Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy (Remake)

Fairy Tail is about to get a whole lot bigger, with the members growing and new stories brewing, An old story remade... Katsu Dragsteel's story is being remade, new characters are coming into the light as Many Hero's Legacies show all in this new revised version!!


2. Erza's Return

It’s been awhile and Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and Happy were all at the Guild. Lettie was looking at the quest on the S-Class level and sighed. The Guild doors open and everyone besides Mira and Lettie stopped what they were doing. It revealed a girl with red hair and a huge thing is on her shoulder. She puts it down and starts griping at people and Lucy was so confused.

“That’s Erza?” she asked and Mira nodded.

“Oh yeah, she’s serious when it comes to things like this” Mira said as she laughed. Lettie sighed as she left the S-Class mission board and walked down the stairs. Erza looked at Lettie and they both were glaring at each other.

“Lettie” Erza said and Lettie smirked

“Erza” she said as she walked passed Erza.

“I need help” Erza said and everyone looked at her. Gray, Natsu, and Lettie agreed to go help Erza. Lucy was asked to go by Mira so Lucy did to try to keep and eye on Natsu and Gray.

“If I were you Lucy, I would stay away from those two, only me and Erza has the strength to stop them, but Gray has something up his sleeve all the time, it’s like he has a guardian angel and something like that” Lettie said and Lucy nodded.

“What’s up between you and Erza if you don’t mind me asking?” Lucy asked and Lettie smiled.

“We just have that bond like Gray and Natsu, were both strong women who wants to be stronger than each other” Lettie said and Lucy looked at her.

“Oh okay then” Lucy said and Erza walked in. Gray and Natsu started to act like best pals and do the thing

“Aye Ma’am!” Natsu said and both Lettie and Happy laughed at it. They got on the rain and took their seats. Gray, Lettie, and Lucy sat in one seat as Erza and Natsu sat in the other. The train moved and both Lettie and Natsu became sick, ucy had a sweatdrop as she looked at Lettie

“Guess she has motion sickness to huh?” she asked and Erza nodded as she smirked

“It’s sad seeing them like this, so strong when not on a moving vehicle, but when it comes to anything moving, they are sick as dogs” Erza said with a little chuckle.

“So what’s this mission about?” Gray asked and Erza had a stern look on her face.

“I heard rumors of this flute, it’s some sort of dark magic and these dark mages are going to use it against someone or many someone’s known as Lullaby” Erza said and Lucy looked at her

“Lullaby? That name sounds familiar” Lucy said and Erza looked at him.

“Our mission is to find it before they do” Erza said and they all nodded. Once they got to the station they left the train forgetting two someone’s Natsu and Lettie. They woke up to see a strange man looking at them. They both were still sick like dogs from the motion and he kicked their asses as they were thrown off the train. Erza yelled and Natsu and Lettie just looked at her like she was crazy.

“How were we supposed to know? We were having motion sickness, not to mention you knocked Natsu out!” Lettie yelled furious that Erza had the guts to say some shit about them not paying attention.

“Well I can’t help it you have that problem now can I? This thing is important! Lullaby all we know can kill thousands of people!” she said and Lettie looked at her.

“Lullaby? That’s the flute of the death song. Zeref the Dark Mage’s magic” Lettie said and everyone looked at each other and they knew this mission has got ten times more difficult. Hiding in a cape that made her invisible a girl was looking at Gray. Her face was full with sadness as she looked at his shocked face. She knew she couldn’t talk so everything she wanted to say she thought.

‘Gray, I am right here. I want to tell you so much and tell you how much fun I’ve had. I just can’t face you and I don’t know why. I’ve tried my best to take of this invisible cloak but it never comes off. I’ve waited so long to tell you the words that I wanted to speak but never had the chance to do, Gray one day we will meet face to face again, but for now I will stay in the shadows’ she thought as she followed them into the station. That’s when the people had big smirks and smiles on their faces. What the heroes didn’t know was that they have fallen for a trap.

“Look who we got here” One said and the heroes just looked at them with stern eyes,

“Give us Lullaby!” Erza demanded and the leader laughed

“Give it to you? No way! It’s been a hassle getting this flute!” he said and she glared at him.

“Then I’ll force you!” she said as she requiped her armor and went to attack but he left. Natsu followed after him and Gray went after someone else. It was now just Lettie, Erza, Lucy, and Happy. They all looked at the people before them and smirked. ‘This would be to easy’ one of the men thought as they went to attack.

“Fire Dragon’s Roar!” Lettie yelled and fire escaped her mouth and hit some of the men.

“Requip!” Erza yelled and turned to another one of her strong armors. Lucy wanted to help but thought she would get in the way. She was amazed of the strength the two ages in front of her had. Here she was just a simple Celestial Mage with two Golden Keys, One a perverted bull, the other a pissy mermaid. Lucy smiled as Lettie and Erza finished them off and looked at each other. They soon looked away with a ‘hmp’ noise and crossed their arms. Lucy laughed at them as they went to look for the leader that was starting this. With Gray, where was wasn’t looking the girl with the invisible cloak was at looking out for him.

“Thank god for my guardian angel. I would’ve felt pain for sure if she wasn’t around” Gray said to himself and the girl gave a quiet chuckle. Gray hit the door and saw nobody in the room, he looked around and shook his head. “This is a dead end” he said as he was ambushed. The girl blocked it with ice and Gray’s eyes went wide as he looked at him ambusher.

“You blocked without looking how?” the ambusher asked and Gray smirked

“My guardian angel” he said as he got information from the ambusher and walked out. Everyone reunited by running to one place where Erigor was standing. His plan ‘worked’ and they were caught so the masters of all the guilds were in danger. Everyone tried to get out but it was no use. Natsu kept at it but Lettie told him to quit before he hurt himself. Happy then remembered something and gave Lucy a key. It belonged to Virgo, one of the Golden Keys, they key to the maiden.

“She said her contracted with that guy was over!” Happy said and Lucy sweatdropped.

“Well here it goes, Open gate of the Maiden, VIRGO!” Lucy said and Virgo was skinny and Gray was confused.

“What’s wrong with her?” Gray and Virgo smiled

“I take the look of what my master wants, you prefer the other one?” she asked as she turned big and ugly.

“No please go back!” Lucy said as everyone was yelling. Virgo went back to her other look and smiled. “We will do a contract later, can you dig us out of here?” Lucy asked and Virgo nodded.

“Yes Princess” she said as started to dig. Natsu once it was done flew with Happy to follow Erigor. Erza, Gray, Lettie, and Lucy carried the hurt Kageyama and went to a magic car. They went to Natsu and was to late for Erigor was defeated by Natsu.

“Well you fought him hard, everything alright?” Lettie asked and Natsu nodded with a smile.

“Everything is just fine Lettie! I think it’s safe to say that Master is saved!” Natsu said and everyone smiled. Kageyama took the flute and left with a evil laugh.

“See you flame brain! Look what happened! Now were screwed! We need to go now or Master Makarov and the other Guild Masters will die!” Gray yelled and Natsu gave him a look.

“Oh yeah Ice Princess? Wanna Go?” Natsu yelled and Erza just glared and they hugged each other

“SORRY!” They both yelled and Lettie and Lucy laughed at the reaction. They all rushed to where it was to see Kageyama with the flute to his lips, he was sweating. Makarov was standing right there with a serious look on his face. They knew Makarov was putting pressure and the kid which was one reason he was the master of Fairy Tail. Kageyama fall to his knees with tears.

“I-I-I can’t” he said and Makarov smiled.

“Aw, that’s a shame! I was hoping to here that song of death” he said now glaring at him.

“You knew?” he asked and Makarov nodded

“That’s the cursed flute of Zeref known as Lullaby, it’s tune kills anyone who hears it” Makarov said and Kageyama was surprised that he knew.

“Why did you tell me to play it if you knew?” he asked and Makarov smiled

“I knew you wasn’t going to play it, it looks like you’ve been in a battle with someone and there isn’t a hospital around here so you lied, not to mention that flute is saying I am the flute of death” Makarov said and the others showed there faces with a huge smile.

“Well that’s good that he chickened out! I thought we were to late!” Natsu said and Lettie shook her head in disappointment.

“Master Makarov is a very strong, perverted, independent mage” Lettie said and everyone laughed

“I heart that Lettie! It was a compliment and something rude at the same time” he said and she laughed.

“Yeah well that’s my specialty” she said but the flute became a monster. Everyone’s eyes went wide as the flute came to life.

“Guess you want it done you have to do it your self” Lullaby said and Erza glared at it.

“Natsu, Gray, and Lettie let’s defeat this thing!” Erza said and they all shook there heads

“Yeah!” They answered as they began to fight the monster.

“I’ll be over here” Lucy said and Makarov shook his head.

“I have a bad feeling about all of this for real…” Makarov said with a laugh. The four started to attack Lullaby.

“Fire Dragon’s… Roar!!!!!!!!!!” Lettie and Natsu yelled

“Ice Make… Hammer!!!!!!!!” Gray yelled and Erza did her requip. They all put holes all over his body. They continued to hammer him down till he is defeated and a huge hole and they all smiled at each other. They went to Fairy Tail with huge smiles on their faces. Somewhere was a guy who looked at the moon in the sky. He was thinking about something someone told him once.

“You can do anything you put your mind to. You are a strong independent person, you will find your purpose in life” her voice rang in his ears and he smiled at the thought.

“I understand mom… thank you” he said as he walked off in the night.


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