Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy (Remake)

Fairy Tail is about to get a whole lot bigger, with the members growing and new stories brewing, An old story remade... Katsu Dragsteel's story is being remade, new characters are coming into the light as Many Hero's Legacies show all in this new revised version!!


3. Reunited

  Fairy Tail was having a normal day as Natsu was griping about being strong and S-Class things.

“Natsu, being S-Class is more than money and being strong” Lettie said and Laxus laughed.

“Yeah right Lettie, it's all about that” Laxus said and she looked up and glared at him.

“What ever Laxus” Lettie said with a pissed face.

“Yeah! Come fight me Laxus!” Natsu yelled and Lettie sighed as she began to ignore them. She was still trying to think about this Kasai and Katsu. Why did they kill Latina, and is that the only innocent soul they killed? She still was confused on what was going on. Later at Lucy’s house., Natsu smiled while Lettie had a face that was disappointed

“I can’t believe you stole that flyer!” she yelled and Natsu pointed to Happy.

“He did it! He said something about picking a job for Lettie cause she’s always picked one for you” Natsu said and Lettie looked at Happy.

“Oh yeah? So why are we Lucy's house?” Lettie asked and Lucy nodded

“Yeah!” she said and Natsu smiled

“Cause Happy read it and it sounded cool!” Natsu said and Lettie glared at Natsu.

“No it’s not cool! You stole an S-Class job Natsu! How can this be explained?!” Lettie yelled and Natsu looked at her with a frown.

“Aww come on Lettie! It’s just this once to prove to Laxus that I can be a S-Class wizard!” Natsu said and Lettie sighed.

“Oh brother, fine but I will tag along for I am S-Class and that should bring the punishment down a little” Lettie said as they all began to go to Galuna Island. What they didn’t know was that the girl under the hood that they never knew was there was already at the island. She decided to go on her own and do her own quest. She didn’t even plan them to come to Galuna so it will soon be a surprise to them all. Gray caught them and told them that they knew and that Erza was soon to come. Lettie just rolled her eyes and Natsu looked scared.

“So what? I need this!” Natsu said as she knocked out Gray, everyone besides Lucy was shocked that it worked but they brought him along the trip. The mysterious girl was walking on the island and had a weird look on her face. She took the cape off and smiled, she had long blue hair that was in a ponytail like bun thing. She had blue eyes that was like they ocean, a light blue tank top on and on her chest was a dark blue Fairy Tail mark. She wore a skirt which was brown and black boots. She sighed as she looked at the sky that was day. With the others, they were talking to the villagers. The villagers accepted the help and they began to journey through the woods.

-Hours Later and everyone knew about Lyon’s plans-

 Gray somehow got lost from the others and sighed at the possibilities that was in store for him. With the mysterious man with white hair was no one, he looked around till he spotted the girl with blue hair.

“Marzela?” he asked and she looked to see the guy and was confused

“Who are you?’ she asked confused and he took the mask off and her eyes went wide. “Lyon?” she asked and he nodded.

“Yeah, I thought you were dead” he said and she laughed nervously.

“You did? I’m sorry about that I had no clue… so why you here?” she asked and he looked at her.

“Well… It’s hard to explain so I have to go” he said as he put the mask on and left. She was left by herself confused and decided that it was just a weird coincidence. She was about to put her hood back on when she heard a voice call to her.

“Zela is that you?” the voice said and it was Gray. He had wide eyes and was shocked to see the girl he thought had died. She turned around and gave a small smile.

“Gray… hi” she said with a little confusion. Natsu and Lettie smelt Gray and the unfamiliar scent, they followed it to see Gray talking to this girl with blue hair.

“Who’s that?” Lucy asked and both Natsu and Lettie shrugged.

“No idea” they answered and Natsu was about to confront her but Lettie stopped him as they listened into the conversation.

“So… it’s been some time eh?” Gray asked and Marzela nodded.

“Yeah… look Gray I should be going, I’m sorry about you thinking I was dead, I just found Isavel that’s all” she said and Gray smiled

“Well that’s good I guess, so did you know Lyon is here trying to bring back Deloria?” Gray asked and Marzela’s eyes went wide.

“What? Wasn’t that the demon who killed your family and all the villagers you lived with?” she asked and he nodded

“Yeah… he says it’s the only way to prove he’s stronger than Ur” Gray said and Marzela looked at him.

“She died didn’t she?” she asked and he was quiet.

“Yeah… she used Ice Shell that made her become Ice around Deloria” Gray said and Marzela smiled.

“Well it’s going to be okay Gray, I promise we can stop him right?” Marzela asked and Gray smiled

“Sure thing Zela, so how come you are here?” he asked and she smiled as she laughed nervously.

“You see I’m on a mission and everything that’s all” she said and Gray smiled.

“It was really nice seeing you Zela” he said and she smiled

“Yeah Gray it was nice…” she said as she frowned. How was she supposed to tell Gray that she’s been in the Guild for a very long time?

“What’s wrong?” he asked and she looked at him

“Nothing…” she said and a gust of wind blew and the cape Marzela was wearing flew and revealed her mark. Gray’s eyes went wide as he saw the mark on her and just looked at her.

“Since when?” he asked and she looked down.

“Shit…” she said and Natsu sensed Gray’s worried look and ran up but was impacted by a wall made of ice.

“What the?!” Lettie said and Marzela looked back with a face that was seriously pissed,

“You are my Guardian Angel?” he asked and she looked at him with eyes full of fear.

“Yes… I’ve been in the Guild for a while now Gray… I’ve wore an invisible cloak where no one can see me” she answered with a look of sorrow. She didn’t know how to explain the feeling at all.

“Well I’m glad your not dead Zela, cause I need someone that didn’t turn crazy around” he said and she laughed

“Yeah, Lyon has lost his mind, to think I was talking to him before you came here… It’s strange” she said and he nodded as she got rid of the Ice wall.

“I have to deal with two Ice Make Mages in Fairy Tail now?” Natsu said and Marzela laughed

“Oh like me and Gray has to deal with two Fire Dragons Slayers… oh by the way I ain’t no Ice Make Mage” she said and Natsu looked at her.

“Oh yeah then what are ya? The Ice Princess for reals?” Natsu said and Marzela glared at him

“I am and Ice Rage Dragon Slayer, raised by the Ice Rage Dragon Isavel” Marzela said and Natsu and Lettie had wide eyes. Gray was just standing there in total shock at what Marzela said. “It’s true I was taught by Ur with some of her Ice Make Magic, but I am a Dragon Slayer like you and Lettie, Natsu just with Ice” Marzela said and Lettie looked at her

“Wait, we went to the Temple of Divine and Isavel was not on that wall” Lettie said and Marzela looked at her.

“The Temple where only Dragon Slayers can enter? Isavel created that Temple so the Dragon Slayers who Dragon’s disappear will return, she had no idea of Latina’s death and I am sorry for your lost Lettie. Isavel died and that’s why I joined Fairy Tail” Marzela said and they all looked at her.

“Wow… I am so sorry Zela” Gray said and she smiled.

“It’s fine Gray, I’ve been over it for years now… It’s just painful knowing it’s my fault…” Marzela said as she looked at the sky that began to grow dark. “Now let's get this over with before Erza returns, she really has no idea I exist, only ones who knew was Master Makarov and Mirajane” Marzela said and they nodded as they ended up defeating Lyon and figuring out that the island was full of monsters, not humans. Lettie looked at the dark sky and a frown was upon her face as she looked at Natsu.

“You are leaving aren't you?” he asked and she smiled

“I found some information about my dragon’s killers, it seems it was for a Dark Guild, the name is still unclear though…” Lettie said and Natsu hugged her and whispered in her ear   “I love you, be safe” and she nodded as she waved away the others.

 -The Day Latina Died-    “

What another day. This is such a waste.” Katsu said. He got up and went to the mirror. His guild mark is on his shoulder and it shows a purple dragon. He gets ready for the day and walks downstairs. Yuki Kuroshimi who is his sister is cooking up some food for her customers. She gives Katsu a warm smile. He repays her with a half-ass wave.

     “Looks like someone is cranky.” Yuki said as she smiled again. Yuki has pink hair like Erza Scarlet. One eye is covered by her hair. She is wearing a black shirt with dark jeans. Katsu’s exceed who is Snowy is eating fish on the table. Katsu snatches up the fish and takes a huge bite out of it.

     “HEY!!!!” Snowy yelled.

     “Tough it up.” Katsu said harshly back. Snowy pouted. Yuki put down her spoon. She looked very disappointed at Katsu.

     “You want your ass whipped? Give Snowy back his fish.” Yuki said giving him the serious look. Katsu just kept taking bites out of the fish. Yuki grabbed the spoon and wacked Katsu on the head with it. “GIVE IT BACK YA NIT WIT!!!!!” Yuki yelled. Katsu rubbed the top of his head and started walking off to the door.

     “No wonder you don’t have any friends except me.” Katsu said.

     “What hell is that suppose to mean?” Yuki said with a raised eyebrow. Katsu threw the skeleton fish back at Snowy. Snowy sighed as his stomach growled. Katsu gave her the go-to-hell look.

     “It means to shut up and cook your damn food.” Katsu said. Yuki gasped.

     “You dumbass! Why have you been acting like the tough guy ever since you joined a guild? You aren’t a bully now stop acting like you are! What would mom say about how you’re treating me and Snowy? You basically stave him half to death!” Yuki said angrily. Katsu looked at his shoulder and then back at Yuki. His eyes narrowed.

     “You’re right. I’m not a bully. I’m a fucking asshole.” Katsu said. He opened the door. “Get your ass moving Snowy.” Katsu said. Snowy dipped down and got off the stool and ran toward the door. Katsu shut the door right in front of Snowy’s face. Snowy lowered his ears.

     “What is wrong with him?” Snowy asked. Yuki was holding her head in her hand.

     “I’ve been asking myself that same question Snow.” Yuki said.

     Hours later Katsu is at his guild Purple Dragon Fang. A dark guild in Fiore. He walks pass some of the members who are smirking and looking devious. Kasai Steelix, a Lightning Dragon Slayer was on top of a table sitting down. He has white hair and yellow eyes. He wears a fur jacket and some baggy pants. Him and Katsu are best friends. Kasai hops off the table and walks beside him.

Katsu stops leaning on the post and walks out of the guild. Kasai follows.

     “Hey man where you going?” Kasai asks.

     “There something that geezer isn’t telling us.” Katsu said. Kasai looked concern.

     “What could it be then?” Kasai asked. Katsu looked at him.

     “He said animal. He didn’t refer to what type of animal. He could be setting us up.” Katsu said. Kasai grabbed Katsu’s shoulder and turned him around.

     “Master Logan wouldn’t do that. Are you insane?” Kasai said. 

     “I know he’s up to something.” Katsu said as they walked away


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