Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy (Remake)

Fairy Tail is about to get a whole lot bigger, with the members growing and new stories brewing, An old story remade... Katsu Dragsteel's story is being remade, new characters are coming into the light as Many Hero's Legacies show all in this new revised version!!


11. The alternate world named Edolas

The world have been whirled and Katsu, Natsu, Wendy, Marzela, Lettie, Morgan, Happy, and Carla are all trying to find Fairy Tail.

“What happened?” Lettie asked and everyone shrugged

“No Idea but we need to find Fairy Tail!” Natsu said and they all nodded as they found clothes to switch into and try to find the Guild. They soon found it but it looked strange. everyone was about to walked in when Lettie stopped them.

“Something is not right” she said and Marzela looked at her and walked in. Everyone looked at her and Marzela looked at how they looked.

“Marzela-chan is back!” Gray said but he was wearing a whole lot of clothing.

“Marzela-chan? Call be Zela Gray” Marzela said and Gray laughed.

“Gray-san doesn’t want to call you that” he said and she looked at him confused.

“Yo Natsu come in and don’t be a big baby! You to Lettie we’ve missed you” Lucy said and they all walked in confused.

“Uh may I ask if everyone is okay?” Lettie asked and Lucy laughed

“Aw Lettie we are all fine! It's been so long you went nuts?” Lucy said and everyone looked at each other.

“I have no words for what’s going on right now” Lettie said and looked at Cana. “What are you wearing?”

“I am wearing my normal attire Lettie, will you like some nice refreshing tea?” she asked and everyone was now super confused.

“Wait what is going on here? Everyone is acting really strange” Marzela said as she looked at Gray who was doing the lovey dovey on Juvia. “Like for real”

“No, you guys are acting strange” Lucy said and Marzela glared at her.

“Listen I think this might be an alternate world” Lettie said and Marzela looked at her

“I agree, The Gray I know doesn’t do that to Juvia” Marzela and pointed to Gray.

“Yeah” Natsu said with a nervous laugh. Someone walked in the Guild that made Natsu and Lettie look with tears in their eyes. They knew that she was not the real one, but just seeing her alive made them want to hug her.

“Hey Natsu and Lettie looks like your back huh? That’s nice you two are always doing something else together and you leave us behind” she said and they began to quiver.

“L-L-Lisanna?” the two said and she smiled.

“Yeah what’s up?” she asked and both Natsu and Lettie hugged her crying. “Man guys you missed me that much?” she said confused on what they were doing.

“W-w-we m-m-missed you” they said and her eyes widened, and she knew what was going on.

“Oh well don’t worry I’m here now” she said with a soft smile. They explained to the Edolas world that they were from another world. Where Gray striped, Juvia was the lovey dovey one, that Lucy didn’t act like a boy… somewhat, and that magic was around everywhere.

“That does make sense on why we all think something is off.” Lucy said and the doors opened to see Marzela from the Edolas world.

“Marzela-chan is home!” Gray said and that Marzela sighed.

“Gray I told you to stop calling me that name” she said as she saw the other her.

“So you are Edolas me?” Marzela said and Marzela nodded.

“Sure am what are you going to do about it?” she asked as she put what looked like and ice sword on her back.

“Listen we need to find our friends” Lettie said and Marzela looked at her.

“Oh growing some words Lettie? You must be the Earthland one for the Lettie we all know and love is to shy to even say words like that” she said and Lettie rolled her eyes.

“Listen Marzela from Edolas, I can give one piece of rats ass what I am like in this world! I am here to find my Nakama and save them so please I beg of you cut the crap and move!” Lettie yelled and Happy gasped.

“Lettie, she might be Edolas form, but why do you talk to her like that?” Happy said and Lettie rolled her eyes as she was about to leave when the Fairy Killer came and they all escaped.

“So this is all a little weird” Natsu said and they nodded.

“Where’s Yuki!! I want to see her!” Katsu said and a girl that looked like Yuki showed herself.

“Hi Katsu for Earthland” she said in a whisper of a voice and Katsu had wide eyes.

“Your Edo Yuki, I wanted my Yuki!!!!!” he said and everyone laughed at him.

“You all will be alright Katsu, we all miss everyone but we will find them” Lettie said with a smile. He nodded as they looked ahead and smiled. They began the walk in the city to see if they can find their friends. The saw what looked like Lucy and ran to her.

“Lucy you okay?” Natsu and Lettie asked and she nodded.

“Yeah but where are we?” she asked and the others looked at her.

“It’s a different dimension called Edolas, all of us has a Edo version. Yours is like some sort of Tomboy who fights with Levy!” Natsu said and she looked at him.

“I’m an ass” Marzela said and everyone laughed.

“Aw don’t be like that Marza” Katsu said and she slapped him.

“I meant my Edo version you prick!” she said and Happy smiled.

“Aye and it turns out me and Carla are these things called Exceed’s were not cats!” Happy said and Lucy smiled.

“Let me guess. Y’all figured out that magic is not around here two?” she asked and Edo Lucy smirked.

“Not exactly Earthland me” she said and Lucy’s eyes wend wide.

“You guys weren’t kiddin! She is a tomboy” she said and Edo Lucy smirked.

“It’s true that magic is not around as much in Earthland, but it’s sacred and is still around. My Natsu has some magic in the ride him and Lettie are always in” she said and everyone looked at her as she gave them weapons. “This will help you, I got to go” she said as she walked away. They all looked at the road ahead and saw some people fighting. One looked like Morgan and everyone laughed.

“Great, another Morgan, just what we need” Katsu said and everyone laughed. Morgan just glared at them as he ran up.

“Yeah go me! Give them a Hot Fisting!!” he yelled and Edolas Morgan stopped.

“I prefer things not going up my rectum” he said as he defeated the men.

“Huh?” Earthland Morgan said and everyone laughed.

“Looks like this Morgan is a gentleman” Lettie said with laughter.

“Why did you say that? Hot fisting is our catchphrase!” Earthland Morgan said and Edo Morgan nodded his head no.

“No a Hot Fisting means going up someones rectum and I rather not do that” he said and everyone laughed as they began to get in trouble and a car came and picked them up.

“Man, looks like you guys were in a tight place” the familiar voice said and the all nodded.

“Yeah thank” Lucy said and the man laughed and the girl by him smiled

“Wow you sure are different from our Lucy” she said as the took off their goggles to reveal Natsu and Lettie.

“Natsu Lettie?!” the ones who weren’t motion sick said and they laughed.

“Yup, nice to meet ya Earthlands. Can’t believe that’s us… motion sick much” the two said and laughed.

“Yeah… that’s right” Wendy said with a nervous laugh.

“Thanks you kick ass with this car!” Morgan said and Edo Natsu laughed.

“Yeah well this car gives both me and Lettie here the confidence we need” he said and Edo Lettie nodded.

“Still can’t believe that Earthland us have motion sickness” she said as they all stopped on a hill.

“This is as far as we can take you guys, now get out” he said as they all fall out. Natsu and Lettie smiled as they kissed the ground.

“Sweet Land!” they said with a smile and Edo Natsu and Lettie laughed.

“Well see ya!!!!!” Edo Natsu said as Earthland Natsu pulled him out. “Please don’t hit me!” he said and everyone looked at him.

“Dude I’m not going to hit you, I just want to know something… how do you not get motion sickness?” Earthland Natsu said and everyone sweatdropped.

“You scare him for that?” Lucy said

“I-I-I don’t know now please let me go!” Edo Natsu said and Edo Lettie glared at Earthland Natsu as she helped Edo Natsu up.

“Look… we are from a universe that’s different the yours… we have different personalities and different needs. We can’t help you fight the boss off Edolas but we give you luck now good bye” she said as they drove off. The battle to get their friends back was in motion, Gajeel, Gray, and Erza from Earthland was already at the castle and Ezra walked up.

“Guys, we have a big problem” she said and they all looked at her

“What is it?” they all asked her.

“Were not it Fiore anymore” she said as she pointed to two girls that looked like Erza and Ezra. “Unless they are robot versions off us, we are super total screwed” she said and they all looked at them.

“Ma’ams they look like y’all” one of them said and the two Edolas smirked.

“They must be the Earthland Erza and Ezra… Let’s do this sister” Edo Erza said and Edo Ezra nodded.

“Nah, you can handle them” she said as she left. Edo Erza had a tick mark on her forehead.

“I swear I want to kill her sometimes.” she said as she drew out her long sword and Erza from Earthland looked at her. The fight was on to save Earthland and the others were just getting there. They had no idea what was going to happen, but saving their Nakama was the number one priority. To save their friends, to protect the people that they held dear. Gajeel wanted Panther Lily to be his cat. Mystogen turned out to be Jellal from Edolas and the prince of Edolas.

“Well… here we are” Marzela said with a smile as both Edo Gray and Earthland Gray met.

“Take your clothes off!”

“Put some on!”

“NO!” he yelled and Marzela sighed.

“Zela-chan who do you thick needs to listen to who?” Edo Gray said and Earthland Marzela glared abd Edo Gray.

“Leave me alone and please take off a few layers, you look like a blimp!” she yelled and Edo Marzela nodded.

“I agree with Earthland me Gray, you do look like a blimp” she said and they all laughed. It was time to go. The worlds portal back to Earthland has showed and everyone said their goodbye’s. Once they were back home they gave each other hugs and gave each other big smiles. Lisanna also came back and she told them her story of how she didn’t die that she was transported to Edolas and everyone was happy that Fairy Tail was back in Fiore. Katsu smiled as he looked at his friends with a frown as he wished them a farewell and left.


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