Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


1. Chapter One

11:59.... One more minute until I have to make a decision. How can I choose, whatever I choose I'll be happy with but what ever I don't choose I'll be miserable.

Sometimes I just wanna yell WHAT THE FUCK out loud so my problems, stress and anxiety can just disappear. Pretend it's not there and choose a god damn place.

London or LA. How can Someone choose between those two L's.

When i was 7 I dreamed about moving to London and go to a collage and be successful, get good grades and meet the love of my life but reality check. LA is where every dream comes true. I can continue doing my job and meet a lot of people. What should I do!

Let's just go a little back so you can actually know what the hell is going on.

2 weeks ago


I was staring up at the ceiling waiting for my new YouTube video to finish uploading. "WHY ARE YOU TALKING SO GOD DAMN LONG!" I yelled to my computer.

So I'm a YouTuber if you haven't noticed and I make a new video every Wednesday to 537k subscribes/fans. I wouldn't say I'm the most popular person but I get recognised a lot when I go in public. On the news a little but not much and right now I'm running late on uploading a new video.

It's important to me to always be on time with video cause I didn't want to get hate for it. I love my fans and all the support they give me but I haven't opened up about my anxiety problems with them. I'm afraid if I tell them they wouldn't what to watch me anymore and just think of me as the anxiety girl who makes YouTube videos.

I was in deep thought about the video then I turned my head over to see how long I still have to wait. It's done?! But last time I checked it still had 25 minutes to go and it finished uploading 10 minutes again. So I've been in deep thought about anxiety for 35 minutes. Great.

"NEEVE! Dinner is ready!" I heard my mum from down stairs. "I rolled my eyes, sighed while closing my computer and running down stairs.

When I got down stairs dinner was already on the table with the steam still coming off the food. I know being a girl your meant to eat little and what not but I fucking love my food and if you ever asked my friends, I don't tend to share it either. "Hey mum, hey dad" I said while sitting down and started devouring my food in an instant. "You need to slow down or you'll get sick" Mum said looking all concerned. Before I could say anything my dad interrupted. "So have you picked where your going to move yet?" He said with no eye contact. "No not yet" I replied playing with my food.

Dad looked at me, he does not look impressed. "If I was You I would move to London, get a good education at collage and do great in life" he said Raising his voice trying to get his point across. "If I was You I would move to LA, life while your young, meet people, explore yourself.... not in that way but you know what I mean. Have fun" Mum said in a bubble attitude. "I'll have to think about it" I said shoving my mouth with food. "I understand why you would what to move to LA so you can do your hobby of yours-". I cut my dad off.  "Dad it's not a hobby, i do it because I enjoy it not because I have nothing else in my life to do" I said getting up from the table with food still on my plate. That never happens to me cause I always finish my food but when this decision coming up I loose my appetite. "Honey, your haven't finish" Mum said. "Not hungry anymore" I said running upstairs and closing the door.

I jumped on my bed and started watching YouTube. Not even looking at my YouTube video. Scrolling scrolling scrolling, THERES NOTHING TO WATCH! Wait what's this? I got a notification on YouTube saying that DAN AND PHIL UPLOADED! FINALLY!

Just so everyone knows I'm obsessed with them. I even have there merch and stuff. No it's not sad...... okay maybe a little but I honestly just look up to them and plus they are really cute, I would total marry them but at the same time I ship them together so hard.... is that weird. Yes definitely is.

Internet support group 10 YESSSSSSS!!!!! I clicked on the video and just listened to his voice "hello internet" dan said looking into the camera. IM JUST DYING. then I get a call from my friend Lauren. I ended the call and kept on watching , then she called me again. ARHHHHHH FLM. I answered the looking at her blankly, she knows when I look at her that way that I'm going to kill her "Hey Neeve, oh. I interrupted you watching a video didn't I" she said looking at me worriedly. "Yes. I'm going to kill you next time I see you". I said with an evil smirk. That bish is going to die.

"Like to see you trying. Have fun driving 3 hours to my boarding school" Lauren said laughing her head off. So I've known Lauren since we were in Year 5 and we were best friends straight away then in year 6 I didn't go to school cause I'm was seeing family in the UK for a whole term so I was homeschooled for that year. Then in year 7 I went back and I finally got to see her again, then one day i was going through Snapchat and saw that she put on her story that she was going to boarding school in the middle of year 7.

I was heartbroken but it made our friendship stronger and still after 5 years we are best friends.  And she knew everything about me and I did about her. "So I got a new boyfriend today" Lauren started saying. oh god here we go again. Lauren gets a new boyfriend like every time one breaks up with her. Don't get me wrong she isn't a cheater and she would never cheat in her life but she does go through boy to boy but she's stopped doing that since she left of boarding school and only has had 3 in 5 years.

"What happened to... what was his name again?" I asked. "Liam." She replied.

"Yeah Liam". Well you know after going out with him for 1 year I found out he was cheating on me with this girl I can't STAND!" She said. "Oh poor thing, you okay?" I asked. "Yeah yeah that happened 2 months again so I'm fine now but anyways enough about me, have you chosen where your going to move yet?" She asked.

Great another person asked. "No not yet" I replied. Lauren and I always talked about moving to London together and having a three story house which the house won't come true but maybe London will. I already know Lauren is 100 percent moving cause she got into this collage there which she can follow her passion for art but I still don't know what to do.

"Well wherever you choose to live, you know that I'll be there right by your side no matter what. And hey, if you move to LA I'll be the first one to visit you." She said.

And what she said has stuck to me ever since.

Back to the present



Come on Neeve, come on!

My phone vibrated in my pocket.

My phone as been going off all day but I've been to lazy to open it. And plus i was watching dan and Phil all day.

OH MY GOD. One MILLION views. Like 1,000,000 people have watched my video. Just so everyone knows that doesn't normally happen.

WHAT THE FUCK, 765k likes and 1k dislikes. this has never happens before.

I kept scrolling down and started reading the comments.

Unicorngal672: "your so funny, never give up cause this is just hilarious!"

MollyJolly1: " your content is so good, I'm definitely subscribing."

Dovemay66: "the Dolan twins liked you video!!!!!"

Who the hell are the Dolan twins.... anyways

Dogs are great: "congrats on making 900k, definitely my favourite youtuber"

WAIT WHAT. I scrolled back up to see 919k and counting subscribers. This is unbelievable! At the moment I knew what I had to do. I'm moving to LA.

That fact that I can make people happy and laugh at my videos is just something that brings me joy.

So.... LA. LA better watch out because Neeve is coming to get ya. Is that cringe.... yes.

But little did I know making that decision will change my life forever.


Authors note.

Hey guys. This may be a bit different but I hope you enjoy.

This book is based around my best friend.

She loves the Dolan twins and dan and Phil if you haven't noticed already.

And also she's been begging me to make this book about Dolan twins but she doesn't know that it's about her aswell. Hope you enjoy and don't worry there won't be anymore  Authors notes. xx

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