Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


2. Chapter Two

So it's the next morning and I'm still reading comments and no I haven't slept. there's not much else to do so I kept reading but  all i see is comment about that the Dolan twins have liked and saw my video. I don't understand though. Who are these people? So I got out of YouTube, on to google and type The Dolan Twins. Right as I'm about to hit go my dad called out. "NEEVE! Can you feed the dogs then we have to talk" dad yelled from down stairs. "Okay COMING" I yelled in reply. I guess the Dolan twins have to stay a mystery for now.

When I got down stairs my parents were playing on the Nintendo switch and because they are a bunch of nerds like me they were playing Mario cart. Don't get me wrong I love that game but I don't have anyone to play it with cause I'm the only child and my parents refuse to play with me cause I always win.

I got the dog food and saw my two dogs out side death staring me to give them food. I used to have three dogs but one past away recently. His name was Mac and I still miss him so much. But now we have two others called Skye and Barny. Skye is like a little princess who loves the attention from us, which we never give her so she can be salty sometimes and then we have barny. Barny was another story all together. He's the youngest and still hasn't realised how to calm the fuck down. I love him but damn that dog go cra cra a lot.

I let them in so they can see mum and dad while I'll pour their food into their bowls and wait to make sure they don't steal each other's food.

They finally come back and thank god they were behaving today or I would've lost it. I was about to go back upstairs then heard my dad call me. Great time for today's lecture.

"Neeve, we need to talk" dad started. " don't worry dad I've already chosen to go to-" I got cut off. "Your moving to London" dad finished. WHAT.... NO NO NO.

"No dad really I've already chosen and I've decided to move to LA" I exclaimed. "It's to late Neeve, we gave you a month to choose and we told you that you had until 12 o,clock last night to choose or we'll choose for you, so you didn't choose until then so I've decided for you to move to London". He yelled.


I looked at my dad with a single tear running down my face. My dads face softened and he was about to speak, I didn't wait to hear what he said and ran upstairs. There is no fucking way I'm ever moving to London.

I slammed my bedroom door and went on my computer. When I looked on I saw my search bar that says the Dolan twins on it. I honestly don't care who they are right now, so I closed google and went onto FaceTime and called Lauren.

One ring didn't answer, second right didn't answer, third ring answered. Thank fuck she answered. When I saw her face had a big death stare of her face, I've totally interrupted her listening to One direction again. "Hey Lauren" I said trying not to laugh. "Hey Ding Dong" She said trying to make a plan to kill me. So she has a nickname for me and it's Ding Dong. Long story short, Lauren made this fan fic about Niall Horan and when someone was at the door she always wrote DING DONG and I made fun of it so now she calls me ding dong.

"So what's up, have you been crying?" Lauren asked. I looked down at my fingers. "Yeah. So I chose where I wanted to move." I started. "OH MY GOD REALLY! Where did you choose!" She asked with excitement. "So I chose LA, but my dad says I took to long so now he's forcing me to go to London." I finished with tears in my eye. "Oh neeve, have you tried talking to your mum about it?" She asked.

"No she's not home, she's at work" I replied. I can't believe this is actually happening to me right now. Lauren looked at me through the screen "Neeve, I have a plan"


One week later, an hour before the flight.

So we've been sitting here for about 3 hours and we have nothing to do. Mums playing games trying to distract herself by the fact I'm leaving, Dads just reading the newspaper and I'm going through the game plan that Lauren came up with. For someone who I've never considered smart, this was a genius plan I wouldn't even think of.

So when I was on FaceTime with Lauren she told me to book a flight ticket to LA that leaves at the same time the London plane leaves so I can tell my parents that I don't wanna have a real emotional goodbye so then I can go on the plane to LA instead of London. When I booked the plane ticket I was sure that there wasn't going to be any spots left but for my luck there was 2 spare seats.

Anyways so we have about 45 minutes and I need to start getting ready to go. "Okay guys I'm going to start getting ready to go on the plane" I said. "Okay darling" my said hugging me. "Wait, why can't be wave you goodbye at the gate?" Dad Questioned looking at me strangely.

"Um... because I don't want to have an emotional goodbye, then I won't want to go and then I'll miss my flight" I said nervously trying to sound believable.

"Seriously neeve, your the worst liar. Can you please just tell me" he begged.

"That is the truth, I'm going to miss you guys" I said. I feel so bad for lying to them. At least I'm following my dreams by doing this. Hope they understand.

"Okay, you need to go so you can get ready" dad said hugging me. "I love you" he added.

FUCK now I feel really bad about lying. We all went into a group hug for a while, but before I knew it we all let go and I went.

This is it. I'm moving to LA, but I lied about it.

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