Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy (Remake)

Fairy Tail is about to get a whole lot bigger, with the members growing and new stories brewing, An old story remade... Katsu Dragsteel's story is being remade, new characters are coming into the light as Many Hero's Legacies show all in this new revised version!!


9. Going in the past

Katsu and some others were heading to Blue Pegasus for a visit who just asked them to come.  The master smiled at them as he looked at Morgan.
“Oh my boy aren't you a charming young man” he said and Morgan sweat drops

“Thanks I guess” he said and Erza started to laugh nervously she was uncomfortable here near Ichiya.

“Oh crimson highlights we can work with that” Ichiya said to Katsu and Katsu shook his head

“I prefer you not” Katsu said with a nervous laugh and Marzela rolled her eyes.

“Oh brother here we go” she said with a nervous laugh. Ichiya looks at Yuki and smiled.

“My my what do we have here? Perfect cheekbones, perfect lips, perfect curves and perfect bo…” Ichiya said before Katsu interrupted

“That’s my sister!” Katsu yelled and Yuki glared at him

“Pervert!” she yelled and he smiled

“Oooooo feisty I like that” he said

“I will kill you!” she yelled and Katsu hits Ichiya a mile away.

“No one is aloud to talk about her boobs except me!” Katsu yelled and Yuki looked at him.

“Excuse me?” she said and he looked at her

“My Yuki” he said and she looked at him with the strangest look ever.

“Looks like she doesn’t like that Katsu” Marzela said with laughter as Hibiki looked at his master.

“You okay Master” he asked and Ichiya smiled

“Perfect couple” he said and Hibiki looked at him.

“They are related” he said and Ichiya smiled.

“Still love in the heart” he answered and everyone looked at him.

“You are sick!” Yuki said and Marzela looked at him

“I’mma kill a fool” she said and Katsu nodded as they both gave a glare to Ichiya.

“Why are we here anyways?” Katsu asked and everyone looked at Ichiya. A small girl about Fera’s height walks on and she had blue hair and a little girl cat by her. Marzela felt the power of this little girl and knew that she was something more than what she looked liked.

“A dragon slayer?” Marzela said and Katsu looked at her as the girl nodded.

“I am Wendy Marvel, the Sky Dragon Slayer for Cait Shelter” she said and everyone looked at her a little confused.

“What’s the problem?” Natsu asked and she smiled.

“Well, there’s this Guild that’s been giving Cait Shelter threats… were worried that something bad is going to happen” Ichiya said and they looked at the perverted man.

“Oh what’s the name of the Guild?” Natsu asked a little curious about the situation

“The Dark Guild Oracion Seis” Wendy said and everyone looks at her confused.

“Why would one of the biggest Dark Guilds want to destroy Cait Shelter?” Marzela asked and Wendy shrugged.

“I have no clue” she said as the cat looked at them.

“Wait, is that a cat? Can she talk?!” Natsu said and the cat laughed.

“Yes I can talk, my name is Carla” she said and Happy smiled.

“Well I’m Happy!” he said and Carla looked at him

“Well I can see that” she said and he looked at her confused and everyone laughed.

“His name is Happy” Natsu said and Carla looked at Natsu

“Oh well that makes sense, sorry I misunderstood that” Carla said and Wendy smiled.

“Oh Carla, it's okay you didn’t know” Wendy said and they all laughed. Soon an explosion came from outside and they all ran outside to see five people. One had red hair and a snake around his neck and he had a huge smug on his face. Then a girl with white hair, she looked upset about something. There was these two guys one with blond hair and a weird nose, and a guy with brown hair and was like Gajeel’s height. The last person looked like the leader and his look was smug. Elanie  walked out and the five people looked at her and the one with red hair had wide eyes. Marzela looked at the one with red hair and for some reason a light bulb came out of her head.

“Erik?” she asked and the one with red hair looked at her and his eyes went wide. The other four looked at him confused.

“How does she know your real name?” the leader asked and the red haired male shrugged.

“I have no idea… oh wait” he said as his eyes went wide. “Not possible” he said and she looked at him with a big glare.

“What are you doing there Erik” Marzela asked and he looked at her and then back to Elanie.

“The main question is…” he began but the leader interrupted him.

“Look Cobra, we are here for a reason so let's do this alright?” he said and Cobra looked at him.

“She’s here, how can I? If she’s on their side were in some trouble and you know that Master Brain” Cobra said and Elanie  looked at him.

“Why can’t I read you?” she asked with a clear voice and Gajeel and everyone looked at her.

“Sis what’s up?” Gajeel asked and Elanie ignored him and looked at Cobra.

“Answer my question” she said and Cobra looked at her confused that she asked that question.
“Do you not remember how we figured it out?” he asked and she looked at him even more confused.

“What are you talking about? I never met you in my life” she said and his eyes grew wide as the snake looked at Elaine.

“So you are telling me you don’t remember being in this Guild?” Cobra asked and she looked at him confused then smirked

“No I don’t because I was never in it! I was only on one Dark Guild and that was Phantom Lord” she said and Cobra smirked.

“Oh yeah then tell me how I know your name is Elanie Redfox and you are a Sound Poison Dragon Slayer raised by the Dragon Poseidra?” he asked and her eyes went wide. Gajeel looked at his sister whose body was shaking.

“Hey!” Marzela yelled and Cobra looked at her.

“What?” he said and she looked at him.

“You talk to her but yet you never asked my question Erik, what are you doing in Oracion Seis?” she asked and he looked at her.

“Look here Marzela, I have no answer for you but I have no clue how I know this. I will not give you a pity fight because of your blood!” he said and she glared.

“You listen to me Erik Kanoya! You are with a Guild full of bad people who wants to harm an innocent Guild and I your own blood asks you a question and you don’t answer? That’s really pathetic” she said and Gray looked at her a little confused on what she just said.

“Zela what did you say?” Gray asked and Marzela looked at Gray with a small smile.

“He’s my brother, but it’s no matter, he wasn’t raised by Isavel” she said and Elanie ‘s face lightened up.

“Oh! I get it now! You must be a sound mage as well that’s why I can’t here your heart!” she said and Cobra smirked

“Congratulations you remembered, now how about you look on your leg? You will see a burn mark where your mark use to be” Cobra said and she looked at him.

“I know the mark is there and listen, no matter what my past is, my present and future still stands! I will protect Cait Shelter, Blue Pegasus, and my Nakama of Fairy Tail Cobra!” she said and Cobra looked at her a little upset but they all began to fight. Everyone got their ass’s kicked by Oracion Seis. Wendy, Carla, and Hapy was kidnapped and that made Natsu furious.

“Really why is it always Happy?!?!” he yelled and Lettie hugged him and infront of everyone gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Listen Natsu… we will get him back okay? We also need to stop them from whatever they are planning” Lettie said and Natsu nodded. Elanie was breathing hard as she remembered something.

“I am sorry Cobra but I have to go, I can’t no longer be apart of a huge Dark Guild like this… I want to be good and be in a Guild that helps not destroy I am sorry”

She looked at the sky and sighed as they all went to Blue Pegasus.

“To think they are that strong…” Marzela said and everyone nodded.

“Hell even Erza had issue’s!” Katsu said and Yuki looked at him

“That’s not helping at all Katsu” Yuki said and Katsu shrugged. Morgan was holding Erza who was breathing in a little hard.

“Cobra is going to pay!” Natsu yelled and Elanie walked up to him.

“Natsu… the best way to defeat him is to be as loud as you can… I can’t do it because it can hurt me as well, but you should be able to do it” Elanie said and Natsu nodded.

“Thanks you okay?” he asked and she nodded

“I’ll be fine… I just need to rest that’s all” she said. Oracion Seis received Jellal, and Wendy sighed as she began to cry. Jellal left running something to tell him to destroy something he couldn’t remember what is was called. He made it and saw a girl with light pink long hair there. She had a purple Fairy Tail mark on her arm and she looked at Jellal.

“Jellal, you know not who I am, but I know who you are. Stop your insane addiction to Zeref’s evil power, he’s not evil” she said and Jellal nodded.

“I understand” he said and she left and she didn’t know that Happy saw her. The fight to save Cait Shelter round two began. Natsu went to look for Cobra, Gray was fighting Racer, who was as fast as lightning. Everyone was fighting someone. Marzela and Lucy were walking with Hibiki and not to mention everything was just full of confusion and pain. Erza and Ezra reunited with the memory forgotten Jellal. He didn’t even recognize them, they tried to get him to admit he was tricking him but he didn’t and he wasn’t. Fera looked at the sky as she thought about saving a Guild and keeping her Nakama alive. She thought hard but nothing could keep Laxus off her mind. She decided after all this was over she wouldn’t leave for good, but go separate from Fairy Tail for awhile. Natsu soon found Cobra and remembered Elanie’s helping advice and Happy carried him. Natsu become as loud as he could so Cobra couldn’t hear him.

“You will die for hurting my Nakama and innocent Guilds!” He yelled as he defeated Cobra. Elanie looked up and gave a frown as she felt something important to her was just defeated. Soon Oracion Seis was destroyed and Cait Shelter was safe Fera left. Natsu and the other's took Wendy to her Guild and the master smiled.

“Join Fairy Tail Wendy, we are just spirits that Jellal set for us so where we could keep you sage. Fairy Tail really cares” he said and Wendy smiled.

“I will thank you” she said and they smiled as they all left and Wendy’s Cait Shelter mark disappeared.

“So we heading to my new Guild and new home?” she asked and they all nodded as they all headed home.



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