Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


6. Chapter Six

"Oh my god, I'll go get the first aid" I said running to the bathroom and grabbing first aid kit.

"What's going on?" Grayson said trying to walk to the kitchen.

"No no no Grayson just stay" Ethan started.

"Ahhhhh" Grayson shouted.

"There." Ethan finished

Grayson just stepped on another piece of glass. Grayson fell in pain and looked at his foot. A large shared stuck in his foot.



He was panicking

I ran back into the room and saw the Dolan twins on the kitchen floor, broken glass shades and blood everywhere.

"Okay first I'm cleaning the shades so no one else gets hurt" I said getting paper towel and scraping the floor.

"NEEVE please please hurry, cause my foot is literally going to off" Grayson whined.

"Calm down you baby, i have one shoved in a hand. And I'm moist" Ethan said .

"NEVER say MOIST again. You did that to annoy me didn't you" Grayson said gritting his teeth

"Maybe...." Ethan said smile like a little child.

"Okay, sorry Ethan but I'm doing Grayson first" I said

"OH COME ON" Ethan said in pain

I opened the first aid bag, gently tried to pull the shard out of Grayson's foot. Thankfully I successfully retrieved the shard. Put a bandage on it and thankfully it wasn't to deep.

"Okay your good to go" I said to Grayson helping him up

"Now time for you Ethan" I said walking towards to Ethan.

I've never seen more pure fear in someone's eyes like I saw in Ethan's. I'm not that scary am I.

"Ow ow ow ow, please stop, OWWWW" Ethan yelled in pain me trying to get the shard out of his hand. Surprisingly he has really sensitive hands. Weird.

"Well if you hold fucking still then maybe it will hurt less" I said getting the shard out.

"FUCKING FINALLY" Ethan yelled in relief.

"For someone who asks so tough your more a baby then your brother" I said mocking him.

"Ha ha ha.... fuck you" Ethan teased.

"Well wasn't this an interesting........ hour and a half" Grayson looking at his phone.

"Really, is it 10:10 already?!" I asked.

"According to my phone yes" Grayson said.

"Guys I'm really sorry about this, it's all my fault. It wasn't meant to happen" I said apologising.

"Don't be sorry, we can do the video tomorrow cause our room is right next to yours" Ethan said.

"Really?! Wait a second on the left or the right" I asked.

"Uhm, the left" they said.

They are the people who are in between dan, Phil and I.

Even though they seem like nice guys I'll find a way to kill them one day.

"So your sure your okay" I asked.

"Yeah yeah we're fine" Ethan said.

"Do you still want to make at least one video" Grayson asked.

"If you guys are up for it then sure" I said.

"Yeah lets do it! Can we please do the fan fic one, it sound fun" Ethan asked.

"Sure, follow me" I said walking into the spare bedroom.


"We're BACK" Grayson yelled

"No Grayson you fucked it up, we have to say it together"

"IM SO FUCKING SORRY" Grayson laughed.

"WHATS UP GUYS, WE'RE BACK" they yelled.

"So for this weeks video we are............ *sigh* RECREATING FAN FICTION" Ethan screamed.

"And to help us today we have the wonder NEEVE to join us in the monstrosity" Grayson said, that's my cue to come.

"Hey what's up guys" I said to the camera.

"So Neeve. Up for the challenge" Ethan said seriously.

"Hopefully" I said.


"YES IM UP FOR THE CHALLENGE" I screamed. Then we just cracked up laughing.

"So first I'll be reading and Neeve And Ethan will be acting it out"

Grayson got out his phone and started reading "it was a cold winters morning and Ethan looked over at you and said good morning babe" Ethan looked at me and wanted to cringe "good morning babe" he said pretending the vomit. I couldn't help but laugh.

"NO NEEVE, no laughing in the script" Grayson yelled pretending to be professional.

Grayson looked back at his phone and started narrating again "you looked into his eyes. Wow aren't they just so magical you thought to yourself. Ethan got out of bed and went into the bathroom. So You and Ethan have been dating for 4 months and you really want to tell him you LOVE him. But you can't cause what if he doesn't love you back.

You give out a big sigh and say WHY IS LIFE SO HARD"

You rolled your eyes "WHY IS LIFE SO HARD"

Grayson continued "little did she know that Ethan heard her and asked what's wrong babe kissing you on the nose"

"Dude really" Ethan moaned.

"STICK TO THE SCRIPT" Grayson shouted.

"What's wrong babe" Ethan said kissing you on the nose

I've never felt more weird about something but like it at the same time.

Grayson continued "you didn't say anything you just started kissing him until he was on top of yo-. Wow wow wow okay we are done now"

Ethan and I sighed in relief, thank god it's over.

"So that's it for this video" Grayson started.

"If you thought that was cringe give it a thumbs up" Ethan said

"And if you thought it was shit give it a thumbs up too" Grayson

"Okay PEACE" they said turning off the camera.

"What did we just do" I said laughing

"Making a work of art DUHH" Grayson said.

"You mean your terrible reading skills yes that's definitely a masterpiece" Ethan teased.

"Okay what about before Vidcon, you guys can come over here again and we can started doing my video" I suggested.

"Sure and yeah it's getting way way way to late" Ethan said

"Yeah so see you in the morning" I said

"Yeah and next time please don't hit me in the face with a door" Grayson pleaded.

I just laughed at opened the door. Watched them leave and closed it again.


I finally went to bed not bothering going under the cover and falling to sleep.

I honesty haven't had more drama in my life but love it at the same time. What a day

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