Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


10. Chapter Ten

I woke up the next morning. Upset.

I don't know what to do with myself. I lost my motivation to do things. One I'm still in fucking hospital so that doesn't fucking them me. Two my dad hates me like FUCKING IN THE DISOWNING TYPE OF WAY. Three no one cared. Sure I still have Lauren but I bet she hates me for not talking to her.

I hope she doesn't though. Forth I have no idea what's going on with the twins. I sorta have a crush... on fucking both of them. Like hello? That isn't normal.

I just sighed and saw that my clothes were in my room. I was finally free to go. So I got up and got dressed out of this thing I had to wear.

If I blacked out and woke up with it on that means someone had to dress me and I find that creepy as fuck.

Okay Neeve you need to stop swearing just breathe in and out and stop swearing.

Oh who am I fucking kidding, I'm in huge shit.


I signed out of the hospital and started to walk back to Vidcon. It wasn't too far away thank god but today is the day everyone is meant to be gone and packed up but if no one could fucking tell I'm not there

I started thinking the worst, what if someone try's to kidnap me..... okay too far. What if I try to go and get my stuff but everything is locked. What if..... NO no more what if's. Neeve your 17 years old. You moved away from home and your doing fucking great.

Is it that sad I have to motivate myself. Am I really that lonely.


I was finally where vidcon was and thank my lord and saviour it wasn't locked up.

I started to head to the door but I heard people talking and because I'm a bitch I decided to ears drop. But when I started I finally heard who it was.

"Dude she's not there anymore, and she's not here and her stuff is still here. WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENED TO HER! It's all our faults" I heard someone say.

"GRAY just shut the fuck up. She'll be here. Hopefully" Ethan reassured Grayson.

Hmm... they are worrying about me. I probs should go over their.

"But like dude. I really like her and you like her. But if something happened. Wait what if she comes back and then she would have to choose between us! What if she doesn't like either of us! What if" Grayson started.

"DUDE SHUT UP! She will be fine. She's brave and it's a short work so she probably up in her room now" Ethan said to Grayson.

"Come on let's go and check" I heard one of them say.

I quickly got back to where I was and pretended that I was just going to walk through the door.

"NEEVE" I heard someone say and hug me from behind. I turned to see Grayson with a smile to ear to ear.

"Are you okay, are you hurt? WHY DIDNT YOU CALL US" Ethan asked as he ran to you.

"Guys I'm fine seriously, I was just walking" i said trying to act normal.

"Yeah also you forgot to mention ears dropping on us" Grayson said with a serious expression.

"Um.... yeah... about that" I started.

They just laughed.

"Don't worry what Grayson said was just a joke, we saw you there and bugged me saying you were there so we decided to try our acting skill and we fooled you real good" Ethan said acting all proud of himself.

But at the same time I'm really hurt. I wish they did like me. But I guess they are both just really good at acting.

"So none of what you said was true" I said losing all of my hope.

"Well.. maybe some of it was" Ethan said smirking at me and walking into the vidcon hall.

Such a cringe guy


I got upstairs and collected all of my stuff and headed down the elevator.

"WAIT" I heard someone shout obviously trying to get down to the elevator.

I put my hand out stopping the door from closer and waiting and to my surprise it was Grayson who was coming.

He finally got here and he was puffed. "Where's Ethan" I asked.

"Great to see you too" Grayson said sarcastically.

"Oh sorry that sounded mean" I apologised to him.

"Don't be And Ethan that shit left his charger upstairs and cause he's lazy as fuck he made me get it" Grayson said in response.

I couldn't help but laugh and that comment. Ethan is a real lazy shit. It honestly remind me of me. That sounds way to vain but you know what I mean. Right?

"You guys both remind me of myself sometimes" I said. Trying to make conversation.

"How so?" Grayson asked.

"Cause I'm like Ethan cause I'm a fucking lazy shit and I would make people get stuff if I left it and I'm like you cause I would call a person a lazy shit if I was getting someone something" I finished.

Grayson just laughed and we were in a laughing fit for awhile when the elevator door opened revealing an angry looking Ethan.

Ethan was giving Grayson a real big death stare. They get so fucking jealous all the time over nothing it's so fucking stupid.

"Why are you guys always jealous" I asked.

They both blushed and we didn't say anything for a while. Breaking the awkward silence Ethan spoke making it more awkward. "Um... just a brother thing I guess". This got me a bit mad but I was also sad.

"Well can you choose to use your brother thing of jealousy game on some other girl cause I don't wanna get involved" I said walking out of the elevator.

I looked back to see two little boys standing there looking confused. Then Ethan came running up behind me.

"Look Neeve I'm sorry. What I said was stupid and it's some jealousy game that me and Grayson do because we are brothers. It actually has a deeper meaning." Ethan finished.

"Yeah, so what the 'deeper meaning'" I asked air quoting the deeper meaning.

"I can't say. I'm really sorry but it's like a personal thing with me and gray.... we also have real high trust issue cause of problems we've had" Ethan said

We didn't say anything. I started to walk away but his hand grabbed mine.

"Neeve. Maybe in the future when we get to know you more we can tell you" he said waiting for my reaction.

I smiled but said nothing.

Once he saw my reaction he smiled too.

"Hey, do you want to come to the Dolan warehouse for a couple of nights?" Ethan asked looking down at me. Why does me have to be taller.

"Are you sure Grayson would like that?" I asked.

"Of course he would want you there, trust me?" Ethan said holding my hand that he still hasn't let go of yet.

"Sure, how far away is your house" i asked.

Ethan's smile grew bigger when I agreed. "We live in LA so about acouple of hours on a plane to get there" Ethan finished.

"Omg I live in LA too!" I said so that means I can see them more often.

"Really? That means you can come and see us a bit" Ethan answered like he knew he was reading my mind.

"So when do we go or I go?" I asked cause I still don't know when we go.

"We, and about 4 hours until our flight so we should go.. now" he said running to get my stuff with our hands still intertwined like before.


We've been sitting in this airport for hours. I need a break I honestly don't have the brain power to function like a normal human being.

Grayson stood up cause our flight was about to be called.

"Before we go on the plane you have to choose who you want to sit with. Ethan, Me or by yourself" Grayson said looking at me.

Now both pairs of eyes were on me. Who should I. I'm definitely not sitting my myself cause some random guy will sit next to me and I don't want that.

Ethan or Grayson.....

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