Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


34. Chapter Thirty-Four

"You ready for this?" Grayson asked looking at me with a smile.

"Yeah... ready as I'll ever be" I said looking towards the stage.

Pain stab sorrow was filling me head.

"You've got this neeve, we believe in you" Ethan said hugging me but before he could the back stage manager called for me.

"I'll see you guys later" I said rushing on stage.

"You ready" the back stage manager said.

"I'm good" I said with a smile. This is my time. I've been working for this since the beginning of my career. This is every Youtubers dream. Well one of mine anyways.

"And one of our special guests NEEVE" someone said from the stage, that was my cue to go.

Instantly the pain went away and all I could feel was power.

I walked out on stage hearing people scream and yell my name in enjoyment. This is actually happening. I felt like I was walking on air.

I got past a microphone and started talking.

"Hey guys, how is everyone doing"

'Good, great, FANTASTIC' all I heard coming from the crowd. I felt a tear slip from my eyes. Before I knew it I was full on crying.

The from awed and some even started crying with me which made me cry hard.

"I'm sorry guys. I was just a huge dream for me" I said crying harder and they applauded me and awing more.

"So I have a great story to tell you guys from only a couple hours ago" I said wiping tears away.

They cheered as I started the story.

"So Ethan, Grayson and I were waiting for our flight to come here and we had news that our flight was Canceled and no joke I cried" I laughed when they awed.

"I was so mad at the beginning because I thought I would miss this. And even ask either Ethan or Grayson I yelled and people looked at me like a crazy person."

"Then we got the good news that there was a plane that was coming in and was about to leave to same place we had to go"

"I remember I was so excited I nearly feel to the ground crying. When we were on the plane I full on freaked out because I had nothing exciting or cool to tell you guys" I laughed.

As I started to continue the story the sharp pain in my stomach came back but worse.

"I.... I literally bolted to the taxi because we were running s.... so late and...."

I froze then pain took all my strength away. Why words were tangled I didn't know what I was going to do. I felt nothing.

"Uh... sorry about that.... mem.. memory block" I laughed.

"We heard screaming fans calling out our.... names"

I said slower by the second.

My vision started to go blurry. NO this CANT be happening. Why does these things have to happen to me. I felt another stab of pain hit me.

I grabbed my stomach in pain and clenched until it literally looked like I was taking my business on stage.

I looked at the stage in my blurry vision and I could slightly see confused and worried expression on people's faces. What is happening to me.

Another stab of pain hit me. I felt light headed. I lifted my hand and saw it covered with a red liquid which I knew was blood.

I fell on my knees and girls started to scream in fear which didn't help me in anyway.

I heard security trying to do something which I don't know how they could help. I looked at my hand again and I felt discussed and disappointed in myself.

I tried my best to do everything for my fans but I didn't make sure I was okay.

I looked back and saw the fear on Ethan and Grayson's face. It was like I was a killer clown in a scary movie and they looked at me in disgust. I felt another pain in my stomach not of pain but of sadness.

I couldn't feel anything and it went back. I felt ashamed and embarrassed. I tried so hard to make my fans happy. To prove I'm good enough. I wanted to make them now that I'll do anything for them. Because they mean so much to me but what ever I try to do isn't enough.

Now this. I looked out for the wrong thing. I put my physical and mental health aside to make people smile. I'm a horrible Human for doing this.

I couldn't see anything. I heard screams of horror which hurt my ears to the point I think I'm death.

I did hear voices but only faint ones.

"Neeve.... please... oh neeve... please stay with us" I heard Grayson say.

"Neeve. If you can hear us everything will be okay.... I pro... promise" Ethan said in between tears.

Then my hearing went. I wanted to yell that I was fine. That I can hear them. But I couldn't....

I was trapped. Trapped by my mental self.

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