu ducked.

     “Iron Dragon Lance! Demon Claw!!!!!” Gajeel said as tiny metal shards hit Laxus. Katsu swept Laxus off his feet with a flaming foot. With the same foot he kicked Laxus in the face sending him upwards. “Roar of The Flame Demon Dragon!!!!” Katsu yelled as a purple flame blast came out his mouth.

     “Roar of The Iron Dragon!!!!” Gajeel yelled as a huge blast of metal shards came from his mouth. Both of their breath attacks hit Laxus. Katsu and Gajeel smirked. The dust cleared and Laxus was still standing. His purple shirt was ripped at the shoulder. Katsu and Gajeel was left speechless. “We put a Dragon Slayer whooping on him. How is he still standing?” Gajeel asked shockingly. At that moment Katsu had a flashback of Kasai. Katsu’s eyes widen.

     “No way.” Katsu said to himself. Laxus smirk grew wider.

     “As I hate to break the ice. I’ll let you two on a little secret. I haven’t told anyone about this, because the old man’s bitching annoys me.” Laxus said. Laxus’ fangs grew and his muscles started bulking. Black markings on his arms started to show up. Gajeel looked more shocked.

     “Not possible!” Gajeel said shockingly.

     “Kasai.” Katsu said.

     “This is the end of the road for you two!!!! Roar of The Lightning Dragon!!!!!” Laxus yelled as lightning came out of his mouth and hit Katsu and Gajeel.

     Laxus looked as the dust cleared and he saw Katsu and Gajeel stirring to get up.

     “Y’all still alive? Dammit I thought y’all would be dead.” Laxus said disappointed in himself.

      “Dammit I can’t move.” Katsu said as he lifted himself up with his forearms. Gajeel did the same.

     “Damn.” Gajeel said. Laxus spread his arms.

     “This is going to finish you two off! An attack I got from my gramps!” Laxus yelled. Gajeel and Katsu looked a bit worried. Laxus put his hands together and a bright light appeared in between his hands.

     “He’s going to cast Ultimate Judgement spell.” Gajeel said. “The same spell that took out my old guild master at Phantom Lord.” Gajeel said. The light got brighter.

     “This is it!!! This guild. The weaker guild members. All the people who defy me. Everyone in Fiore!” Laxus said. Just then Freed, Natsu, Lettie, and Marzela all came in.

     “Katsu!!!” Natsu yelled. Katsu looked back.

     “Get out of here! Save yourselves!” Katsu yelled.

     “Wait thats gramps spell!” Lettie said. They all looked a bit worried. The light got brighter.

     “Go now!!!!” Katsu yelled. Just then Levy came in and she looked terrified.

     “Laxus stop this! Go see the master!” Levy yelled. Laxus ignored her. Levy started crying. “Your grandfather is at near death!” Levy yelled. Katsu’s eyes widen as everyone else’s did. Laxus’ eyes came back to normal. He was terrified. “He needs you Laxus.” Levy said as she fell to her knees. Then a smirk came across Laxus’ face.

     “Just fine for me! Gives me a chance to take the guild by force!!!” Laxus yelled as the light started to cover the guild. “FAIRY LAW!!!!!” Laxus yelled as the light covered everyone in Fiore. Everyone was shocked that Laxus knew the move and Katsu was pissed that Laxus did not care but as he was about to stand up to fight him Fera stopped him.

“I’ve been standing here like a lost puppy while my new family has been fighting, I need to fight him!” Fera said and Laxus laughed

“A squirt like you defeat no wait fight me? I think not!” he yelled and she smirked

“I am Fera Kalen a Celestial Lightning Dragon Slayer, I think I can handle myself pretty well!” she yelled as she jumped up and hit Laxus and he went back about five feet. Everyone looked at the new member who just made Laxus budge.

“You made me moved five feet, how?” he asked and she smirked

“I am a Dragon Slayer you think I am weak?!” she asked as she kicked him in the face. He held his face in pain and looked at her. She had a huge smirk on her face.

“How can you defeat me?! I am the strongest of the strongest you a squirt can’t really do this!” He yelled and she smirked

“Well I am, and stop calling me squirt! I might be small but you are a giant!” she yelled as went back. “Roar of Thundra!” she yelled as lightning came out her mouth and hit Laxus hard. Katsu had wide eyes and Fera breathed in and out. “Now you go check on Gramps and stop with your la la land of taking over the Guild” she said and he looked at her. She walked away and he didn’t understand it but she let him go and he smiled for no reason as he went to check on Makarov. Laxus was banned from Fairy Tail so he left, Fera told him goodbye and he thanked her for the eye opener and she laughed.

“No problem Laxus, see you maybe” she said as he left. The Festival continued and at the end they did the Fairy Tail hand thing that Laxus made and he cried.

“I-I-I love you G-G-Gramps” Laxus said and for a long time he was no longer heard of.


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