Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy (Remake)

Fairy Tail is about to get a whole lot bigger, with the members growing and new stories brewing, An old story remade... Katsu Dragsteel's story is being remade, new characters are coming into the light as Many Hero's Legacies show all in this new revised version!!


1. The Beggining

  It’s three years before Lucy joined Fairy Tail, everyone was really happy and smiling. Gray and Natsu was arguing like always.  Lettie was looking at the board. Erza went to attack Natsu and Gray, Natsu went flying but Gray had an ice shield around him.

“How dare you Gray?!” Erza yelled and Gray sweatdropped and put his hands up.

“I’m not doing it! I swear to everything I’m not wearing!” Gray yelled and Erza glared at him.

“You’ve been saying that for years Gray” Erza said with a stern look on her face. Gray had a huge sweatdrop on his forehead.

“It’s true!” Gray said and Erza rolled her eyes and walked off. Lettie walked to Natsu and helped him up.

“I found this for you, it would be good for you to use it” Lettie said as she gave him a piece of paper and it had a job on it.

“Come with me?” he asked and she looked at him.

“I don’t know Natsu, I should be doing S-Class jobs” Lettie said and Natsu gave her the puppy eyes and she sighed. “Alright fine” she said and he had a huge smile on his face.

“Yay! Lets go Happy and Lettie!” Natsu said and Lettie laughed as the three left the Guild. The began the walk to the place where the job would be at. It was a temple called ‘The Temple of Divine’, it was rumored that some monster was staying there. The man said that he would pay them fifty if they could defeat the monster. They headed to the temple and sighed as the saw the size of it.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if the monster was a Dragon” Lettie said and Natsu nodded

‘Yeah! It could be Igneel!” Natsu said and Lettie laughed.

“That would be nice huh Natsu?” she asked and he nodded

“Yeah!” Natsu said and the two walked into the temple. Happy couldn’t get through for some reason so it was just them. Lettie saw some script and it was easy to read.

“If you made it, that means you have the blood of a dragon, Congratulations Dragon Slayers for making it to ‘The Temple of Divine’ now go forth to see what lies ahead” Lettie read and Natsu looked at her.

“Hmm that’s weird, so that’s most likely what Happy wasn’t able to come in” Natsu said and Lettie nodded.

“He’s a cat, not a Dragon Slayer” she replied as they continued their way in the temple. They heard roars and they both looked at each other and smiled as they ran. They ended up in a room that was filled with art. It had pictures of many different dragons, two stood out and Lettie and Natsu both smiled.

“Igneel” Natsu said as he looked at the picture.

“Latina” Lettie said as she looked at a different picture. They saw script and Lettie began to read it.

“The Dragons who left, Latina, Igneel, Wessilogia, Skiadrum, Metalica, Poisdra, Ignela, Thundra, and Grandeeny. They all left for a reason, one day they will come back and tell why they left”

“What does that mean?” Natsu asked and Lettie shrugged

“I guess our Dragons will come back, also these other dragons of strange sort” Lettie said looking at the other dragon images.

“Well that means Igneel will come back! So I will see him again!” Natsu screamed as he had a wide smile on his face.

“I guess so Natsu” Lettie said as she returned the smile, It was soon replaced with a frown.

“What’s wrong?” he asked and Lettie looked at the picture of Latina.

“Latina won’t be coming back… she was killed by a human who caught her by surprise, on that mission I went to, I saw it happen… I need to find this bastard and show him my mind… that means I’m going to be gone for a long time…” Lettie said and Natsu smiled

“Well that’s no reason to be upset!” he said and she looked at him.

“Your happy I’m leaving?” she asked and he shook his head no.

“Well that’s a stupid question, of course I’m not happy you are leaving but I support you” he said and Lettie smiled at him.

“Really?” she asked and he nodded

“Yes! I love and support you!” he said with a smile and Lettie blushed.

“Eh…” she said a little embarrassed of what he just said.

“What?” he asked confused and she looked at him.

“You said I love and support you” she answered and he smiled

“Oh! Yeah that’s true! I do love you and I do support you!” he said with a big grin and Lettie looked at him.

“What kind of love?” she asked and Natsu looked at her. He put his hands on her shoulder and smirked.

“Like this” he said as he kissed her. Her eyes go wide, but soon they close and she kissed back. Once they seperate Lettie smiled.

“I love you too Natsu… but I still have to go though” she said and he smiled

“I know! I thought I should let you know” he said as they left the temple. They told the folks that it was no monster. They thanked them but like Natsu and Lettie, they refused to be paid for the job wasn’t done. Lettie told everyone that she was leaving and gave all but Erza a hug. She waved them off as she left Fairy Tail, not for good but for a while.

-three years later-

It’s been three years since Lettie left to look for her dragon’s killer. Things in Fairy Tail stayed the same like always. Lucy Heartfillia had just joined the guild and was being introduced by everyone. Gray and Natsu were fighting and Gray striped down.

“Your Clothes Gray!” Someone yelled and Gray looked down.

“Aw man!” he said as he walked up to Lucy “Miss may I borrow your underwear?” he asked and Lucy had a face that read what the fuck.

“NO you can’t!” She said and he soon found his clothes.

“Flame Breath!”

“Ice Princess!”

“Flame Brain!”

“Stripper!” Natsu and Gray kept arguing like children when the doors opened. Everyone besides Natsu and Gray looked to saw a female with a black coat on. All they could see was the black hood and the red shoes. The cloak went all the way to her ankles and no one knew who she was.

“Who’s that” Lucy asked Mira and she shrugged

“I don’t know” Mira said and Lucy was shocked. Some of Gray’s ice flew off and was haired straight for the mysterious woman. Gray noticed and had a huge sweatdrop on his forehead. Natsu looked at the girl and a huge look of confusion was on his face. The ice was about to hit her when it just turned to water. The woman grunted and shook her head like she was disappointed.

“I see Natsu and Gray are still at each others throats” she said and Natsu’s eyes went wide. Lucy looked at Natsu and was confused till Natsu’s shocked eyes turns into a wide smile as he ran up and gave her a huge hug.

“I can’t believe it your back!” he said and the mysterious woman laughed.

“Natsu… you… killing… me… here” she said as the hood fell of and everyone cheered.

“Lettie!” They all yelled as they made a dog pile.

“Guys! It’s only been three years!” she said with a laugh as everyone got off of her. Lucy still had no idea what was going on.

“Can I please be filled in on what is actually going on?” she asked and Lettie got up and laughed as she walked to Lucy.

“You must be new here, I’m Lettie Darnese a Fairy Tail Mage. I was gone for three years on a personal quest.” she said with a smile and Lucy returned a smile.

“I’m Lucy Heartfillia” she said and Natsu walked over.

“Yeah she just joined today! I’m about to go check for a quest! Would you come Lettie?” Natsu said and Lettie smiled

“Sure it sounds fun… but I’m worried something might get destroyed” Lettie said with a nervous laugh.

“Nah!” Natsu said with a smile and Lettie laughed. Soon Romeo walked in crying talking to Makarov about his dad Macao. Natsu had a flyer but her punched it back into the board and walked off as Romeo left. Lettie just walked up to Lucy with a smile.

“Arn’t you going with him?” Lucy asked and Lettie nodded

“Yeah… but he needs to cool off. Natsu is a very caring guy always looking for Igneel, always hope, I bet he met you while on a quest to look for Igneel” Lettie said as she laughs

“Yeah how’d you know?” Lucy asked and Lettie looked at her.

“Like I said, finding his father Igneel is important, but his Nakama is more important” Lettie said as she walked away and Lucy was shocked.

“His father is a dragon?” Lucy asked and Mira nodded

“Igneel raised him, he’s like a father to Natsu” Mira said and Lucy soon found them and decided to tag along.

“Lucy says it’s cold” The clock spirit said

“Tell Lucy she did have to come Natsu said!” Natsu said annoyed.

“Lucy says she had to it felt right” The clock said again

“Well Lettie says you should’ve dressed warm” Lettie said laughing.

“Lucy says look who’s talking with y’alls short sleeves” The clock said and Lettie and Natsu both laughed at each other.

“We both say that we are Fire Dragon Slayers that’s why” Natsu and Lettie said and soon the monkey came and stole Lucy. Natsu was blown away from the thing ang Lettie hid from the perverted thing.
“Well that’s bad!” Happy said as he caught Natsu.

“Well said Happy, now let's get Lucy back and find Macao!” Natsu said and Happy nodded and gave a salute.

“Aye Sir!” Happy said and they soon made it to the cave.

“Why is there two monsters?” Natsu asked confused and Lucy sweatdropped

“He’s on our side! He’s a Celestial Spirit!” Lucy yelled and both Natsu and Lettie smiled

“Whoops” Natsu said and the ape started to attack. Natsu defeated the beast and it turned out to be Macao. The four was shocked then Lettie remembered the thing between the ape and the human thing.

“Oh yeah that” Lettie said as she explained it to them as the brought Macao to Romeo.

“Thank you Natsu! Lettie! New girl!” Romeo said and Natsu and Lettie smiled at each other.

“So Lettie how’d your progress go?” Natsu asked and Lettie looked at him.

“It was good, I noticed that this guy named Kasai was behind Latina’s death and his brother was there and helped kill my dragon” Lettie said and Natsu frowned

“Oh I’m sorry Lettie” Natsu said and Lettie smiled

“I’m fine Natsu thank you” Lettie said and Natsu smiled as they left to go home. Lettie looked at the sky and then at her hands and shook her head with disappointment. “I will find you… and I will avenge Latina. I will kill you Katsu Dragsteel…” her voice said as she walked away.


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