Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy (Remake)

Fairy Tail is about to get a whole lot bigger, with the members growing and new stories brewing, An old story remade... Katsu Dragsteel's story is being remade, new characters are coming into the light as Many Hero's Legacies show all in this new revised version!!


6. Purple Dragon Fang

-Two Months Later-

It’s been a while and Lucy now has the Gold Key of the Lion also known as the Fairy Tail mage Loke. Gajeel and Elaine joined Fairy Tail and everything was changing. Lettie stood at her Guild as she looked at how much it looks different. She shakes her head and walks in to see it redecorated. She sees people in like a backyard and walks to see people laughing and everything.

“Yeah! It’s so cool, hmh?” Natsu asked and Lettie was confused till she saw a flash of black and red.

“Natsu who are you talking to?” she asked and everyone looked at her.

“Lettie your back!” He said and as he ran up to her, she saw Katsu and her eyes turned red. Natsu stopped and was so confused.

“Natsu… move” she said with a stern look and Natsu felt shivers go up his spine. Katsu just stared at her confused on what was going on.

“Lettie?” Natsu asked and Lettie glared.

“Why are you here?!” She yelled looking right at Katsu and he was confused.

“I’m a member here” he asked and her eyes were still red.

“I’ve looked high and low, up and down, searched far and wide and I find you here?!” she yelled and Natsu looked at her confused.

“Lettie what’s going on?”  he asked and she ran up and punched Katsu and he hit the tree.

“Whoa! Lettie calm down!” Gray yelled and Lettie was shaking.

“I’ve waited so long! Now I come home and I find you here! I find you at my Guild, with my Nakama?!” Lettie yelled and Erza looked at her.

“Lettie are you nuts?!” She yelled and Lettie’s eyes were so red that even Erza went back.

“He killed Latina!!!!!!! Latina is dead because of him!!!!!!!” she yelled and Katsu’s eyes went wide.

“I didn’t kill anyone! No blood has been shed on these hands!” Katsu yelled and everyone looked at him.

“So you can speak but of lies?! My dragon was all I had! You and that guy Kasai killed her! You and that stupid man made me cry for hours! She was killed my you and I know because I saw it!” Lettie yelled and Katsu’s eyes went wide.

“A dragon?” he asked and she nodded.

“I am Lettie Darnese a fire dragon slayer the daughter of Latina the Fire Dragon and you Katsu Dragsteel killed her and I will avenge her!” Lettie said as her fire engulfed her hands.

“Whoa wait! I am sorry but I killed no one on purpose” he said and Lettie looked at him with a stern look.

“Tell that to the Purple Dragon Fang! Tell that to Latina who died by your hands!” she yelled and everyone looked at her and Katsu was about to say something when Gajeel looked at her.

“Look little girl I have no clue who you are but you leave Katsu alone, he’s made me come to the light from the darkness I was in” Gajeel said and Katsu sighed.

“Latina huh? I remember now… I am so sorry… I was going to protect it… I tried to kill Kasai… but someone tackled him out the way and it hit the dragon… I was trying to protect the dragon for I lost Erasteel… I saw you cuddled up to Latina and I couldn’t do it… I left the Guild afterwards… I was so… upset that I killed a dragon… I am sorry” Katsu said and everyone looked at him. He had tears in his eyes and Lettie looked at him with sorrow eyes.

“I won’t kill you… but it will be hard to trust you right now Katsu… Natsu I’ll see you at the tree house” Lettie said as she walked away. Katsu wanted to reach out and tell her all the feelings he’s had after but he didn’t. Everyone just looked at Katsu who was just standing there. Natsu looked at Katsu and sighed as he walked up to him.

“You killed Lettie dragon on accident right?” Natsu asked and Katsu nodded

“It was a mistake” he said and Natsu looked at him

“Katsu… I like you like a brother, you feel like a brother to me and I don’t know why, but I love Lettie and seeing her that pissed was something I never seen before. She somehow stopped her anger and saw your sorrow… you or Nakama, but Lettie is the one I will never let go of… you better hope you are telling the truth and so help you god I will kill you for making her feel pain of losing her dragon” Natsu said as he left. Katsu sighed as he left and headed to Yuki’s Inn. She smiled as they walked in

“Hey you… whoa what’s up” she said and Katsu ignored her as he left to go in his room.

“Alright Snowy spill” Yuki said and Snowy looked at Yuki

“Latina’s little girl turns out to be a member of the Guild Katsu is now in” Snowy said as he walked up to Katsu’s room. Yuki had eyes full of confusion as she thought of the name Latina. Lettie was sitting on a couch at Natsu’s treehouse crying. Natsu walked in and saw her and frowned.

“Hey Lettie” he said and she looked up at him. Her eyes was back to blue and was covered with tears.

“H-H-Hey Natsu” she said as he sat by her.

“I would ask if you are okay but I can see your not” he said and she nodded.

“I’m not… I mean what if he’s telling the truth and it’s not his fault that Latina is dead? I’ve been waiting so long to kill him but… I didn't kill him” she said and Natsu looked at her as he hugged her tight.

“All I can tell you about the Katsu I know is this… we met and I liked him, he was confronting an imposter and was heading to join Fairy Tail. He helped us when a Guild attacked our Nakama. I did tell him though he better hope he’s telling the truth” Natsu said and Lettie snuggled up to Natsu as her teals continued to fall. Natsu hugged her close as he himself shedded a few tears. “I love you Lettie” he said and she smiled.

“I love you two Natsu” she said as they shared a kiss and smiled at each other. “Man it’s been awhile since we did that huh?” she asked and he nodded

“Yeah” he said as he wiped her tears away. “Lettie, never cry for I will be with you no matter what” he said and she smiled

“Yeah Natsu I know” she said with a wide grin on her face. They smiled at each other as the sun began to set.  “Natsu can I ask you more about Katsu?” Lettie asked and he smiled

“Yeah… he saved my life you know? That Gajeel guy that tried to kill me and Katsu saved me, it was pretty intense, it was like nothing I have seen before. He barley was in our Guild and he went by the Nakam code of Fairy Tail. He’s something alright” Natsu said and she looked at him

“Well do you trust him?” Lettie asked and Natsu smiled

“To tell you the truth, yes but… like I told him, he better hope to god he’s telling the truth” Natsu said and she smiled and Natsu.

“He saved you that’s all that matters.” the next day Lettie walked into the Guild to see Katsu talking to a girl with pink hair. She walks up to him and he looks at her and was about to say something when she stops him. “Look Katsu… It’s still hard for me to actually put this behind me, but you saved Natsu’s life and for that I am grateful, I will not kill you like I said I would for the past years since it happened… I thank you Katsu for saving Natsu, I don’t know what I would’ve done if I came home to see Natsu dead, I might’ve actually shedded blood upon these hands of mine” Lettie said as she gave a weak smile. Katsu looked at her and sighed.

“I know it will be hard Lettie… but I am deeply sorry” Katsu said and she looked at the girl besides him.

“I am Yuki, a new member of the Guild” she said and Lettie smiled

“Nice to meet you Yuki, and Katsu it's… fine” Lettie said as she walked off. Marzela and Gray were both sitting down when Lettie came in and just looked at each other. Juvia joined the Guild as well but kept stalking Gray. She wanted him to be hers but just didn’t know how.

“Gray-sama and Juvia will be together, if it wasn’t because of all these Love Rivals” she thought to herself as she looked at Marzela who was laughing at something Gray said. These people decided to go on a party to celebrate Lettie’s return. Natsu, Lettie, Marzela, Gray, Lucy, and even Erza. They all went to this casino like place and Lettie decided that it will be okay if Katsu and Yuki came for Katsu did help protect Fairy Tail. Juvia was stalking Gray so she tagged along.

“Thank you for letting me come” Katsu said and Lettie gave a weak smile.

“Like I said before, I am grateful that you saved Natsu’s life” Lettie said as she walked away. Yuki smiled as she looked at Katsu with a smile

“This is a better Guild than that evil one you were in” Yuki said and Katsu smiled

“I know right… it just sucks that now everyone hates me” Katsu said and Yuki slapped him.

“They don’t hate you Katsu! They just have to find a way to trust you now cause you didn’t tell them about the past of yours” Yuki said with a stern look on her face.

“That hurt Yuki, I didn’t tell no one because I wanted that past out of my life” Katsu said and Snowy smiled.

“All you have to do is prove you are the good guy now Katsu!” Snowy said and Katsu smiled

“I know thanks” Katsu said with a wide grin on his face. Somewhere not too far was a girl that looked like Erza but with blue eyes. She wore light clothing and was frowning at what she was thinking about. She looked up in the sky and sighed as she looked up and she knew that something serious was about to go down. With someone else was a guy with pink hair.. He was at the place the party was taken at and he looked at Erza who was smiling at Juvia who showed herself. He walked up and they looked at him

“Hello I am Morgan Draganov, I see you are a part of that Fairy Tail” he said and Erza nodded

“I am Erza Scarlet, also known as Titania” she said and he smiled

“It must be my lucky day then” he said with a smile Erza laughed at his remark as Juvia looked at him.

“Juvia thinks you look like Natsu” Juvia said and Morgan looked at her

“Oh I do? This Natsu person who is he?” Morgan asked and Erza looked at him

He’s Salamander, the Fire Dragon Slayer of Fairy Tail” Erza said and Morgan smiled

“Whoa! I look like him? Sweet!” he said and Juvia looked at him. Erza just laughed at him.

“Yeah he’s a tough one tho. Want to play cards and something?” she said and he smiled

“Sure why not!” he said with a smile as they decided to play some card with each other.


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