Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


14. Chapter Forteen

I woke up to how I was last night with Grayson. He's still asleep. Light snores coming out of his mouth. I don't want to wake him so I have to say like this.

Our feet were tangled together, my head was on his chest, his arms were wrapped around me holding me tight to him and his head was onto my mine. It almost looks like he was kissing my forehead.

He started to move around so I knew was up.

"Good morning" i said smiling at him.

"No not yet" he said smiling with is raspy voice holding me tighter to his body

His morning voice is so cute. But tonight It's Ethan's turn. Let's see how that goes.

"When do we have to go to your friends?" I asked.

"Not until 1 So we have plenty of time to cuddle" he said smiling.

The fact that he said cuddle made me felt inside. He's the sweetest thing. I looked up at him and he looked down at me. I honesty understand why single people always hug their pillow and put it between their legs so it feels like they have someone there cause it's great.

He came closer to me and kissed my lips. His lips are more sweet and romantic to Ethan's but Ethan's is more soft and passionate. How can a girl choose.

He ended the kiss, looked at me and smiled.

He has the best smile. It's so cute. How is he not in a relationship already. Any girl would be crazy to give up that opportunity on him.

He put his head back on mine and held me tightly.

He's so cute.

Before I knew it I fell asleep again.


If I had to describe how I felt by a song I would choose: If I could fly by One Direction

it makes sense when you listen to it


I woke up to a tapping on my shoulder.

"Five more minutes Mum" i said putting my head on the pillow. "Actually make that twenty" I added.

Grayson just laughed and finally woke me up

"Wake up sleepy head" he said tickling me.

Dumb thing is I'm not ticklish. I know right! I don't know why but I can't get tickled. I swear I'm not human.

"How'd you sleep" he asked.

"Good, what time is it?" I asked.

" 11:25" he smiled.

"C'mon I heard Ethan attempted to cook for once." Grayson said while getting me up.

"Okay I'll just get dressed" I said going to my suitcase.

"Wear my stuff, it'll look cute" he said.

I've secretly always wanted to wear guys clothes cause they are all so big and comfy.

Of course he through me sweat pants and a merch jumper. I wasn't complaining I liked it.

"I feel like a man now" I said confidently and Grayson just laughed.


We went down stairs and breakfast was ready by Chef Ethan but Ethan likes to called himself  'master Chef King'. What a strange but funny child.

"Here are my homemade pancakes" Ethan said handing them out.

"Ethan, putting freshly made pancakes in a pan doesn't make you a chef" Grayson said.

"Shh... don't tell Instagram that" he laughed.

To my surprise the pancakes were actually quite good, but Ethan actually didn't make them so that's probably why.

"C'mon neeve we have to go" Grayson said getting his keys and phone. I just grabbed my phone and waved and smiled back at Ethan.

He mouthed something to me but I didn't really see what he said. But he did wave and smile back but he looked sad. You just gotta like that guy you know.


We just finished up at Grayson friends house. He's now taking us home.

"Today was so much fun" I said.

"Sure was" I said smiling at him.

Grayson looked at me then back on the road and put his hand on mine. Holding it tight.

"So have you called your dad back yet?" Grayson asked.

"Hell no" i said.

I couldn't call him. I couldn't bare to here he disappointment in his voice, it'll break my heart. Just not yet. And besides.... it's nearly December so I can't go to Christmas so what's the point right. I can just have it by myself. 

"You okay" Grayson asked.

"What yeah why?" I asked looking confused.

"Cause you just started to shake" he said looking concerned.

"Dong worry I'm fine" I said smiling at him when I'm clearly not fine.


"Neeve" Grayson said.

"Yeah Grayson?" I replied.

"Can I asked you something?" He asked

"Sure what's up?" I replied.

"So...." he freezes and took a deep breath.

"We've been getting kinda close lately and I was wondering maybe.... if you... you know" he said.

"Just spit it out" I said.

"Your right. Neeve will you be my girlfriend?" He asked.

What.... the......

This can't be real. After yesterday just... wow.

"Is that a no?" He said loosing hope.

"No not that it's just.... I don't know what to say" I started.

"Sorry I pressed you" he said looking at the road clearly embarrassed.

"No don't be.. it's just a shock" I said trying to reassure him

"We don't have ti boyfriend and girlfriend straight away, like we could go on a date maybe first to see if you would like that instead?" Grayson suggested looking at me with his last bit of hope.

"Can I think about it?" I asked

"Sure, definitely, take your time" he said smiling a little.

Well that's something that's going to be on my mind.


We finally got home and Grayson didn't bug me about the date thing which I'm thankful for.

We got inside and Grayson yelled


Then I saw Ethan come down the stairs in some weird dress and a wig

"OH MY.... your home already, I've missed you so much sweetie" Ethan said in a high pitch voice trying to be a girl.

What the fuck am I watching.

"What.... the..... fuck....." I said unsure what's going on.

"Yeah I'm getting out of this dumb ass outfit" Ethan said throwing the wig and walking upstairs trying to get the dress off. He's seriously struggling.

"Don't worry I'll came and help" I said running after him.

"Help please" he said trying to reach the zipper.

"Your an idiot" I said getting the zipper.

I heard a sigh of relief come out if Ethan's mouth.

What a dork.

He just smiled awkwardly.

"So have you thought about what I said" Ethan asked.

I stared at him, he could tell that I had no clue what he was talking about.

"This morning when I mouthed something to you?" He said trying to see if I could remember.

"I actually didn't understand what you said. So what did you say" i asked.

"I asked if you wanted to maybe be my girlfriend" Ethan said waiting for my reaction.

They both ask me to date them. WHAT IS GOING ON!

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