Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy (Remake)

Fairy Tail is about to get a whole lot bigger, with the members growing and new stories brewing, An old story remade... Katsu Dragsteel's story is being remade, new characters are coming into the light as Many Hero's Legacies show all in this new revised version!!


5. Katsu joins Fairy Tail

The team walked into Fairy Tail and everyone looked at Marzela. They were all confused on who she was and all they noticed was Gray’s wide smile. Makarov and Mirajane was surprised to see Marzela without her cloak on.

“Does she know that it’s off?” Makarov asked and Marzela walked up to him and handed him the cloak.

‘I no longer need this Master Makarov, thank you” she said and he smiled

“Well about damn time Marzela” he said and she laughed. The other members looked at Makarov with a confused look on all their faces.

“Who is this?” they asked and Makarov laughed nervously.

“This is Marzela Kanoya, she’s been in our Guild for about ten years, if i’m not mistaken she’s Gray’s savior?” Makarov said and everyone was shocked and Marzela laughed nervously.

“Oh yeah that’s me! I saved Gray’s but from Erza for about ten years” she said and Erza looked at her.

“So he was telling the truth that he wasn’t doing it. Why’d you do it?” she asked and she smiled

“Oh that’s simple, me and Gray are childhood friends” she answered and everyone besides the ones who went to Galuna was shocked. In Fiore was Katsu Dragsteel trying to find Magnolia to join Fairy Tail, Snowy was on his shoulder when they heard a ruckus about Natsu from Fairy Tail. They ran to see this guy that looked nothing like the pictures Katsu saw of Natsu.

“You ain’t Natsu! He has pink hair and an Exceed named Happy!” Katsu yelled and the man looked at him.

“I have no clue who you think you are! Happy is on a trip and I dyed my hair, Pink was to girly for me” he said and Katsu growled

“That’s not right! He’s known as the Salamander for a reason!” Katsu yelled and Snowy was hiding.

“Oh? Yes my name was given to me for my pink hair and my fire magic, but I decided to give Fairy Tail a break from my destructive ways” the man said and Katsu gritted his teeth.

“You are not Natsu from Fairy Tail! for THAT’S ME!” A voice said and Katsu turned to see a guy that looked similar to him with pink hair and black eyes. He wore a white scarf around him and had a blue cat with him.

“Aye Sir!” The cat yelled and Katsu knew it was Natsu Dragneel the real Fairy Tail Salamander.

“Oh is that so?” he asked and Natsu nodded.

“Yes that is so, for I am a Fire Dragon Slayer Natsu Dragneel, and you disgust me! Fairy Tail is about Nakama and protecting them and you are trying to ruin that!” he yelled as he punched the imposter. Katsu smiled as everyone looked at Natsu and smiled as they all left. Katsu and Snowy was standing and Natsu saw him.

“So how you know so much about me?” Natsu asked and Katsu smiled

“Oh I’ve been thinking on joining Fairy Tail so I did some research” Katsu answered and Natsu laughed

“Oh! Well I can help you! I mean you did stick up to that red haired imposter so thanks!” Natsu said and Katsu gave him a thumbs up

“No problem man” Katsu said and they laughed as Natsu told Katsu to follow them. They walked to Fairy Tail and Katsu’s eyes went big. The Guild was a huge place and it’s name was bolded.

“Welcome to Fairy Tail… um what’s your name?” Natsu asked and Katsu smiled

“I am Katsu Dragsteel” he answered and Natsu smiled

“Well Katsu Dragsteel, welcome to Fairy Tail” Natsu said and Katsu smiled back and Natsu.

“Thanks” he said with a smile. They walked in to the ruckus known as Fairy Tail, Marzela was sitting down talking to Gray. Erza was looking at everyone as they all heard a scream that belonged to Lucy. They all run to see Levy and her friends nailed to the tree with Phantom Lord’s mark burned to their skins. Makarov saw it and his face was full of rage.

“They want a battle, they will get one” he said and Natsu pumped the air.

“Hell Yeah!” He said and Marzela looked like she was about to murder someone. Mira stamped Katsu with a purple Fairy Tail mark on his shoulder and smiled. They soon stormed to Phantom Lord and busted down the doors. One of them had a smirk on their face, he was tall and had iron like studs on his face. There was a girl standing by him that was a little shorter and had bright red short hair. She shook her head as she looked at the man beside her.

“They want to kill us Gajeel, is’t that hilarious?”  she asked and he smirked

“Oh yeah, what else sister?” he asked and she looked at Marzela.

“The one with blue hair is really ticked, watch out for her” she said and he smirked

‘The mimik of Juvia? Alright then” he said and Marzela was shaking.

“Who did it?! Who in y’alls Guild did that to Levy and the others? Who messed with our Nakama?!” Natsu yelled and Gajeel smirked.

“Ooh look at the strong tough guy, he’s so scary” Gajeel said and Katsu looked at Gajeel with a stern look. He barley knew Fairy Tail, but he was now a member and so Fairy Tail’s code says no one messes with our Nakama.

“Tough guy? I guess it was you!” Natsu yelled and was about to attack when Erza stopped him.

“Natsu I know it’s hard… but we have to stay calm and we won’t defeat them… they are a very skilled Guild, the only Dark Guild that’s official” Erza said and the girl with short red hair smirked.

“Looks like Titiana gets is, congratulations… let me introduce myself. My name is Elanie Redfox, a Poison Sound Dragon Slayer, this here is my twin brother Gajeel Redfox the Iron Dragon Slayer, and we both are going to kick y’alls ass” she said and Natsu looked surprised that so many Dragon Slayers exsisted in this world. Marzela just glared at her and smirked.

“Well let me introduce myself, my name is Marzela Kanoya and I am an Ice Rage Dragon Slayer and I am here to tell you, your Guild messed with the wrong batch! We will tear your Guild limb to limb till there’s nothing except dust! You hurted out Nakama and our code is to never let anyone mess with our Nakama!” Marzela yelled and Gajeel and Elanie smirked.

“Sooo boring let the hot head come at us with his scary threats” Gajeel said and Marzela glared at them.

“I might be boring now with my speech, but it’s the truth!” Marzela said and Makarov stopped her.

“That’s enough Marzela… Let me speak with your Guild Master” Makarov said and just then the master came down.

“Hello Makarov, what makes you come to my Guild?” he asked and Makarov glared at him.

“You know what makes me come to this Guild so don’t try me” Makarov said and he smirked.

“Aww don’t be such a party pooper, I have no control of my members and what they do, but they might stop if you hand us Lucy Heartfillia” he said and everyone looked at him.

“No way in hell are we giving up our Nakama!” Natsu yelled and Makarov nodded

“For once I agree to what Natsu says, we will not be giving our Nakama to any of y’all” Makarov said and Marzela glared as she looked around the room. She felt strong forces all around her and she knew they were in a bad spot.

“Master” Marzela said and Makarov nodded.

“Yeah I know… we came to warn you! Mess with our Nakama again and all hell will break loose between two Guilds!” Makarov said as they left. Katsu walked back to Fairy Tail and sighed.

“We really gonna let them go?!” Natsu yelled and Makrov nodded no.

“Never… we were just in a bad spot, Marzela felt some uneasy presences around there, they will try to mess with Lucy, we will be ready” Makarov said and they all nodded. Marzela sighed as she looked at the doors of the Guild. She knew that Phantom Lord was coming for Lucy, why she had no idea. She just sat by Gray and they talked, soon they came and like Makarov said was looking for Lucy, coming after Lucy. They were going to fight back and keep their Nakama safe. It’s been some time and everyone is fighting someone, Natsu and Katsu is fighting Gajeel, Marzela and Gray is fighting Juvia, and e.t.c. Elanie was just looking around seeing the two Guilds fight. She was on Phantom Lords side like always, but something inside her dug deep and she wondered why was she doing this? What’s so important to get Lucy Heartfillia.

“You love rival will perish!” Juvia yelled and Marzela was confused as hell

“Love Rival?! You are nuts?!” Marzela yelled and Juvia screamed even more. Gray was just trying to keep the boiling water from hiting him.

“Juvia is not nuts! Juvia just sees herself with him!!!!!!” Juvia screamed and Marzela made a face that was just like what the hell.

“You don’t even know him so how can you see him with you?” Marzela asked as they defeated Juvia and she was about to fall and Gray caught her. Marzela helped him pull her up and smiled.

“The rain’s gone, thank the lord it was depressing” Marzela said and Gray nodded while he smiled at Marzela.

“You can say that again Zela” Gray said and Juvia smiled

“It finally stopped” Juvia said with a smile. Natsu, Katsu, and Gajeel were still fighting and Gajeel had a smirk on his face.

“You think you guys can beat me? I am Gajeel Redfox the Iron Dragon Slayer!” He yelled and Katsu smirked

“Well I am Katsu Dragsteel the Purple Fire Dragon Slayer!” Katsu said mimicking Gajeel. Natsu laughed and joined in.

“I’m Natsu Dragneel the Fire Dragon Slayer!” Natsu said and they all laughed. Lucy was shaking her head in disappointment. The fight continued and everyone was looking at each other. The battle ended when Katsu defeated Gajeel, Lucy had to take Natsu in a safe place.

“You should join Fairy Tail, Phantom Lord is going to go down with the council” Katsu said and Gajeel laughed wickedly.

“Yeah? I won’t be seen in a Guild full of pansies!” he yelled and Katsu showed the mark that showed he was a member of the Purple Dragon Fang Guild.

“I once was in a dark Guild, I then saw that light and saw Fairy Tail, it’s a Guild about Nakama and that’s how it will stay. Nakama is important in Fairy Tail and no one judges anyone.” Katsu said and Gajeel looked at Katsu with a smile.

“All right then Katsu Dragsteel, I will join Fairy Tail, Natsu might not be to happy with it”  Gajeel said and looked at his sister “Elanie will join to, I can see in on her face” he said and Katsu smiled.

“Sure, why not” Katsu said as he left Gajeel and Elanie ran to him.

“You okay?” she asked and he nodded

“Soon… we will join that Guild of Fairy Tail” he answered and she smiled

“About time, Phantom Lord is getting bored” she said and he laughed at her.

“Sis… I’m glad your with me” he said and she smiled

“Yeah well I’m glad I’m with you to bro” she said as they both got up.


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