Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


5. Chapter Five

The stand was absolutely great! I got to meet over 1,000 fans. Most of the time I was signing shirts, hugging fans, talking to fans and giving them tissues cause they were crying over seeing me.

Some signs and shirt girls had was unbelievable.

These girls are so inspirational. I definitely need to make a video about it.

I also got a couple of gifts from fans. And when I mean a couple I mean about 100 or so.

After the stand was finished I helped set up for the next stand cause the staff did mine so I may aswell help right.

When I was unpacking the boxes of the merch I realised that I'm doing the Dolan twins stand. Their merch is so soft like I could live in it forever. I got cut out of my weird little daydream by a voice.

I turned around to see what I thought was Ethan standing there.

"You like the merch?" He said.

"Yeah it's actually really soft" I replied.

"That's good, So how come your helping set up our stand?" He asked.

"One you help me earlier with the fans and two I had no idea this was your stand and mine was here before so I just thought I should help set up". I relied.

"Well thanks for setting up with us and don't thank me it was my brothers idea to help you in the first place" he said.

"Wow Grayson must be pretty nice then" I said

He looked at me and just laughed.

"What's so funny?" I asked. Instantly I knew what I did.

"I'm Grayson, Ethan is over there trying to get some pizza cause we haven't eaten since this morning and we are hungry like 24/7" Grayson said still laughing.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry" I said apologising.

"All good, it happens quite often" he said.

"You two honestly need to get a tattoo or something on your forehead saying your names" I suggest sarcastically.

"But what happens if the tattoo artist gets us confused" he questioned.

"Good point" I said. Both of us are just laughing now.

"So looks like you've already met Grayson" Ethan said behind me.

"Oh yeah, thanks for earlier by the way. Grayson told me it was your idea to help me" I said thanking him again.

"No it's fine. I don't want to take the credit" Ethan said.

"Yes you do" Grayson said blankly.

"Shh..." Ethan said to Grayson.

We could help but laugh so hard we got a noice complaint but then we got back to work


Finally we finished setting up and I have to say, there stand looks so much better then mine. To be fair they have merch but I don't yet. But all of my fans have made there own. Photos of me on there, tweets, edits and even my name on there. People are just so creative and I don't know how I was lucky enough to even be here right now.

After staring at the stand for feels like hours I finally got cut out of it.

"I'm going to go back to my room" I said to the boys.

"What leaving so soon" Ethan said with a pout on his face.

"Please stay.... I can buy you ice cream if you stay" Grayson added.

"Thanks for the offer but I have videos to make" I said.

"We can help! The fans will love it. And plus we do the same kind of content" Ethan suggested.

He's right! We do the same content. The fans will love it! More view, more subscribers and it's a chance to get the know the boys a bit better!

"Sure, why not. When does your stand finish?" I asked.

"Well we start at 5 So in ten minutes and we finish at 7 and that's when the stands tend to finish" Grayson said.

"But we also have to set up the stand for tomorrow so I guess we could meet at your room at 7:30?" Ethan added.

"Sure, I'm in floor 3 room 267" I replied.

"Okay see you later" the boys waved when I was walking from the back entrance.

I walked through the staff only door because secretly thats where all of the elevators are for the rooms. I pressed the up arrow on the elevator door and waited. I was waiting for about 3 minuets when two other Youtubers came up behind me.

Holy shit! Dan and fucking Phil are right behind me. I'm other sweating so hard, on my period or shat my pants cause I can feel anything anymore. I'm completely numb. Why do I have to be like this. Their normal people I kept telling myself.

Finally the elevator came and we got in. Still not making conversation. I could feel sweat dripping off my head. I'm a pure mess. Phil and I tried to hit on of the floor buttons and the same time then he said "no you go first" HE ACTUALLY FUCKING SPOKE TO ME. IM DEAD. someone call the ambulance cause I'm having a heart attack right now.

I said "thank you" obviously nervous. And then after I hit floor three Phil didn't hit a button. That means they are on the same floor as me. IM CRYING INSIDE. I'm honestly the worst secret fan girl in the world.

The elevator finally arrived and we walked out. Awkward silence for most of the walk. They got to their room which ones only two away from me. Who ever is staying in the room that is separating us I officially hate them.

As I kept walking I had a tap on the back. I turned around to see that dan was standing there. OMG OMG OMG OMG. "Hey sorry about Phil, we are both like really awkward people but Phil and I actually like your videos a lot and you know. We both suck at socialising. But just wanted to say great work on your videos" dan said awkwardly walking away back to his room. I'm pretty sure I blacked out and wish I could've got that on record. I NEED HELP cause that did not just happen.


Later on around 7:15 I was setting up getting ready for my video. I was going to do the guess the username challenged when you have to guess the twitter username why another person acting it out but they can't speak. Sort of like charades. Sorry if that made no sense because I suck and explaining things. But for the Dolan twins channel we are going to be recreating fan fiction people have made about the boys.

So I set up the username challenge in the living room and set up the recreating fan fiction in the spare bedroom. I would've done it in the bedroom I was staying in but it's honestly a mess.


The boys were meant to be here 5 minutes again.... they are probably in the elevator.


Come where are they......


Maybe they are still setting up.


They are definitely not coming are they.

I looked outside my door to see if anyone was walking through the hallway when I heard this huge smack against the door.

SHIT! I just hit one of them the door.

"Omg I'm so sorry..... Grayson?" I said questioning who was who.

"Yes it's Grayson" Ethan said pointing and laughing at Grayson lying on the ground.

"OH MY GOD is your nose bleeding" I yelled in apology.

Grayson looked down I got his hand and wiped it under his nose and when he looked it was red.

"Yep" Grayson pinching his nose.

"Here let me help you" I said grabbing the other arm he wasn't using and picked him up of the ground.

We walked into the room and straight away ran into the kitchen grabbing a tissue.

"I need a tish" Grayson yelled.

Ethan laughed at started yelling "YEAH GET THAT MAN A TISH"

At this point they were both cracking up laughing.

"What the hell is a tish?" I asked

They both gasped.

"You seriously don't know what a TISH is" Ethan gasped.

Grayson still can't stop laughing.

"Yeah, What is it?" I asked again

"A tish is technically a tissue" Ethan said.

How am I that stupid. Tish literally sounds like tissue. I thought to myself.

"Oh right" I said handing Grayson a 'tish'.

Grayson eye started to go a purply black. What have I done.

"Oh Grayson. Your eye is going black. I'm going to go and get you some ice" I said standing up.

"Wait Neeve" Grayson said Making me turn around looking at him.

"Can you get me a glass of water too?" He said

"No that's okay Neeve, I'll get it for him" Ethan said standing up and followed me to the kitchen.

For some reason we were rushing like the room was on fire and we had to get everything quickly. Ethan got a glass and ran straight for the sink. I ran to the freezer a grabbed frozen pees. Ethan was about to run out to Grayson with the water and I was about to run to get a paper towel so the pees wouldn't be to cold but we bumped into each other.

We both fell back on our arses. Me dropping the pees and Ethan flinging the glass up in the air, water going all over him and the glass smashing right next to him.

We looked at each in a freaked out way.

"Shit I'm so sorry! You okay?" I asked looking at Ethan.

"I'm fine, what about you?" Ethan said looking at me.

We were both staring into each other's eyes. No not in a cringe or creepy way but just looking.

I got cut out of his gaze when I heard a loud yell of pain coming from Ethan's mouth. He  cut his hand on one of the broken glass shards.

Great now I have to broken Dolan twins in my room.

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