Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


33. Chapter Thirty-Three

It's been acouple of weeks since the beginning of the year and it's been great. I've gotten closer to Grayson lately and it's great. And because when it's a new year it means new Vidcon.

The twins said that they have a surprise for me on one of the days but I just brushed it off. Cause one I hate surprises, there dumb and you get over excited over it so who cares am I right. But I wonder what it is.

"You excited" Grayson nudged me out of my thoughts.

"Yeah I'm stocked" when do I ever say stocked. I never say stocked.

"Don't worry we leave soon anyway" Ethan said staring at his phone don't even looking at us.

Attention all passengers boarding plane 365. Your flight has been canceled until tomorrow. Sorry.

WHAT THE FUCK. This can't be happening. I'm actually talking on stage for myself. And I'm going to fucking miss it all.

"THIS IS BULLSHIT" you yelled in anger.

"Neeve calm down" Grayson said in shock of your anger.


"I know it's serious but hey, we will make it" Grayson said reassuring me.

"But I have my talk on stage in less then 5 hours" I was crying now. Note that I don't cry. I never cry unless things are important to me.

"Oh neeve... don't cry please" Ethan said hugging me from the back.

I tried to hold back the tears but hearing them say these things made me sob even harder.

I know I'm over reacting but fuck! This is so important for me. For my career and I'm missing it.

"It's okay neeve" Grayson said smiling wiping the tears from my check away with his hand.

I smiled still feeling the tears rolling down my face. I felt a tear on my lips when I licked it tasting the salt on the tip of it.

I tried wiping the tears away so I dont look like such a loser in front of the guys.

"You okay now?" Ethan questioned looking at me.

"Yeah.... but what can we do... I can't miss this it means to much to me" I said stumbling on my words.

"I... don't know neeve" Grayson said looking at the ground.

I haven't cried more since I watched the greatest showman when I was on my period. You don't even want to know how much I cried. I honestly looked like Kim K crying And That's an ugly cry.

Attention Passengers that was boarding plane 365. There is a plane arriving in 1 hour that goes to the same destination. If your still hear you could catch that for an extra $300 dollars.

I sighed in relief when I heard this news. BUT WHAT THE FUCK AN EXTRA $300. That's bullshit.

"Did you hear that! We can go to Vidcon in time Neeve it's going to be okay" Grayson said smiling.

"Uh yeah but extra $300 that's fucked up" Ethan added.

"It's worth it dude" Grayson sighed.

"We just have to pay it. I'll even pay for you guys so I can make it on time" I said getting out my card.

"No neeve. We have our own. You pay for yourself  it'll be okay" Ethan said with a slight smile.

"You sure?" I asked looking at them.

"Yeah neeve. We don't need your help" Grayson said getting his card.

"Okay" I said blanking sitting down.


After a while we got into the plane. It wasn't the best but at least I'll make it to Vidcon on time.. hopefully.

I was sitting at the front like the cool kid i am, but Grayson and Ethan were at the back.... losers.

After a good 2 hours on a flight we got there. Thank fuck. I was bored as shit on that flight.

Once we landed I started feeling butterflies in my stomach. I didn't have anything prepared. SHIT.

Why didn't I think of this. What can I say? Once I vomited meeting Taylor swift. No.... I SAW DAN AND PHIL ON TOUR..... no.... I DONT KNOW!



"Neeve...... hello?" I heard people say.

"Hm... what" I looked and saw Ethan and Grayson looking concerned.

"You alright. You little blackout in front of us" Ethan said letting people walk past him to get out of the plan.

"Uh.... yeah sorry just thinking" I sighed getting up.

"Come on, We'll be late if we don't hurry up" Grayson grabbed me and literally pushed me out of the plan. I nearly fell down the stairs but that god I didn't.

We walked into the airport and literally bolted for the entrance to grab a taxi. We could hear streaming fans call out for Grayson to take off his shirt. Girls were screaming at me to take a photo with them which honestly felt cool.

"NEEVE NEEVE DO YOU DATE ANY OF THE TWINS" a girl asked from the crowd.

"NOT YET" I yelled and heard the the crowd of girls scream louder then before. I chuckled because it's fun messing with the fans a little.

We got out and we were all puffed. Ethan looked like he was about to pass out right there and then. Grayson looked like he was about to fall asleep.

"You guys good" I chucked.

"I honestly think I'm going to vomit" Ethan said holding his stomach making vomit noises.

"Your So fucking extra Ethan" Grayson said holding his hand out so a taxi driver can see us.

The crowd of screaming fans were getting louder and louder.

"Hurry guys the fans are coming" I said watching a taxi come to us.

It's not that I don't want to see my fans but we are literally running late and we don't have any security guards to help us if something happens.

The taxi pulled up to us and we just bolted to get in.

I was at the front and Ethan and Grayson were at the back.

The fans rushed out and started screaming out side the windows. Most of the girls were interested in Ethan and Grayson which is sorta a good thing for me.

We could hear them scream that they love us when drove off into the distance. I even started tearing up a little.

Everyone was laughing and talking in the car. But I didn't speak. I had a sharp pain in my stomach. Not like the butterflies I had before.

I looked down at my shirt. Around the bottom of it was a large red patch getting wider by the minute.

That's why I'm tearing up. Not the affection of fans. Of the pain.

"You good neeve?" Grayson said looking over to me.

"All good" I said with a fake smile. I don't want to look at it. I know it's there but it's going to ruin this moment for me.

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