Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


13. Chapter Thirteen

We searched everywhere. And no Grayson.

I had a peek outside.

"GRAYSON!" I yelled running outside to see him in a pool of blood.

I got his body was started to try and wake him up, even though he's not sleeping but you know what I mean. "Please please Grayson, wake up for please" I said crying into his chest.

Ethan walked out and he dropped to his knees. I've never seen him so down and distort. It breaks my heart seeing his face. I saw a singing tear drip down his face. I'm officially heart broken watching this.

"Hahahahaha got ya bitches" Grayson said laughing and running around us. He got us good. To good.


I just stood there in awkward silence watching them.

"Maybe I would've done it IF YOU DIDN'T   FUCKING MAKE OUT WITH NEEVE BEHIND MY BACK" Grayson yelled.

Me and Ethan froze. How did he know. I feel so bad. I knew I shouldn't have done it. It's all my fault. I'm a terrible human.

"AND WHAT MAKES IT WORSE YOU LIED TO ME WHEN I ASKED WHAT HAPPENED. WE ARE MEANT TO BE FRIENDS...... family. Grayson said with a tear run down his cheek and walked inside.

I collapsed onto my knees and just put my head in my hands. This is all my fault. I'm a horrible person. I made two brothers. TWINS. Fight over me. ME.

Before I knew it I was crying. I never do this so why now. I bet the guys think I'm a real cry baby or I'm on my period. Depends.

I heard footsteps come up to me. Ethan.

"I'm so so sorry. I made this all happen. I made twins fight constantly. I'm a terrible friend. I'm so sorry" I started.

Ethan just hugged me and held me in his arms. I feel so safe and protected. Even though I love this I need to find Grayson. Even though I'm still crying but I need to find him.


I knocked on Grayson door.

"FUCK OFF ETHAN" Grayson yelled.

I opened the door. Still crying but holding back my tears. "Not Ethan" I said coming in the room.

"What is it neeve" he snapped not looking at me once.

"I'm truly sorry. Known of this was meant to happen. I'm so sorry" I said looking down at my toes.

"WELL NEEVE FIRST OF ALL-" he stopped when I looked up at him. The tear stains were clear to see. Good thing I didn't put make up on.

"Neeve.... I'm so sor-" I cut him off.

"No Grayson what were you going to say before" I asked.

"No don't worry about that" he said trying to not make me cry.

"No Grayson please" I pleaded with a tear slipping down my face.

" I can't, I don't want to make you crying" he said looking at me.

"A little to late, please just tell me" I said looking at him seriously.

"You sure" he said.

"Please" I quietly said so I wouldn't cry.

"I don't mean what I'm about to say okay?" He started. I just nodded.

"I was going to say. Well first off neeve you backstabbed me and I can never forgive you. I like you but just leave" he said looking ashamed of himself.

I couldn't believe he was going to say that I feel so bad like really really bad. I can't believe I did that go him.

I didn't even realise that I was crying I could only think about what just happened.

"This is why I didn't want to tell you" he sighed coming over to me and hugging me.

"I promise I'll leave tomorrow. You won't have to worry about me. you and Ethan can get back in track and I'll be out of your lives" I said crying into his chest.

I bet I made a river in a place on his shirt.

"I would never want to you to get out of my life, I like you to much" he said to me kissing my forehead.

"I'm so sorry" I continued.

"Don't be" he said trying to calm me down.

Ethan sudden came In the room. He looked upset. Hurt and disappointed.

"Please don't be angry with Neeve it was all me" he started.

"Don't worry I'm not mad at her but I'm sure fucking angry at you" he said giving Ethan a death stare.

Why can't this night end PLEASE.

"I told you I liked her and what did you do MAKE OUT WITH HER! You have no respect for me cause I'm younger by 20 minuets cause I got fucking stuck. Well guess what. Your my brother and I fucking love you but what you did was low. Really low" he said walking to his bed.

"You know what.. your right. I didn't care about your feelings but I do now. Tomorrow you and neeve can go to your friends house and I'll stay here. I'll stay out of your way .  You and neeve can get along and buy the end of the day she will choose who she likes." Ethan said.

"Tonight she'll stay with you and I'll leave her alone" Ethan continued.

"Is that okay with you" Grayson asked.

"Definitely" I said.

"So see You guys later. He said waving at Grayson and Ethan just smiled at me.

I feel really bad like really bad.

"C'mon we should get to bed" Grayson said.

"Can I ask you something?" I asked.

"You already did, joking sure what" he replied.

"Are you mad at me, like you total should be" I started.

"Like all of this is my fault and I shouldn't have Don't it and I'm just- " I got interrupted by Grayson kissing me. I swear he only did it to shut me up.

His kisses are so passionate. But I know I shouldn't do this. I can't go through both of them like this.

"Does that answer you question" Grayson said smiling pulling away from the kiss.

"I don't know maybe you have to answer it again" I smiled.

"Just like in the FanFiction" he laughed.

"Yep" I laughed. We didn't kiss again.


We brushed our teeth and I got into bed, considering I was already in my pyjamas.

Grayson got into bed. We were facing each other.

"So you okay now" he asked.

"I should be asking you that" I stated.

"I'm fine, just upset" he said.

"I'm really sorry" I repeated myself.

"Don't be honesty" he said opening his arms gesturing me to come into them. So I did.

My head was were his chest his and his arms were wrapped around my waist. So peaceful. So tomorrow it'll be just me and Grayson. Exciting.

We fell asleep in each other arms and I never want to wake up.

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