Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


25. Chapter Twenty-Five

I felt my butt vibrate with a text from my pocket.

I groaned because it's probably Grayson making me feel worse about the situation.

To my surprise it was Ethan! But..... it wasn't what I expected.

Ethan: hey neeve. I've been thinking lately about what happened and I think it would be best if we see other people. Hope you doing okay, E x.

When I read this my heart dropped.

Ethan just broke up with me. Because I had a dream about Grayson.... LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED IN REAL LIFE.

I responded to the text

Neeve: I understand. Sorry.

And that was it. Everything is over. Finished.

I felt all things of emotions because.... to make matters worse I was in my time of the month so.... yay.

I left tears stream down my face. HE BROKE UO WITH ME.

I went in to twitter to tweet. Again.

@neeve: tired💔

I know the tired thing sounds weird but it's like a message behind it. Sleepless nights about what happened and now it's over. So that's why the broke heart is there. And also with the tired thing is so all fans don't be like OMG YOU HAD A BOYFRIEND! Then they'll like it to Ethan then Ahhhhh.

I went onto Instagram to post a photo because I had to go to a photo shoot yesterday and I have this photo which personally I think I look quite good.

I don't like to talk about myself image a lot but hey, this is one photo I really really like.

I posted and started to get likes instantly.

So follower update.

On Instagram I have 8million.

On twitter I have 6.8million

And on YouTube I have 6.6 million.

It's incredible but one thing is that I have a video to upload today but.... it has Ethan and Grayson in It.

We did the extreme laughing challenge with milk..... that turned out just great. But I don't know how I can upload a video if I just broke up with Ethan. It's already edited so it should be okay not to cry or anything so I'll just have to upload it.

I went onto YouTube and started to upload my video. After a while I went on Snapchat to make a video telling that my video will be up soon.

"Hey guys. This weeks video is up soon. It's a really exciting video and I won't make a video with them for a while so make sure you enjoy it!" I say with a fake smile then posting it then turning off my phone.

Sometimes it's hard to be all happy rainbows and sunshine when you honestly feel like shit. Cause trust me. I feel like shit.

The video uploaded so I went back on Snapchat but this time with a photo saying it's up with the link attached.

After that I went into the shower. I started to think to myself.

Sure. Ethan dumped me but hey. It's my life and I may as well go to star bucks or something.

So I got out of the shower after washing my hair, got dressed, grabbed my phone, wallet and car keys and went to the car


I got out if the car when I reached my closest Starbucks. It's really cold today and I don't like it. I bought my drink and sat down and a table playing games on my phone.

A couple of people came and left and I was honestly was there for about 2 hours. It was nice to breathe and relax away from all my stress.

Some people left then others walked in. I looked up to see that Grayson, Ethan and Cameron were here. Shit.

I grabbed a newspaper from the table behind me that someone was reading and put it over my face. And no I didn't read it... I was still playing games on my phone.

I was sitting like this and they were about to leave until I heard.

"Do you have games on your phone" a little kid cans up to me pulling my newspaper down and everyone looked at me. EVERYONE.

"Ugh no" I said slightly trying to be quite.

I looked around and say that Ethan was saying something to Grayson making me hold his drink as he went to the bathroom.

"okay sorry" the little boy said walking away.

Grayson started to walk up to me. Great just what I want.

"What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Getting a drink and more importantly why are you talking to me" I questioned getting a little angry.

"Um we're friends. Just cause you and Ethan are fighting Doesn't mean we can't be friends" he stated.

"We're not fighting. Ethan broke up with me this morning and I bet if he saw you with me right now he'll kill me" I stated getting my second drink and going to the door.

As I was about to leave Ethan came out of the bathroom. I looked at him and he looked at me but I just walked off. I didn't want to see him and for sure as hell he didn't want to see me.


It's been a couple of months now since I've seen the twins. Ethan and I haven't talked since but Grayson and I have. Grayson is like my best friend right now honestly. He's asked me to hang out with him but I can't do that to Ethan. I still like both of them. But it's hard.

Ethan's unfollowed me on everything except for Snapchat. I don't talk to him on it though.

It's weird not being around the Dolan twins you know. When they've helped you with all of these rough times and helped you grow as a person. It's sad to think that one silly relationship ruined that.

And it's all my fault.

But it's October now which is exciting cause I love Halloween. It's fun and I was really hoping to do it with the twins but... that's off the table.

Right now I'm reading comments from my latest video. I know have 10 million subscribers and I've realised that I didn't need all the Dolan twins help for my success.

Even though I miss them in my videos.

I got a text from Grayson asking me to be in a video with them for next Tuesday but I don't think I should do it.

Because lately I've been getting strong feelings for Grayson but I can't just go over and make a video with Ethan. He won't even talk to me.

So I replied to Grayson saying

Me: maybe. But I don't think Ethan will be up for it.

Grayson: he was the one who suggested it.

Grayson replied back.

What? Ethan requested for us to make a video again. What?

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