Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


9. Chapter Nine

The next day.

I woke up in an unfamiliar room. Head hurts like hell. Can't feel anything and my arm hurts like ten needles have been jabbed into my arm.

"ETHAN SHES AWAKE" I heard a faint voice say.

I heard footsteps coming closer and closer to me. I just moved around not making eye contact.

"You okay?" Ethan asked.

"Yes. But can I leave" I asked starting to get up.

"No you can't leave until this afternoon" Grayson sitting me back down

"No I need to leave NOW! I have a stand I need to go to NOW! Or I will be fucking late!

You started to get up but you lost your balance.

"What the fuck is wrong with me" I asked staring at the Ethan and Grayson who looked worried

"Don't you remember anything that happened yesterday?" Ethan asked.

"NO! If I did I would've been probably be having a panic attack by now!!!" I said panicking.

Ring ring*

My phone started going off.

"Can you get my phone?" I asked Grayson.

Ethan sat next to and started holding me in comfort.

His body is so warm and welcoming.

Grayson handed me my phone with it still ringing.

Grayson gave Ethan a What the fuck are you doing face expression.

Then I turned to look at Ethan and he was giving Grayson a fight me bitch face.

I turned to my phone to see my dad calling.

Then it stopped ringing.

I waited for a while to see if I would get a message and to my surprise I got a Long ass message.

To keep it short I'll Summarise it.

From dad -


Why are you in fucking hospital you should be in university. And speaking off that why the fuck are you in fucking LA. We talked about how your moving to London not fucking LA! You know what call me later and don't bother coming home for Christmas this year! Call me back when you see this!

Reading the message made me feel sick. How did they find out! How did they know I was in hospital and how THE FUCK did he find out I was in FUCKING LA!

Thinking of all of this I didn't even realise I was crying.

"I'll go and get you some water" Grayson said worriedly still death staring Ethan.

When Grayson left the room Ethan came closer and giving me a huge hug.

"It's all going to be okay. You don't have to tell me what happened but just know that I'm always here for you" he said putting my head against his chest. Protecting the outside world with his jacket that he wrapped around me. I never want this to end.

I never New Ethan was this type of guy. I thought he was a guy who had fun and didn't give two shits like I was but he is actually quite a sensitive guy.

Grayson came back with a glass in his head and rage in his eyes. He was obviously jealous. But what of though.

"And here you go" Grayson said handing me the water. He is still glaring at Ethan and Ethan just smirked.

I guess it's like a brother type of competition thing so I didn't worry about it that much.

What will happen to me now. My dad literally told me that I'm not aloud to come home. I TOLD YOU I WOULD GET FUCKING DISOWNED!

"Life is a bitch" I sighed.

Ethan laughed but Grayson gave him a stare saying not the time to laugh.

Ethan immediately stopped laughing and just sat here still comforting me.

"Look we should probably go, we have the stand to go too but I could ask if you can go" Grayson said standing up and walking to the front desk.

Ethan was still in the same position that we were in for awhile now. I don't want it to end.... I really don't.

"Shouldn't you go with Grayson" I asked.

"Nah a few more minutes couldn't hurt" Ethan said putting his head on top of mine.

Why is he being like this? This is like a side of Ethan I haven't seen before? I'll have to investigate this further when I'm better.

"Thank Ethan" I said and started to close my eyes.

But unfortunately all good things come to an end.

Grayson walked back in with a disappointed face expression. I could tell already what he was going to say.

"Look my sorry Neeve but the doctor said you can't leave until tomorrow" he said looking at this feet.

"That's okay I understand. I hope my fans don't get mad" I say trying to get rid of the tear stains from my face.

"Don't worry there is a YouTube video saying what happened to you so no fans will be upset. But even more upsetting we have to go now or we'll be later for our fans" Grayson said telling Ethan to get off his lazy ass.

"Wait. Repeat the first part" I asked Grayson.

"The part that there is a YouTube video about what happened" Grayson asked in confusion.

"Yes that, how many views is there?" I asked.

"Idk but a lot. Like a viral video thing" he finished

THATS HOW MY DAD FUCKING FOUND OUT! He must of been scrolling and saw it. FUCK. HELP. ME.

"Anyways we'll see you tomorrow" Ethan said getting up and waving the closing the hospital door.

I waved back and gave him a fake smile when I just laid down again thinking about what the fuck just happened.

So I got injured, blacked out, went to hospital, someone made a video explaining it, my dad found it, raged about it, called me, messages me saying how he's going to FUCKING DISOWN ME, Ethan and Grayson are getting jealous about something and IM FUCKING HERE. LIKE THIS. WITH A STALL ON THAT I MEANT TO BE AT BUT NO!


I finally came down. Okay you brought yourself into this mess but think about the positive things here.

I followed my dreams, meet FUCKING DAN AND PHIL. Meet really hot twins and now best friends with them. Lauren came to surprise me. WAIT. Lauren. Omg. I haven't spoken to her since we left for vidcon.

She going to be so pissed.

I closed my eyes tried to sleep. I wish I was here with at least one of the boys for comfort.

I finally differed to sleep not questioning myself anymore.

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