Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


3. Chapter Three

I'm still on the plane. Still bored. But I only have two hours left until we arrive at LAX.

This is the most boring plane flight I've ever been on. The person next to me smell HORRIBLE. like he's been smoking 24/7 and hasn't brushed his teeth.

Thinking about all these things but I can't help thinking about my parents. I lied to them. Like a huge one! This is a disaster.

My anxiety and shit can't deal with this. What if they find out and disown me. Like I doubt that they can but what if they tell me that I can never ever go home and see them ever again. I'll be alone. I didn't think this through. god you need to give me a miracle ASAP!

While thinking about everything what felt like just minutes was two hours and we finally got there. I did not expect this.

I got off the plane and started to get my bags when suddenly a girl screamed out my name. I turned around and saw a swarm of fans with signs, posters, shirts with my name on it and started to scream, run and cry over to me. I panicked.

What the fuck is happening.


Some girls hugged me took pictures even if I wasn't looking but thank fucking god that security came and got all the girls off me. WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED. like I got a couple of fans recognise me before but never 1000 fans or more find me at the airport. How the fuck did they even find me!? I didn't tweet about. Oh shit. I left my Snapchat location on. Let's just turn that off right now.

The staff members and security came around me and safely got me to a taxi. "You alright?" A man from security asked. "Oh yes I'm fine" I said thanking him.

The car started driving off and watching all the fans scream and crying seeing me leave made me feel happy. I feel like I've made the right choice, hopefully.


I got to my new house, two story with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, with a inside pool and a theatre room. I don't know why I bought such a big house for just myself. Hopefully I could meet some people and they can move in with me one day. Definitely not soon cause no way can I adjust having someone leave with me right now.

I walked around my house and saw all of the room and imagined what my house would look like. This is going to be fun!

I went up to my room which I got furnished before a came, so half of my house if furnished but I have to do the rest myself. I jumped on my bed and started scrolling through YouTube. I have 99+ notifications. Great lots of stuff to go through.

I opened it up and saw my subscribers. HOLY SHIT 1.3 million. In only 2 weeks. Is this possible or am I dreaming. I pinched myself.... definitely not dreaming.

I went into twitter to see how much followers I had on that. So on my Twitter I had 300k but I didn't go on much but now, WTF I HAVE 995k. Why am I so popular all of a sudden. I went to look at what people have tweeted me and all I saw was just

Mary Joy: "The Dolan twins have commented on your video"

Holly grace: "The Dolan twins have liked your video and WATCHED IT"


I haven't gotten the chance to actually check out who the Dolan twins are yet cause I've been getting busy but apparently they comment on my video so I'll just have a look.

I got back into YouTube and searched hard for that comment and finally I found it

DolanTwins: "nice work on your video, maybe you can do one with us?"

Hmm..... I'll trying and google search them again and see a little bit more about them. So I clicked off YouTube and opened a new google tab and wrote the Dolan Twins. I pressed go and suddenly it went black. "ARE YOU SERIOUS" I yelled out loud. I hate blackouts.


The next morning I woke up and watched dan and Phil. No I promise I'm not obsessed but I can definitely tell you it's not healthy. While watching there old video I couldn't help but think they need to fucking post more. I can't just obsessively read their tweet 24/7 I need more videos!!!!!!! Then I got cut out of my thoughts when I got an email from YouTube. And it's reads.

Hello Neeve,

We would like to offer you to come and have a stand at Vidcon 2018. If you choose to come your stand will be next to dan and Phil and lily sigh.

For more information just click the file here.

Please respond if you can't come as well so we definitely know.

Thank you for your time, YouTube.

HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT!! I've only ever dreamed about going to see people but I'm going to have my own stand!! Next to fucking DAN AND PHIL and freaking superwoman! I'm actually dying, that's why everything is going so well cause I'm actually dying! Okay I'm not dying but you know what I mean.

I'll meet my YouTube ideals and maybe I can finally find out who the hell the Dolan twins are.

After not thinking at all I replied to the YouTube email saying that I'll de delighted to come and have a stand.

After that I got out of bed and got ready for the day. Thank god vidcon is only in a couple of weeks or I would be dead from waiting for to long.


"And that's it for this challenge, come back Wednesday for more 'content'. And just wanted to say thanks for all your support you guys are totally amazing. Peace out."

I said cutting off the camera. And taking it to my desk.

Finials finished my video for this week. And now I have to edit it now or early tomorrow so I can post it at 4 o,clock tomorrow afternoon. I hope people enjoyed it cause it was definitely not my favourite challenge at all cause I literally threw up while I was filming it.

Just finished editing. Thank god for that. So now I can finally go to sleep. I turned my computer off and got into bed. From the last month or so I really want to know who the Dolan twins are. I would look them up like I've tried 2 times before but I think it would be better if I met them in person you know, instead of google searching them the finding out everything about them

In middle of my thoughts I fell asleep and that was the end of that.

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