Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


11. Chapter Eleven

"Earth to Neeve.. HELLO" Ethan said waving his hand out in front of me.

I snapped back to reality... "hm.. oh yeah" I said thinking still.

"So who are you going to choose" Grayson asked again.

"Um.... Grayson?" I said looking at him.

Grayson had a huge smile on his face while Ethan looked down and depressed. Jealously was all over his face. Oh my god can't they just stop for once.

"Okay great" Grayson said smiling.

Ethan walked off. I feel really bad. Maybe I should go and talk to him.

"Maybe I should go after him" I said.

"No when he's like this he'll be a real prick so I'll go and do it" Grayson said running after Ethan.

I feel so bad. I couldn't do anything so I just sat down on one of the chairs. We are meant to be going on the plane soon but no. Ethan's pissed and probably hates me now and Grayson's running after him. And I'm doing nothing. This is my fault I need to do something about this not Grayson.


I heard the lady say that our plane was leaving but the twins are still no where to be seen. I waited.

"Last call for the LA plane" the lady said for the third time now. I have to go or I'll miss it.

I was about to grab all of the bags when I saw two twins walking towards us looking sad.

"You know what guys you two sit next to each other I'll sit by myself" I said started to walk.

"Um. Neeve" Grayson started.

I looked over to see their faces. There was a big bruise on Ethan's left cheek and one black eye on Grayson's right eye.

"What the fuck happened" I asked looking frustrated

"We fought" Ethan said blankly.

"Nah shit Sherlock" Grayson said smirking.

Ethan went to go and punch him again but before his forceful hands could hit Grayson's face I grabbed it just in time.

"You two are acting like a bunch of idiots and for nothing. You two are getting jealous over nothing and it's hurting you two physically and emotionally" I started.

"So I'm going to be sitting by myself and that's final." I finished.

"Yes neeve" Grayson said picking up his suitcase and getting in the plane.

"I'm really sorry" Ethan said with a half smile.

"No I should be" I said getting on the plane.


That was the worst plane flight ever. The boys were constantly fighting and looking over at me when I was sitting next to some actor I didn't really know but I didn't care. I closed my eyes for most of it but I couldn't sleep.

The twins are just........ I don't even know. I like both of them like..... how?!

Maybe I can actually choose one of them. But that's hard. I can't do that.

I looked over to see what they were doing and when I make eye contact with Ethan he quickly looked away. Fuck it.


We got off the plane. Thankfully it was only 6:25 when we arrived so I wasn so tired.

"Come on neeve, the car will be here soon" Grayson said and I followed.

I don't really know if I want to go to their house right now. They're just going to make me choose who I have to share a bed with because there is only their beds but it's just... to complicated for me right now.

But after thinking about all of this it's too late because we are already here.

"So do you wanna make a video?" Ethan asked.

"Sure why not" I said with no emotions.

"Let's do a part two of the recreating fan fiction" Grayson said all excited.

"Why not" Ethan said while shoving pizza down his mouth.

"Okay sounds good" I said.


"WHATS UP GUYS" Ethan started.

"WE'RE BACK" Grayson finished.

"So today we are doing part 2 of the recreating fan fiction and to be honest I hate the fact that Grayson came up with it" Ethan said looking at Grayson.

"But because we are doing part 2 we thought we should get Neeve back to do it with us because she was in part 1" Grayson said.

I was already sitting in between them. I could feel my face start to blush cause I knew I didn't want to do this.

"So instead of Grayson reading first I will be" Ethan said getting into his reading chair trying to look 'professional'

"And because Grayson made us sooooo unfortunately last time it's pay back bitch" Ethan said with an evil smirk.

"Shit" I heard Grayson mumble under his breath.

Ethan started "Grayson and you were in an argument. You were hired as Grayson's fake girlfriend to help with his image. But over time you started liking him. He hugged you made you feel special in public but when the cameras were gone. He was rude and never spoke to you. But one day you went to New Jersey to meet his family. The night before you went to the pub and Grayson got seriously drunk." Ethan stopped reading and pretended to wipe a tear from his eyes but he shortly started to read again.

" it was morning around 11:00am and you had to wake him up. Finally after you guys swearing back and forth he woke up". Ethan stopped. "WHERE IS ALL OF THE JUICY STUFF" Ethan yelled then laughed.

Ethan scrolled down a lot until there was a smirk on his face.

"So everyone knows they are fighting right now" Ethan said smirking

The he started. "why don't you like me, your giving me all these mixed signals and for what. Just to get a girl in your pants. Your a really cunt" Ethan said and looked at me.

I rolled my eyes "why don't you like me, your giving me all these mixed signals and for what. Just to get a girl in your pants. Your a really cunt"

Ethan laughed and continued. "Well maybe your not my fucking type. You get payed for this and I just don't like you back for the 10th time" Ethan said. Grayson's turn.

Grayson repeated what he said and started reading again. "Well can you at least tell me if you felt anything In the kiss you pleaded Grayson" Ethan said. I released and he continued.

"I don't what to talk about it" Grayson said looking away."

Grayson repeated. Ethan continued.

"We are right here right now SO JUST TELL ME" You demanded.

"Ohhh it started getting good now" Ethan said smirking.


Grayson repeated.


"WELL MAYBE I JUST WILL" Grayson screamed in response"

"THEN COME ON AND DO IT" you yelled."

You two repeated what Ethan said.

"FINE THEN" Grayson yelled the cams right up to you and started kissing you." Ethan said. "Do it" Ethan said.

"Do we have to?" I asked remembering what happened at the airport.

"YESSSS" Ethan laughed.

Before I could say anything I felt Grayson's soft hand cup over my cheeks and passionately kiss me. We were in sync. One of the best kisses I ever had.

We still have to kiss cause it was apart of the script. I could see Ethan's face go beat red. But he made me do this. But Ethan continued reading.

"The kiss was magical. I never knew someone that fucking annoying would be a great kisser. Sure I've kissed him in public but this was a whole new level of wow.

There was no cameras, no paparazzi it was just us. Suddenly he left the kiss.

"So what do you think?" You asked. "Not quite sure, maybe you will have to do it again" he smiled." Ethan said.

"So that's the end of that chapter" Ethan said with his face still red.

You and Grayson were trying to catch your breath back.

"Anyways if you want a part 3 make you get this video to 300k likes" Grayson said

"NOO" Ethan and I said in unison.

"Anyways Guys PEACE" Ethan said and turning off the camera.

Grayson and I are still trying to catch our breath.

"Dang that was intense" Grayson laughed.

"Yeah sure was" I said finally calming down.

Ethan just rolled his eyes and walked off. He was pissed again.

Not even my fault he told me to do it and so now he's pissed.

"Don't worry about him he'll be fine soon" Grayson said smiling at me.

"Hopefully" I said with a sad expression

"Think on the bright side, think how the fans will react" he said trying it stay positive.

"Hahaha yeah they will go crazy" I said.


"Hey Ethan" I said walking into the the editing room.

No reply.

"Hello? Earth to Ethan" I said again.

"Sup" Ethan said coldly.

Grayson was right, when he is in a mood he can be a prick.

"What's wrong" I said sitting next to him.

"None Of your Business" he said coldly again.

"Damn you acting like how Grayson was in that story" I joked trying to make him laugh.

Nothing Worked.

"I bet you wish I was Grayson" he mumbled.

I looked at him strangely. He needs to calm the fuck down.

"Okay why the fuck are you acting like this" I asked starting to look frustrated.

He looked at me with angry and hurt.

"Do you like Grayson" he asked.

Why was he asking me this. I don't know what to say or answer.

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