Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


22. Chapter Twenty-Two

Its been a couple of weeks now that Ethan and i have been dating. its been really good so far! we've gone in public a little but we haven't kissed or anything yet but the fans have speculated bout us which is quite funny.

some fans had made fanfic about us that we found by tweeter because of some links fans had sent. so Ethan, Grayson and i decided that we will make a video reading and reacting to what fans had made about us.

just so everyone knows yes. i still do have feelings for Grayson. i don't really know how to get rid of them if I'm going to be honest. i know that they will go soon but when I'm not so sure. i love both of the guys but.... why can't i stop thinking about Grayson. no I'm with Ethan so i need to snap out of it.

"c'mon Neeve! we are about to start filming" Grayson said while Ethan was adjusting the camera

"yeah I'm coming" i said quickly running downstairs.

"okay so who is going to reading?" Ethan asked looking at Grayson and i.

"not me" i pitched in so i wouldn't have to read.

"not me i can't read for shit" Grayson said laughing.

"so I'm reading" Ethan sighed while siting next to me when he pressed the record button.

"WHATS UP GUYS, WE'RE BACK" Grayson said nearly waking me in the face.

"holy shit" i yelled then going into a fit of laugher.

"at least we have a blooper now" Grayson said laughing.

"okay lets try that again" Ethan said fixing the camera again.

"WHATS US GUYS, WE'RE BACK!" Grayson said this time not actually hitting me in the face.

"AND THIS WEEK we'll be reading fanfic that you've made that actually has Neeve in it!" Grayson added.

"so you've guys think that Neeve and i are dating but guys.. we're just friends calm down. but you've made fanfic about Neeve and i so let's read it" Ethan said getting his phone from his pocket.


"so these two didn't want to read because they suck at it so now i have to do it... thanks guys" Ethan said and started reading.

I've just realised that we make a lot of fanfic videos... lol.

"so you and Ethan were really good friends. you also have a a really popular youtube video and Ethan and Grayson helped you get really popular." Ethan was saying but then i zoned out a little bit.

Do all the fans think I'm only popular because of the twins? like i have done stuff all on my own and sure they helped a lot but still. this is me! I'm not just some project that the Dolan twins have made right. like this exact thing happened to them because Jake Paul claimed he made the Dolan twins famous so i guess they know how i feel. maybe.

"Neeve. its your line" Grayson nudged me out of my day dream.

"ugh.. what was the line again?" i asked.

"im so happy I've met you guys. you two are like best friends to me" Ethan said.

"oh right. I'm so happy I've met you guys. you two are like best friends to me" i repeated then went back to my day dream.

what would you do if this happened to you. let it go. confront it? cry over it. I DONT KNOW! ahhh only if i knew the answer to this.

"NEEVE! you okay?" Ethan asked grabbing my attention back to reality.

"ugh?" i asked confused.

"you okay you seem distracted? you alright?" Ethan asked.

"yeah sorry i was just thinking" i said shyly.

"do you want to talk about it, i can cut the camera?" Ethan offered but i denied.

"okay just make sure you okay" Ethan said and got back to the video.

i feel bad that i made him all worried and honesty over nothing i guess i'll just go back to the video.


"thanks for watching guys!" Ethan started.

"if you enjoyed make sure you give it a huge thumbs up!" Grayson added

"if you want a part two get this video too... 300k thumbs up" Ethan added.

"we'll see you guys next tuesday with a new video. PEACE!" they both said in unison.

"and thats a wrap" Grayson said standing up going to the bathroom.

with that Ethan came over to me and looked concerned.

"so how are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm fine i promise. just wasn't thinking straight" i said lying.

i can't tell him that I'm upset that the fans all think that I'm just some Youtuber they made popular. like how can you say that to someone. AKA your boyfriend who would do anything for you! i just need to act okay and besides, I'm probably just over reacting.... maybe.

"you sure" he said putting his arm around me.

"yes I'm sure" i lied.

"okay just remember you can come with me for anything" Ethan said standing up leaving the room.


Ethan's POV.

I left Neeve in the room so she could think about what ever she's distracted about.

i saw Grayson go back into the room. not really paying to much attention and decided to get a drink of water. I'm actually really thirsty... not in that way but you know what i mean.

i got my drink of water and started walking back into the room. i heard that Grayson and Neeve were talking. i didn't walk in because i wanted to hear what they were talking back.

i know i shouldn't be ears dropping but i didn't really think about what i was doing.

"so are you okay?" i heard Grayson say.

"Yeah, I'm okay" Neeve said uncertain.

"seriously Neeve. you can tell me" he said.

"fine, I'll tell you" she said and started explaining.

Why did Neeve tell Grayson? and not me! I told her that she can tell me anything but she lied.

i guess I'll just ignore it for now.


Your POV.

"I'm so tired I'm just going to bed" i said.

"no don't go" he said holding me closer.

"what are you doing" i asked trying to move back.

"this" he said and with that he kissed me on the lips.


i woke up and with shoke.

Ethan looked at with with concern.

Did i just have a dream... ABOUT GRAYSON?!

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