Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


27. Chapter Twenty-Seven

A couple of weeks have gone by now and Ethan and I are back to being friends. Don't get me wrong. I still like both of them but I promised myself that I wouldn't get into a relationship with any of them.

Cause you all know what happened when I did last time.

But right now we are getting ready to go to the teen choice awards. I've always watched teen choices awards on tv but now I'm actually going. And I'm nominated for two awards.

Teen choice award for choice Youtuber


Teen choice award for choice web star.

I know right... like WHAT!

How does this happen. Like I feel like im actually famous. Even if people say I am I'm definitely not.

"Come on you are so slow" I heard Grayson yell from down stairs.

"I swear I'm only finishing my makeup now" yelled back.

"I'll come and put you over the shoulder and drag you everywhere if you don't hurry the fuck up" Ethan said loosing his patients.

"Fight me" I joked.

"Okay I'm coming" he said. I heard footsteps come up the stairs. Before I knew it Ethan came into the room and though me over his shoulders.

I was laughing kicking my legs up and down like a child and hitting my hands on is bad telling him to put me down.

He just laughed and put me in the back on the car like a little three year old that can't do their seatbelts.

"I can do that myself" I whined but Ethan keeper doing and Grayson was cracking up laughing.

"Not funny" I fake pouted.

"Funny for us" Grayson said as Ethan finished

He closed my door and walked over to the passenger side and got in

"Now stay" Ethan said laughing and closing his door.

"Everyone ready?" Grayson asked before starting the car.

"Ready" Ethan and I said You unison.

"You guys suck" I added which made them laugh.

"You know you love us" Grayson said driving.


"Hey you wouldn't hurry the fuck up so you deserved it" Ethan said looking back and me. I gave him a death glare which he just laughed at.

"What are you guys nominated for?" I asked.

"Same as you" Ethan said.

"Oh so I'm in the car with my competition" I joked making sound dramatic.

"Yeah just so you know we are going to whoop your ass" Grayson

“We’ll see”


We got to the teen choice awards and..... wow.

I saw all these celebrities that I’ve listened to and watched forever.

When we got there everyone was on the blue carpet.

Yes. Blue carpet.

I’ve never heard of that before but it was cool because it was different.

I wasn’t aloud to take photos with the twins on the carpet so I was suck taking them on my own.

“Neeve look over here” “no neeve over here!”

“Neeve, neeve, neeve!” I heard the paparazzi say.

Damn I feel like I’m Selena Gomez. Even though I would never be as famous as her. Which is sort of a good thing.

When I was near the end of the carpet I couldn’t believe who I saw. One fucking direction! I don’t really like them I prefer their old songs.... but damn.

They look hotter in person. SHIT LAUREN IS GOING TO FREAK. I took a picture of them from a distance trying to not make it obvious.

I quickly took a photo and looked at my phone sending the text when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Your neeve right” I heard a thick British accent say.

I turned my head off my phone and it was all 4 Boys.

And it was Harry who spoke to me. I have to admit I can’t help but have a fan girl moment inside. I don’t like them but I guess it’s just the situation that a popular boy band is talking to you.

“Yes, nice to meet you” I said nervously but still acting casual.

He came up to me for a hug and I hugged him back like I did with the rest of the boys.

We made a little bit of small talk and they actually turned out to be normal people not stuck up little posh boys I thought they were. I took a photo with them which I’ll post later but now I have to find the twins.

I walked inside looking for my seat. I knew that the twins were placed next to me. But I have no clue where my seat is.

I went close to the front and I found my seat. I was next to Grayson and Lilly Singh.

They were already there when I took my seat.

“Where have you been” Grayson asked looking worried.

“Calm down. I was just talking to one direction” I said.

Their eyes shot open when I said those words.

“You met one direction! I fucking love them.... I mean that’s cool whatever” Ethan said making me laugh.

Grayson was just speechless with his mouth basically touching the ground.

“You good Gray” I laughed and he just snapped out of it.


It was time for the awards. All the celeb awards were done and we are up to the social media awards.

Logan Paul and Liza Koshy were presenting the awards.

“So we are nearly finished don’t worry. But now we are up to Teen choice Award for Web Star.” Logan started.

“So you know the drill, their is a boy web star and a girl. So let’s have a look at the nominees.

Liza Koshy

Lilly Singh

Dolan twins

Jake Paul

Neeve Charles

Logan Paul.

“And the winners are.....” Liza said opening the envelope.

“Dolan twins and lilly Singh!” Logan and Liza said in unison.

The twins got up and came to be for a hug and went up. Lilly was already half way up.

“We just want to say thank you for or amazing fans! The support is unreal! And we would never be hear if it wasn’t for you guys! We would we weirds making vines... R.I.P.” Ethan and Grayson said. Grayson were about to say something else but they ran out of time and took their seats again.

Now we have Selena Gomez and Tyler Oakley presenting Teen Choice Award for Choice Youtuber.

“This is luckily the last Award Guys. Hold on tight!” Tyler said chuckling.

“But here are the nominees” Selena said.

Dolan twins

Cameron Dallas

Neeve Charles

Jake Paul

Liza Koshy

“And the Teen Choice Award for Choice Youtuber winner is....” Selena said opening the envelope.

My stomach went weird. I was so worried.

I felt a hand hold mine. I looked and saw Grayson smiling at me. I felt a lot better.

“Neeve Charles!” They said.

I can’t believe I won! LIKE I FRICKIN WON!

I got up with one hand over my mouth.

I turned to the twins hugging them and walking onto stage.

“I have no clue what to say cause it’s never happened to me so this exciting and really nerve racking. I just wanted to thank the fans for voting because I wouldn’t be where I am without you and also a little shout out to Ethan and Grayson Dolan for always believing in me even when I didn’t” I said and everyone awed. I could tell the twins were blushing which made me smile.

“Yet again thanks for my award and I hope everyone enjoyed the show!” I said with a smile and everyone Applaud me off stage.

This is honestly the best day ever.

I went back when everyone started to stand up to leave. I went to my seat and saw the twins standing up. I ran to them and gave them a huge hug. I wouldn’t be here without them and I’ve never thanked them. I love these nut jobs so much. Not in that way but you know what I mean.

When I embraced them with a hug they all held me spinning me around. I love these boys I honestly do.

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