Fairy Tail: A Hero's Legacy (Remake)

Fairy Tail is about to get a whole lot bigger, with the members growing and new stories brewing, An old story remade... Katsu Dragsteel's story is being remade, new characters are coming into the light as Many Hero's Legacies show all in this new revised version!!


10. Dragon Hearts

“So you're telling me that your dragon Grandeeney went missing the same day that Igneel, Metalica, Poseidra, Flatina, and Thundra went missing?” Natsu asked and Wendy nodded.

“She was known as the Sky Dragon” Wendy said and all the Dragon Slayers looked at her that was there.

“It sucks that Fera decided to leave us for a while” Marzela said and everyone nodded.

“Yeah it does” Natsu said and then Happy remembered something.

“Oh! When we were fighting the Oracion Seis, not to soon after Wendy healed Jellal… I followed him and saw this girl say something to him. She hair long pink hair and a purple Guild Mark on her arm, I was too far away to see anything else, I know she was wearing a black cape thing” Happy said and Natsu looked at Happy.

“That’s something strange” Natsu said and Happy nodded. Lettie walked up to Katsu with a serious look on her face.

“Katsu, I remember... you did mean well that day, so i’m sorry” Lettie said and Katsu smiled.

“Well I am glad you remembered and it’s nothing to apologize about Lettie you didn’t know” Katsu said with a smile and she smiled back

“Alright then, can you tell me more about Kasai?” she asked and he nodded

“Sure” he said as he told Lettie all he knew about Kasai. In Purple Dragon Fang Kasai had a huge grin on his face. He looked like he was thinking big about something and it was good. With Freed he was just walking in a forest thinking about back when he was with Laxus, Evergreen, and Bickslow. He heard screaming and ran to see someone trying to harm a girl his age. He attacked the male and he ran off and he looked at her. She was similar to Mira but with black hair and black eyes. She looked at him and saw the Fairy Tail mark on his hand.

“That's… a Guild mark” she said and he nodded

“Yeah I’m apart of Fairy Tail” he said and she looked at him as he did the Fairy Tail symbol of L and she smiled.

“I’m Ava, thank you for saving me, what’s your name” she said and he smiled as he helped her up.

“Freed Justine” he said and she smiled.

“Well thank you Freed Justine, maybe will we meet again” she said as she disappeared. He looked all around but she was gone and he laughed to himself.

“I’m not going to see her again” he said as he walked off. Fera was walking in a temple that was told to hold something dear in it. She looked and saw writing on the wall.

“You are here for something dear, you are here for you are Fera… you came back to see this and you do not know why. I am calling out to you, your Dragon’s Heart is in you under all your pain. Let it out and show the world, that Dragon Heart that you have. Every Dragon Slayer, First Second and any generation. They all share the Dragon’s Heart, Rorar loud for Thundra, and Roar loud to all” she read outloud and thought of what that meant as she walked further in the temple to see a little hole with grass in it and she dug through the grass and saw a little lightning bolt charm and smiled. Everyone at Fairy Tail were doing the normal things. Gray and Natsu were arguing, Lettie and Erza shared glares at each other. Mira smiled as Lucy had a huge sweatdrop on her forehead and Marzela is laughing her butt off. Wendy gave them all a smile as she sat down and Carla followed.

“This is such a wonderful Guild!” she said and Loke nodded.

“I agree dear Wendy, and let me welcome you to it” he said

“Why do you do that?! Come out when I never even summoned you!” Lucy yelled and Loke smiled.

“This was my Guild before yours dear Lucy” he said and she sweatdropped.

“Still, I am your keyholder” she said and he smiled.

“I am Loke of Fairy Tail to all in this room and to you I am Leo the Lion, the strongest of the Golden Keys” he said as he told Wendy good-bye and went back to his world. They all smiled as the began a quest. In a world not to far, but no able to reach is a handful of Dragons. They all were looking down at the Dragon Slayers they use to raise. They all looked at each other with frowns.

“Can you believe that both Isavel and Erasteel hasn’t shown up yet?” One said who looked like a shadow said.

“I know it like they didn’t die” the one that sounded like Latina said.

“To think our Dragon Slayers have came so far” Igneel said and Metalica nodded.

“Very much so Igneel, and to think they aren't done yet” he said and Grandeeney smiled.

“Aw Metalica are you proud of Gajeel?” she said and the one that looked purple laughed.

“To think we raised two siblings with different magic huh?” she said and Metalica glared.

“Yeah har har Grandeeney, and I know right Poseidra it’s just so odd that they are brother and sister by blood, twins slayers with different magic” he said and Latina smiled.

“Well so is Marzela and that second generation Cobra as we all witnessed” she said and looked at Lettie and frowned. “It sucks that all this time Lettie had hatred over Katsu Dragsteel… Erasteel would not of liked to see him in that state and now Lettie is forgiving him which is good” she said and the dragon’s looked at her.

“Well Marzela has it worse… she killed her own dragon by accident because of Invel’s curse” Weisslogia said and Skiadrum nodded.

“Yeah, we made Sting and Rogue think they killed us” Skiadrum said and Igneel glared at him.

“Yeah that was a bad idea, when Natsu meets them it’s going to be hectic” Igneel said and the twin dragons laughed.

“We don’t care Igneel, we did what was best. At least they won’t be searching for us on wild goose chases” they said and Igneel didn’t pay them any attention.

“It still doesn’t matter, the problem is that two dragons who are suppose to be dead is missing, Isavel disappeared after Marzela killed her and Erasteel disappeared like us but is no where nowhere to be seen” Igneel said and the one that was made of Fire and Ice nodded.

“What if something didn’t happen to them? Maybe they are both alive, that would explain why they are not here” she said and Igneel nodded no

“That’s not possible Flatina we all saw the damage Marzela gave to Isavel, and not to mention Erasteel did what we did to the others” Igneel said as Lienana the Ultimate Dragon looked at them.

“The reason Erasteel is not here is that she’s alive… she wasn’t just a dragon… she was my Dragon Slayer” she said and they looked at her.

“That can’t be, you raised that girl after the horrible accident of her mother father and youngest brother” Igneel said and Lienana looked at him.

“I know the magic I taught her, and Erasteel had the same magic and trained Katsu the purple fame magic! I am no fool Igneel I am the Ultimate Dragon and what is Erasteel? The Purple Flame Dragon? Something that doesn’t truly exist? Morgan’s blue flames make sense, but purple? Add two and two together Igneel, you are the Fire Dragon King tell me how much that is a load of crap?!” Lienana yelled.

“Whoa calm down” Latina said and looked at Igneel “Lienana is right though Igneel, there is no true thing as purple flames, Erasteel must of made the magic up from her training with Lienana” she said and Igneel looked at all the Dragons.

“So you're telling me, the Purple Flame Dragon is also the Ultimate Dragon Slayer?” he asked and Lienana nodded.

“Yes” she said and Igneel laughed

“Well that explains one, so what about Isavel? Where can she be right now then?” Igneel asked and the dragons looked at each other and shrugged. “Then our work is not done” he said and the dragons nodded and started to see if they can find the missing dragon known as Isavel the Ice Rage Dragon. Marzela and Gray were walking down the street at a dark night and Gray looked at her.

“Zela, why is it called Ice Rage?” he asked and she looked at him with a smile.

“Isavel told me a story to help out with understanding it. She said that their once lived twin dragons who had the power of Ice. One named Invel who would grow to become a god and the other Isavel who would grow to become something more. Isavel had two kids in her care, twins who were left and she found them. Invel found her and took the little twin boy away, Isavel became furious and knew that just ice would not defeat Invel. She took the little girl and went to look for a way to defeat Invel. She found a cave that gave her all the answers she needed. The text read ‘Beware that this cave has the answers you look for, but somethings can be wrong. Rage can be a gift and a curse… you may not know what you will become” she didn’t heave the warning and walked in and trained, the little girl grew and Isavel raised her to become the Ice Rage Dragon Slayer with power to defeat Invel. Invel had found us and made this male try to harm and made the girl go and kill her dragon my accident… now it’s her duty to find Invel and kill him for what he has done” she said and Marzela looked at her and sighed. Gray stopped and looked at her.

“You are the little girl Zela aren't you?” he asked and she nodded.

“Yeah but I will be alright Gray” she said and they hugged each other. Juvia was hiding when they hugged and she frowned. She just didn’t know what she was going to do anymore, her Gray-sama was being overpowered by Marza-chan. She walked away as Gray and Marzela’s hug ended. “It’s good having a friend like you Gray, thank you” she said and Gray smiled.

“Yeah, well it’s no problem Zela, we are best friends” he said as they looked at each other. They wouldn’t admit it but they both fell in love with each other. They both walked back to the others. Afterwards everyone was heading back to Fairy Tail. Wendy and Carla were both walking with each other. Everyone was ready to go back home and tell everyone the adventures they went through. Everyone was happy and excited to be coming back home to the guild in Magnolia. The were on the train and both Natsu and Lettie were doubled over like idiots. Wendy showed them magic and they were okay and it was shocking.

“Wow… it’s not bad when your on a spell” she said and Wendy laughed.

“Yeah, I’m glad you guys are okay” she said with a smile. It was the greatest ride back home. What they didn’t know was that something not pretty was coming.







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