Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


19. Chapter Nineteen

It was a couple of days since I went on the dates with the twins. I’m at my own house now I left the day after Ethan and I’s date.

For everyone’s information. No I still haven’t chosen. There was different things I liked about each date. And I enjoyed them so much so how can I choose.

Like it’s literally impossible to choose.

1) they are so fucking hot and LOOK THE FUCKING SAME.

2) they have different personalities that I love

3) I can’t Choose

That’s my reasons why I can’t choose.

But everyone can agree with number 1.


I went to my phone because it was ringing.

I swear if it’s one of the boys I’m going to start turning into to molten lava.

THANK FUCK ITS LAUREN. I haven’t heard from her in..... ages.

“Thank fuck it’s you” I sighed into the phone when answering it.

“I’ve never been more complemented by you” Lauren laughed. “Why are you so happy to talk to me?”

“Boy troubles” i simply said

“YES BITCH! I’ve been waiting for stuff like this” she said with the phone muffled.

“What is that noise?”

“Um... popcorn. If your going to tell me boy problems from LA when I’m in London I may aswell enjoy myself” she said. I could hear that she was eating it.

“So what’s your boy problems?” She asked.

“So you know the Dolan twins-” I got cut off.


“Maybe..... but there’s more to it.” I started.

“Okay tell me what’s going on and I’ll give you the most advice I can” she said.

Surprisingly she actually didn’t interrupt and listened to me.

“So.... I like Ethan and Grayson and they both like me. BOTH. And they started fighting and hating each other because of me so I decided that I’ll go on a date with each of them and see who I liked more. I thought it would be easy after a date to see who I did like more but I couldn’t. It made me like both of them more. They were different but special in ways.

Grayson took me to Disneyland which I never been before but always wanted to. And Ethan took me to this waterpark then took me to the Hollywood sign at sunset. THEY WERE PERFECT DATES LIKE HOW CAN I CHOOSE. What should I do Lauren” I told her.

“FINALLY I CAN TALK” she started

I laughed but let her continue.

“So I know you can only think of the enjoyable and perfect moments but you have to think of what bad happened. I know it’s hard because they are great guys but you do have to choose. But if you want to make it more easy but complicated think of what date you will remember the most. Disney land or waterpark and Hollywood sign? I know it’s hard but they I’m always here for you.... and you ever you don’t choose I’ll gladly date.” She said and laughed at the last part.

“Thanks Lauren” I said with a smile. Still had no clue though but I guess it takes time.

“So I’ll call you later because I’m actually meant to do a YouTube video with Casper lee in about.... now. So I’ll hopefully see you soon and call you later” Lauren said and hung up the phone.

Why’d she have to leave me..... WHYYYY.

But at least I have time to think.


It’s now dinner at still can’t choose. Maybe I’m not thinking hard enough. What to do what to do.

Maybe I shouldn’t date any of them. Just say friends and if you think about it one will be rejected and I can’t do that to them it’s..... mean.

Oh who am I kidding if I don’t choose they fit over me even more and we’ll all be miserable.

Maybe if I watch videos or VINES.

No that won’t help.... but it will get me distracted from my ‘problem’ if you’ll even call it that.

I watched their first vine and shit.... they look Young af. How old are they in this..... THIRTEEN.

Wtf. And what the fuck is a bromie omie?

Anyways.... I watched more of them and I found two which made me...... wow. Grind on me challenge.

One of the videos were from when they were STILL thirteen and the other one didn’t look so long ago but DAMN.

How can someone do that. I remember when Lauren and I did it and let’s just say. Our legs and stomach will never work how it used to.


It’s now the next day and I’m uploading my YouTube video for this week. Yet again it was with the Dolan twins. And we were doing the lie detector test and..... let’s just say Ethan found out that Grayson once thought he didn’t want to be twins and Grayson found out that Ethan had a crush on multiple people Grayson used to date. It was actually quick funny. All the questions I got asked weren’t all that bad but it was still very interesting.

I got on twitter and tweeted that my video will be up in about 10 minutes and I’ll tweet the link when it’s up. This should be fun.

While I was waiting for the ten minutes to be over I went onto Instagram and checked followers and photos. I now have 3.7 million on Instagram. 5.1 million on twitter and I haven’t checked my YouTube subs yet because I have to wait until the video had finished.

And it’s up! I went onto twitter and tweeted the link.

Then I tweeted another tweet but not about the video.

@neevecharlsworth: @ethandolan @graysondolan thank you so much for helping with my channel and my everyday life. I wouldn’t be here without my crazy fans and you two. Hopefully catch up with you soon!.

And tweeted.

Fans went crazy over this. I don’t know why but they did.

I instantly got a tweet back from Ethan.

@ethandolan: you don’t have to thank us! You did this all by yourself and your incredible fans. You can come by to us whenever! @neevecharlsworth.

I knew that Grayson’s phone was getting fixed so I didn’t expect him to reply to my tweet but that’s okay. The fact Ethan did is fine for me.


I waited about 30 minutes by watching tv to see how the video went. I’m scared bro. What if no ones watched it. Okay calm down and just check.

I opened my computer and saw that the video have 1 million views.... already! That’s like a new record or something!?

I went to see how many subscribers I had and I officially have 4.8 million. WHAT THE.

I still have less the the Dolan twins though. But only just. They only reached 5 million a couple of weeks ago and now they have 5.6 million. That’s insane how fast my channels grown. Like what!

I Went to see how Lauren’s channel is going cause I’m bored at. So may as well.

After doing her video with Casper lee she now has 6 million. Lucky bastard. But she deserves it though. We both do. Speaking of Lauren right now she called me just then.

I went to grab my phone from the kitchen counter and I answered.


“Thanks. I guess it’s cool” I commented trying not to sound cocky and up myself.

“No bit seriously. It’s trending #1 on the trending section”

“Are you for real?” I said in disbelief.

“Check for yourself, no joke” Lauren said “but I had to go I have a meeting but I’ll talk to you later” And with that she ended the call.

Then she sent me a text

Lauren: remember to think about which twin cause you can’t make them wait forever. Just think what date you will remember forever and look back and smile at.

And with that I knew exactly who to choose. I hope.

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