Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


26. Chapter Twenty-Six

Me: are you sure. Cause I haven't spoken to him in three months so I don't think so.

Grayson: trust me he did. I wouldn't lie to you about that.

Me: okay. When should we do it?

Grayson: come over in 1 hour and we'll be ready.

Me: okay. I replied and finished the conversation

I was still in bed when he messaged me so my hair is message as fuck. I probably smell like shit and I'm in my pyjamas so.... I need to get ready.

I jumped In the shower washing my hair and cleaning my body.

Got out and quickly blow dried my hair. I went into my closet and picked out a nice shirt from dotti and some random sweatpants. I'm such a fashion genius (note the sarcasm)

Once my hair was ready I got my straightener out and started straightening it. I do have pretty straight hair but there is still some wavy bits that annoy me like shit.

When I was doing this I was thinking about my memories with the twins.

They all we're bleeding in my room at Vidcon. I got into hospital while I was there. I meant dan and fucking Phil. And so much more.

Sure I've had my ups and downs with these two but... all the stuff we went through really mad us strong as friends and almost like family.

After finishing my hair I just did some natural make up and grabbed my phone and keys and went to my car. It's like a 20 minute drive from there house or mine so I left a little early but that's okay.


I got there and pulled over to the side of the drive way. I started to get nervous and I honesty don't know why. I guess it's the fact that I haven't seen them to 3 months which is weird or the fact that I made all this drama happened because of our friendship. I guess I'll never really know.

I got out of my car and knocked on the door.

"Password" I heard someone joke.

"Are you serious" I wined.

"Not the password" he joked again.

"I don't know it" i Said.

"Exactly So you can't come in" Okay that's definitely Ethan then.

"ETHAN LET HER IN" her heard Grayson yell from the other side of the house.

"Fine" Ethan groaned opening the door.

"Hey" he said trying to contain his laughter from before.

"Hi" I said walking in a little bit awkwardly and I can tell Ethan could tell that too.

"Don't worry about 3 months ago. We're friends now just like before" he said with a quick smile then walked over to Grayson.

Ouch. I rather be an enemy then stuck in the friend zone.

"Hey, nice to see ya neeve" Grayson said coming over with a hug.

I did hug him back but I felt a bit awkward if you know what I mean.

"Hey, so what video are we making" I said breaking the hug.

"We are making a lie detector test" Ethan said smirking.

Now I know why he wanted to do this fucking video.

"Yeah, So we'll ask each other questions but we choose who we are asking." Grayson added

"So do I get to choose or have your already chosen" I asked.

"We already chosen" Grayson said.

"Okay So who am I asking questions for" I asked.

"I'm doing Ethan, ethan is doing you and you are doing me" Grayson finished.

Of course.... Ethan has to get me. No wonder he wanted me in a video.

"Okay, should we get started" I asked

"We have to make the questions" Ethan said grabbing his phone out.


"Okay" I said getting my phone out of Grayson's questions.

We've been in silence for a while. Just writing questions well they have. I haven't been able to think of any.


So I finally got my questions and we were only aloud to do 5. So I chose.

1. When you get married would you ever name your child after me.

2. Who is your favourite sibling No- Ethan and Yes- Cameron.

3. Do you like being a twin

4. Who do you like

5. Would you ever be a twin with anyone else besides Ethan.

I don't know if they are personal questions but anyways.

The video started and Grayson was asking Ethan questions first. It was very entertaining because Grayson asked Ethan if he liked any girl that Grayson likes but Ethan said no but that came out as a lie.

"My turn" Ethan said connecting the lie detector equipment onto me.

"It feels weird when your under the pressure" I laughed and they did two.

"SO... question one" Ethan started

"Did you know who we were when you met us"


"Do you like dan and Phil more then us"

"Yes" I laughed.

"Ouch" Grayson said laughing.

"Who do you like more Grayson or me. Yes being me and no being Grayson"

"Hm.... that's hard" I said trying to avoid that question.

"Come on don't be shy" he said putting more pressure on me.

"No" I said.

I guess I see what Ethan was trying to do. If i said no and it lied then it would say I liked Ethan but if it said true then it would show that I liked Grayson.

Ethan face dropped but didn't say anything and went into the questions.

"Now for the results" Ethan said with the suspense.

He started to read the answers

"So for question one. Did you know who we were before you met us. You said yes. And that is true"

"Question two. Do you like dan and Phil more then is. You said yes. BUT YOU LIE" he said laughing.

"Question three." He started and looked up at me then looked down.

"Who do you like more Grayson or me. You said Grayson and" he paused for a bit.

"Undetermined" he said with shock.

He looked up at me and it looked like he had guilt on his face. He continued with the questions and it was my turn to do Grayson's questions.


"So I hoped you enjoyed this video because we sure didn't" Grayson said laughing.

"Peace! See you next Tuesday" they said together then Ethan tires off the cameras.

"That was fun" Grayson said with a smile.

"Yeah I guess" I said.

"I'm going to get some food want anything" Grayson asked walking to the door.

"No I'm fine" Ethan and I said in unison and when we did we looked up at each other weirdly and back to what we were doing.

"Okay I'll be back In about ten minutes" Grayson said leaving the room with me and Ethan alone.


"So how did you think the video went" I asked making conversation. It was the most awkward thing in the world being in a room with him.

"Good" he said putting the footage on his computer.

"I'm sorry" I said looking down when he looked up at me.

"Don't be. I only wanted you to be in the video because I wanted to find out who you liked out of me and Grayson. I guess I expected asking that question would determine everything. But. When it came back as undetermined I felt kinda bad. Because you actually don't know when I pressured you so much. So I should be sorry" he apologetically said.

"Thanks but it's all my fault about this. I was a really bitch" I admitted.

"No you weren't. You were honesty. I was a real dick when I didn't except that... and I was a real dick today" he said.

"You were"  I laughed and he punched me in the shoulder.

This is the Ethan Dolan that I've missed so much. The one I missed calling my best friend. Maybe even boyfriend but that's not my priority right now.

"So are we cool" I asked looked up at him.

"Definitely" he said wrapping his arms around me for a hug.

"I've missed you" said slightly.

"Missed you more" he said holding me tighter.

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