Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


7. Chapter Seven

I woke up with a extremely sore headache.

I never thought that going to Vidcon would make me feel so sick, but it's worth it. Having loyal fans that are their for you no matter what and also FUCKING MEETING DAN AND PHIL, that's probably why I have a headache. Someone hit me over the head and I blacked out and everything was just a dream.


It actually happened.

I got out of bed and decided to take a shower, turned the hot water on and hoped in. Not in my clothes though or that would be weird.

When I was in the shower I put Taylor swifts album on full ball so I could dance and maybe quietly sing in the shower.

"OH LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO" I sung quietly. But still loud.

I heard laughter coming from my room.

So I turned off the shower with the music still on, got a towel and wrapped it around myself and talked into my room.

Then I Saw two implosive little boys called Ethan and Grayson squirming around the floor in laughter like a bunch of idiot. How did they even get in.

"What are you two doing, HOW DID YOU GET IN" I asked frustratedly.

"Ohhhh look what you made me do" Grayson said singing along while laughing.

"We came for the video remember, what we talked about yesterday but I guess w.... come a little early" Ethan said cracking up in laughter.

"OOHHHH LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!HARRY STYLES, KAYNE WEST AND KATY PERRY" Grayson shouted, his face was red. He couldn't contain himself.

"Ha, ha, ha. GET OUT!" I shouted in a joking way.

"Fine c'mon gray let's go. We'll be in the lounge room" Ethan said dragging Grayson who was still on the floor laughing.


I swear if Grayson had a mute button I would definitely make him permanently mute.

So I finished up my shower thankfully with no more interruptions. Cough cough Grayson.

Got out and put on the Dolan twins white hoodie merch and some black shorts and met them in my living room.

Grayson face was still red and Ethan looked like he just had his wisdom teeth pulled out again.

"Hey so time for my video" I said.

"Yes, do we have to do anything. Cause I will gladly sing Taylor swift" Grayson suggested.

How hard did I hit him on the head yesterday with the door cause I swear this kids going loopy.

"I got it! Instead of doing the username challenge we can do like a get to know each other game" Ethan suggested.

"No way! My singing skills will draw way more fans in" Grayson said.

"Bro you have the same singing skills as jake Paul and that bish has none" Ethan fired back.

"Damn.... is that a roast to me or jake" Grayson asked.

"Depends" Ethan replied.

"Okay well I actually like Ethan's idea, sorry gray but it will give us the chance for our fans to know is more and also each other" I said.

"But can I please at least say look what you made me do.... once" he said with a kid smile trying to win my approval.

"Fine.... once" I said

"YASSS" Grayson shouted.

"Don't say that again" Ethan said seriously.

"what YASSSS?" Grayson asked teasingly.

"Yes don't say that" Ethan said.

"YASSSS sure" Grayson laughed.

"Fuck you" Ethan said frustratedly.

"No thanks I'm good" Grayson cracking up laughing

"Okay let's leave your little sex war to a pause for now" I said setting up the video.

"Sure sorry Neeve" Ethan said apologising.

"YASS sorry Neeve" Grayson said trying to get a reaction out of Ethan.

"I hate you" Ethan death glared Grayson.


"Hey guys and welcome back to my channel, I'm Neeve and today for this video we have two special guests. Ethan and Grayson" I said cueing them to come in.

"What's up guys" Ethan said.

"Yeah what he said" Grayson said

I continued "So for this video Ethan gave me the idea do to a Q & A type of thing. When I can get to know the boys and you guys get to know me"

"So we all have 5 questions each that we want to asked each other. So Grayson do you want yo start?" I finished.

"Sure, Neeve..... Ethan. If you.... could have..... one...... superpower.... what.... would it..... be" Grayson said trying to make the suspense real.

"Hm.... flying, so that means no hard air harmful creatures can hurt me" Ethan said.

"Your a real baby Ethan, what about you Neeve" Grayson asked.

"All girls are going to agree with me on this one big to be able to eat whatever I want without gaining weight" I replied.

"Well I guess that superpower already came true" Grayson said with a smile.

Damn that was cringe but also so cute, he's so sweet and so is Ethan.

"Anyways MY GO" Ethan shouted.

"Grayson.... Neeve, if you had to choose between 10,000 dollars or 5 fans to meet. What would you choose" Ethan said.

"Let's say it at the same time" I said to Grayson"

Ethan counted us down "Okay one, two, three"

"Meeting fans" I said

"MONEY.... I mean meeting fans.... yes" Grayson added.

We all laughed and kept of going with the game.


"Okay guys I hope you enjoyed that challenge, but we have to end it their because we have to be down at vidcon in...... 15 minuets So we will see you next Friday with a brand new video...... PEACE" I said but the boys joined in with the peace.

"Ahhh, that video was stressful" I said stretching.

So I know I've known these guys for only about 24 hours but I like them. Like, like like them. BOTH OF THEM. Is that weird. No no no I'm committed to dan and Phil even if they are double my age. I can't like two twins..... can I?

"So now that the video is over what about we keep going but like just the three of us" Grayson suggest.

"That sound like a great idea" Ethan said.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck that can't happen...... what if they ask me who I like...... I can't say dan and Phil or that will sound pathetic. Ahhhhh what do I say

"Sure, anything you guys want to do" I said

Anything you guys want to do.... THAT JUST SOUNDS Desperate.... hmmm.

"Okay, neeve what about you start off" Grayson said.

Okay maybe that's a good thing I can ask some dumb question.

"Okay Grayson what's your favourite colour?" I asked.

"My favourite is Green" he replied.

"OKAY MY GO!" Ethan yelled

"Neeve who do you like?" Ethan added.

really Ethan really.

"I have no idea, some people seem nice and stuff but I don't know" I replied.

"Noooo.... not like that. Like the crush type of way" Ethan said.


"Oh okay....... ugh....... him" I said pointing to the sign out side.

"Hahahah Zac Efron? Really" Ethan laughed.

"Hey don't make fun of her, Zac Efron has great abs" Grayson said.

"Anyways my go" Grayson added.

And the game went on and on until it was time do go down to vidcon. The try guys from buzzfeed were in for this opening act and I'm really excited about it.

"Come on guys we have to go, or we are going to miss the intro" I said dragging the guys out of the room.


The try guys intro was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It was so put together and if someone hasn't seen it they must check it out on YouTube.

Dan and Phil have to go on stage soon....... YAY.

I love them soooooo much!!!

The presenter walked on stage when I got tapped on the back but one of the try guys.

"Hey your neeve right?" He asked

"Yes and your zac right! I replied

"Yes and can you come with me for a second" Zac said taking me to the back of the stage.

"What's up?" I asked.

"So good news bad news" he started

"Bad news We can't find dan or Phil anywhere and good news we need you to go up on stage and talk" he said pushing me up on stage.

"Don't worry but talk about YouTube and things like that and YouTubers you like and random shit" he said.

"Okay.... stay calm.... stay calm.... FUCK HELP!

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