Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy (Remake)

Fairy Tail is about to get a whole lot bigger, with the members growing and new stories brewing, An old story remade... Katsu Dragsteel's story is being remade, new characters are coming into the light as Many Hero's Legacies show all in this new revised version!!


4. Latina's Death

The moon rose from the sky. It was midnight and Katsu and Kasai were walking toward where the animal stays. Katsu had on a black and white jacket with one sleeve. On the sleeveless arm was a cloth brace strapped on by a white strap. The cloth was black. His pants were black with red crosses on both sides. His boots were black. Kasai was wearing the same outfit as that morning. They entered a cave. Katsu started getting a bit suspicious. Kasai was so excited that he got to go on this quest to kill this animal. When they got to a opened space area their jaw dropped. There was a dragon laying down with a young teen about their age sleeping with it. The snout of the dragon’s nose sniffed the air. Its eyes opened and it looked at the two teens.

     “Dragon Slayers.” Latina said. She arose.

     “Wh-who are you?” Kasai asked. The dragon stretched out its wings.

     “Latina. The Fire Dragon.” Latina said. The look of the dragon made Katsu shiver. It made him remember his dragon Erasteel. “What is your purpose here?” Latina said sternly. Kasai clenched his fist and lightning surrounded it.

     “To kill you!” Kasai said. He threw a lightning bolt at Latina and when it hit her she roared. The teen girl woke up and saw Kasai throwing the lightning bolts at Latina. Her eyes widen. Katsu was still shivering. Then it occurred to him. Protect this dragon. Katsu pushed Kasai back making him miss Latina. Kasai looked at Katsu. “What the hell man?!” Kasai said angrily.

     “Don’t kill this dragon. She has a kid!” Katsu said. They could hear the rain start to pour on the top of the cave. Kasai snarled.

     “This is what master wants. If we do this we can we worshipped!” Kasai said. Katsu closed his eyes and gritted his teeth.

     “I don’t want to be worshipped if I have to kill a dragon.” Katsu said. He opened his eyes. Kasai was in utter shock at what Katsu was saying.

     “What? Why do you think they call us dragon slayers for huh?! We kill dragons!” Kasai said. He shoved Katsu. “Fine you won’t do it then I will.” Kasai said. He got another thunder bolt ready and he threw it at Latina. Katsu jumped in the way and go struck right in the chest and he flew back into the wall and he fell down on the ground. Latina flew out of the cave. Kasai grabbed her tail and punched it when she flew out and she fell to the ground. Kasai was attacking the dragon and Katsu was just now getting up. The teen girl was crying. He went up to her. She looked at him.

     “Wh-what is your name?” She asked. Katsu held his chest.

     “Katsu Dragsteel.” He said and gave her a warm smile. She nodded.

     “I will remember that name.” She said. Katsu walked out of the cave. The teen watched him leave with hatred in her eyes. Katsu finally made it outside and he saw Kasai about to throw a thunderbolt' at Latina again. Katsu ran toward him and tackled him.

     “I won’t let you kill this dragon! She has a kid to protect!” Katsu said. The rain started pouring hard. Katsu got on top of Kasai and punched him in the face with his purple flaming fist. Kasai caught his fist and kicked him off. Kasai got up and Katsu slid across the wet soggy ground. Kasai had a thunderbolt ready. Katsu had both fists ignited with purple flames.

     “You really want to fight me over some stupid lizard?” Kasai asked angrily. Katsu gritted his teeth. The rain drenched his hair making the strands cover most of his eyes.

     “She doesn’t deserve to die! There is a kid in there thats maybe twelve or so. She doesn’t need to see her dragon die!” Katsu said. Kasai clenched his fists and lightning surrounded them.

     “You and your stupid love for dragons. I knew you wasn’t able to handle this quest. I should have went with Grace instead of you.” Kasai said. Katsu’s eyes widen in anger.

     “You knew it was a dragon, and you insisted me to tag along?” Katsu asked. Kasai smirked.

     “I knew all along. This dragon needs to die.” Kasai said. She smirk faded into a straight line.

     “I’m not sorry for this, but if killing dragons is what our guild does then to hell with it!” Katsu said.

     “Screw you too then!” Kasai said. Katsu and Kasai both hit each others fists. Latina was barely able to get up. Her body was so heavily damaged by the thunderbolts. She just laid there watching this fight between two friends that now are bitter enemies. Katsu kicked Kasai in the side and Kasai punched Katsu in the face. Katsu bashed two hands on Kasai’s head and then came up with both fists. Kasai staggered back.

     “Iron Fist of The Flame Demon Dragon!!!” Katsu yelled as he punched Kasai across the cheek with a purple flaming fist. Kasai tumbled on the ground and then he caught his balance and flipped onto his feet. Kasai spread both his arms out wide.

     “Thung Clap of The Thunder Dragon!!!” Kasai yelled as he clapped his hands together and a wave of thunder hit Katsu making him fly into the wall. Katsu laid stuck in the wall and Kasai came up and kneed him in the stomach making him cough out blood. Kasai pulled pn Katsu’s hair and bashed his head on his knee and then making his hand surround in lightning and straighten it. “Judgement Hammer of The Lightning Dragon!!!” Kasai slammed his hand on Katsu’s back. The raining, thundering, and lightning gave the attack a boost. A huge lightning strike hit Katsu in the back. Katsu yelled in pain as his back was burning with the sensation of electricity. Katsu fell to his hands and knees. Kasai kicked Katsu in the ribs making him roll on his back. Kasai stomped on Katsu’s chest. Katsu coughed. “This is what you get for putting dirt on my guild.” Kasai said. He raised his hand into the air. “This is my playground!!!! Don’t you hear the lightning and thunder? When it rains it gives my Dragon Slaying attacks a boost as long as it's thundering and lightning!” Kasai’s eyes grew wide with insanity. “After I kill you I will kill that dragon.” Kasai laughed as power consumed his mind. Katsu engulfed his leg into purple flames.

     “Shut up with your blabbering!!!! No dragon is dying today and neither am I!!!! Heel of The Falme Demon Dragon!!!!!” Katsu yelled, His flaming foot caught Kasai across the cheek sending him tumbling on the wet ground. Katsu got up and he had his hand engulfed in dragon demon slaying flames. Latina looked closely at the flames.

     “Dragon Demon Flames? That means his dragon must have been Erasteel.” Latina said to herself. She watched as Kasai got up. Kasai opened his mouth and lightning struck is mouth and he regained strength. Kasai wiped his mouth.

     “I’m going to be rewarded Katsu. By killing you and that dragon. Who knows maybe I’ll kill the Grand Master and make it my guild how about that?!” Kasai said. Katsu shook his head.

     “You’ve gone insane. You are crazy.” Katsu said. Kasai’s eyes widen.

     “Crazy? Whats crazy is you! You have Dragon Slayer Magic and you don’t bother killing dragons? What the hell is your problem? You and your little fairy tale of your pathetic dragon coming back. I guaruntee she isn’t coming back for your ass.” Kasai said. Katsu’s eyes widen.

     “Erasteel is coming back. So is Thundrium. He is coming back.” Katsu said. Kasai motioned his hand like saying no. Kasai smirked.

     “No he isn’t.” Kasai said. Katsu looked confused.

     “How do you know that is for sure?” Katsu asked. Kasai’s smirk grew.

     “I killed him like the lizard he was.” Kasai said. Katsu’s eyes grew wide.

     “Didn’t you think of him as a dad?” Katsu asked. Kasai gripped his shirt and tore it off.

     “No. He wasn’t like my dad at all. I killed him without a second thought.” Kasai said as he smirked.

     “But he raised you! How could you do such a thing?” Katsu asked.

     “Easy. I wanted to.” Kasai said. He breathed in. “Prepare to die Katsu!!! Roar of The Lightning Dragon!!!!” Katsu breathed in as well.

     “Roar of The Flame Demon Dragon!!!!” Katsu yelled as purple flames came out of his mouth. The rocks and debris flew back as their breath attacks collided. Flame and Lightning. Kasai spread his arms out as lightning struck down on him. Kasai’s breath attack got a major boost. Katsu’s eyes widen when his flames were overpowered by Kasai’s lightning. The lightning consumed Katsu and he flew back from the explosion and he hit the cave wall and fell to the muddy ground. Katsu’s sleeve was torn down to his elbow. His body had bruises and cuts on it. He got up and he was breathing heavily.

     “Stubborn.” Kasai said.

     “I won’t let you kill this girl’s dragon! She deserves every moment with her dragon!” Katsu said. A dark aura rose from him. His eyes shimmered in the moonlight. He put his hands in front of him. “Now perish!!!!” Katsu yelled as a huge blast of purple flames came from his hands. “RAGE OF THE FLAME DEMON DRAGON!!!!!!!” Katsu yelled as his hair and jacket flowed back as a huge wave came out of the blast. Kasai looked in shock as the blast came toward him. He was too shocked to move. Grace came out of nowhere and tackled Kasai to the ground. The attack missed him and it hit Latina. Katsu’s eyes grew wide. Latina was sent off her feet as the blast went through her. Katsu moved his hands upward making the blast continue in the sky. Tears were falling from his eyes. He screamed in emotional pain. “NO!!!!!!!!!” Katsu yelled loudly. His arms dropped as his magic energy was all used in that one attack. He fell to his knees. His upper body leaned downward. He had killed the dragon he sworn to protect. The female was standing at the entrance of the cave. She only saw when Katsu’s rage attack killed her dragon. She was in total shock. Kasai started laughing. Katsu got up. His body was shaking from both anger and sadness. He looked at Kasai with fire in his eyes. Kasai clenched his hand and lightning surrounded it. Katsu clenched his hand. His hand was clenched so tight that his nails digged into his palm and blood dripped from it. They both yelled as they ran toward each other. They got in arm length with each other and Katsu’s fist caught Kasai across his eyebrow. Kasai caught Katsu across his cheek. Katsu’s first two knuckles split open as they raked across Kasai’s eyebrow and deeply gashing it opened. Katsu’s cheek also deeply gashed open. The impacted pushed them both back. Katsu’s shoulder’s hit the soggy ground and then he tumbled backwards and then sidewards and laid on his side. Kasai fell on his head and tumbled backwards and laid on his stomach facing the opposite way of Katsu. They both laid on the ground not moving an inch. The rain still poured down. Best friends have become bitter enemies. Grace looked in total shock as she saw the two Dragon Slayers laid out cold. She ran to Kasai’s side and she helped him up and she carried him back to the guild. Katsu laid on the soggy ground. He was passed out from him being hit without magic energy and plus he pushed his body to far. Snowy was flying overhead looking for his friend. He saw Katsu laid on the ground and he gasped. He flew down there and he looked how badly Katsu was beaten.

     “Aw man Kat. Yuki isn’t going to be to fond of what you did to yourself.” Snowy said. He looked behind him and he saw a dragon laying on the ground. Snowy hid behind Katsu’s body. Snowy saw the dragon wasn’t moving and so he knew it was dead. He checked Katsu’s pulse and he was still alive just unconscious. Snowy smiled and he picked Katsu up by his jacket collar and flew in the air. A voice called to him in his dreams. He didn’t know the voice but it seemed familiar. It told him to leave Purple Dragon Fang and go to a guild in fiore called Fairy Tail.

     “Fairy Tail…..” Katsu said weakly as he slept. Snowy looked down. He knew the guild and he smiled even bigger.

     “Yes Katsu. Fairy Tail it is.” Snowy said happily. He flew to Yuki’s inn and the years passed and he finally found out more about the Guild Fairy Tail. He decided that he will join the Guild and looked at the sky.

“Tomorrow I will join the Guild…” he said and what he didn’t know was that Natsu, Gray, Marzela, Lucy, and Happy would be going back that day. He had no idea about who he was going to meet and why that Guild popped into his head.


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