A dangerous night A novel

Danielle Schwartz, a fourteen year old girl, lives in Mississippi. When a nuclear reactor explodes in an accident, the city is consumed by the undead zombies, whose own ravenous need to feed on humans, causes her to battle them before it's too late.


1. Danielle Schwartz-Part One


It ​happened in Mississippi. 

The Nuclear Power Plant was a secretive organization that used and abused its authority. Lowell Kendall, Jr., gazed at the red warning button. He pressed it with his cut left hand. The fear of infection seemed impossible to think about. The barbed wires were like out of a military prison from the First World War in nineteen-fourteen. Suddenly he stared at the blood that was dripping from his right palm downward towards the grey concrete. The trauma of seeing soldiers feeding on their own flesh was an alien concept to him. Zombies were the stuff of movies, not in Mississippi. He heard the sound of the loud, wailing, sirens which were blaring; he felt his heart beating faster and faster. Then he saw three soldiers aiming their black rifles at him...and they fired. Lowell fell downward. His body crashed near the skull and crossbones green barrels. And, as he died, he knew one thing was certain. He had died at the age of twenty-nine, unmarried...and knowing that World War III had begun.


Danielle Schwartz gazed out of the High School window of the classroom. She saw a pale looking girl was biting her finger of her left hand. She screamed. Mrs. Jones, the English teacher, was on the verge of panicking. A black mist appeared in the early morning sky. "It's a zombie!", Tad Gorton, III, said. And he grabbed his .9mm gun, and shot the zombie dead. Danielle hadn't thought about arming herself. She wasn't part of the military. "Everyone leave!", she yelled. And, as they all did so, Danielle checked the news app on her I-phone, about the crisis...and knew that disaster had happened in the city she was born in.


Tad stared at Danielle.

"I'm not sure how it happened. Maybe it was an accident that's due to the nuclear power plant", he said. Danielle nodded. "I read about the death of a worker last night. He said that there were zombies here", she said. Tad shook his head. "My father was a war veteran in Afghanistan in 2005. He knew what it meant to fight the enemy. He received three medals for bravery. Then he retired to start a family. In short, I knew that President Trump would be bad for America during last year's election". And he sighed, as Danielle nodded.


Tad gazed at the window.

"This is really bad, Danielle", he said.

"I know that. What can we do?", he asked her.

"We survive. And we fight the zombies", she answered him.

And they saw Mrs. Jones was leaving her classroom. She ran towards the Principal's Office; she noticed a zombie boy in the hallway. It had pale, rotting, skin. It rushed towards her. And it bit into her left hand with its sharp teeth. "Ouch!", she said. She knew that she was infected; she would turn into a zombie soon. It became inevitable. Tad fired a bullet at the teacher's chest. She fell downward. Blood spilled down her black dress. Danielle grabbed the gun, and fired at the boy zombie. The boy and the teacher were dead. "Hurry!​", she yelled. And, as they fled the school, they saw their friends running with them towards Shoal Road, where soldiers had been stationed near the Military Base.


Marion Sheppard focused on the soldiers. 

"They're everywhere", she said.

Tad shifted his gaze towards the nuclear radiation zones. "We have to use suits to protect ourselves", he said.

"But what if we're caught?", Silvio Cross asked them. 

"We won't be", Charles Davison answered. Danielle shifted her gaze. Some of the soldiers were firing randomly at the zombies; some were bitten on their hands. The dense fog engulfed the city, as Tad knew that the Mississippi Zonal Authority would erect barriers to prevent more deaths. Danielle knew that death was a symptom of the deepening crisis. The Internet was shut down for several hours due to the rapid feed of information about what really was happening. Danielle saw two female soldiers were asleep. She whacked one of them across the head with her rifle. The soldier was concussed. "Don't move!", she ordered to the second soldier. She removed the soldier's clothes. When she changed in a restroom, she came out looking like she was in the military. 


Silvio gripped his rifle in his left hand.

He hadn't dreamed of the idea that Mississippi was dangerous. He was thinking of dating Alison Kramer, the cheerleader. She was with Harry Sanders, the football star. He shook his head, and the dream faded into oblivion. Before he could do anything, he saw a girl zombie biting on her left hand. As the tendon ripped, blood spilled everywhere. Silvio's face went a deathly white colour. "Hold back! Hold back!", Tad yelled. He saw other soldiers wearing green suits. Their black boots were dusty. Danielle waited patiently...then total chaos erupted, and the nightmare had started.


Danielle focused on the old silo. She hadn't thought about death. It was something that affected older people. She saw a black jeep was abandoned. Tad reached the edge of the dirt road. He saw several teenagers smoking. They were oblivious to the growing tension; they were too obsessed with being cool to think about their safety. Silvio glanced at the trucks that were moving at a fast pace to the Mississippi junkyard. "They're not thinking about death", he stated. And, as he shivered, his I-phone rang. He checked his messages, and waited for darkness to arrive.


Charles saw the sign that read: ​BOB'S GAS STATION. FOUR MILES​. He looked around to see more zombies were eating the flesh of their victims. He cringed as he knew how dangerous the undead had been before the accident. He looked at the sky. And he saw dark, threatening, clouds above his head, and waited for the thunder to arrive.


Marion walked through the glass doors of the gas station. She had twenty dollars in her red purse. Inside, most of the Mississippi locals were grabbing food from the shelves. Store workers screamed but to no avail. Suddenly the American National Guard soldiers arrived in jeeps down the road. She took a lot of items: coffee; toilet paper; several bottles of Coke; fish; and cups of soup. "Keep the change", she said to no one. And, as she waved at Charles, she got some bags. "Put the items into the bags". Charles nodded. When they saw Danielle, Tad, and Silvio, the small group headed towards the nineteen forties-era bunker where they knew that they would be safe from the marauding zombies.

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