Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


18. Chapter Eighteen

So I woke up and it just hit me how amazing that date with Grayson was last night.

Now today I have one with Ethan.

He won't tell me at all what it is and it's killing me inside.

He must really want it to be a surprise.

He told me to put simmers on so I'm thinking we are going to the beach or something but who knows.

I'm in the car with Ethan right now and he is a very chatty person. Very extra like me so I can appreciate that about him. He also is good at keeping secrets.

All of a sudden he lost his smile.

"You okay?" I asked as I put my hand on his free one.

"Yeah I guess" he said with a half smile.

"What's wrong" I asked.

"I'm afraid that you had more fun with Grayson then you'll have with me" Ethan said honestly.

"Don't worry, anything can happen" I said and he smiled.

"I appreciate your honesty" I said holding his hand tighter.

I'm going to remember that


We finally got there and we were actually at a water park. Called Pacific Park.

It was half a beach to so that was cool.

Everything makes sense about the swimmers now.

"You like it" Ethan asked

"Are you kidding I love water parks" I said with a smile.

"And we don't have to wait through the lines cause my friend owns this place" Ethan said happily.

"Then what are we waiting for" I said holding his hand and running to the top of the line.


We were in very quickly. The rides were only just opened and we had all the rides to ourselves for now so we must go on the most popular ones now.

"Let's do the drop one" Ethan said pointing.

"YES!" I said still holding his hand and dragging him along like a puppy.

We worked up the stairs. It was really high.

" I dibs the pink one" I said running to it.

"Then I have green" Ethan said walking behind you.

"Have you ever done this before?" I asked.

"Nope, is it scary" Ethan asked.

"No just stay calm and don't look down" I said and he nodded. Obviously terrified.

"Okay So Just keep you hands crossed on your chest and keep your legs together...." the life guard said putting you guys in the tube.

"Okay, you will hear beeps on the third beep you will drop" he said again pushing the red button to start the drop.

1 beep

2 beep

3 beep



When I feel i wasn't scared because I did it before but I couldn't believe I heard Ethan screaming. He is such a wuss if he will admit it or not.

It was so much fun going around the loop up and down. Apparently people can get suck but thankfully that didn't happen to me.

The ride finished and I had the biggest wedgie.

I looked over at Ethan and I couldn't help but laugh.

You could tell that he was terrified but he laughed when he heard mine.


We went on a couple of more rides but it started to get crowded so we would have to leave soon.

"Can we Please go the ride when we verse each other" I asked begging.

He sighed but nodded, so we went to the line and thankfully it wasn't to big because the other ride lines were massive

"This is the last ride then I have something else for you" Ethan said nudging me.

"But can we get ice cream" I said looking into his eyes like a depressed little kid wanting to be fat.

"Sure" he chucked and we were at the top of the line.

"Which slide are you going on?" I asked

"I'm going through the tunnel one. More scary" Ethan said getting all excited.

"Okay and I'll go in the other one" I said making a competitive face.

"Who ever wins buys the ice cream" Ethan said

"Your on" and with that we were in the slides.





I could hear Ethan pulling on the slide making him go faster. One thing I know about that kid he really loves to win and doesn't take lose for an answer.

So I copied.

I had a feeling I was ahead but I didn't know for certain because we were in a tunnel of water.

One it's really hard to breathe in here or you going to suck in water.

I got to the bottom and hit the water I went to look to see if he was here. Well I can't see him in the water so I guess I won.

"YES I WON" I yelled

"try again" I heard someone say and it was Ethan already out and dry.

Fuck him.

"Come on we need to go" Ethan said throwing me a towel and walking out the gate.

"Excuse me what about my ice cream" I said folding my arms.

"What you were serious" he questioned.

"I never lie about ice cream" I said dragging me to the ice cream store.


"ARE WE THERE YET" I complained when Ethan was still driving.

"No" he simple answered

"Where are you taking me?"

"Surprise" he winked.

I hate surprises cause I just want to know like OMG

"Don't worry we'll be there soon" he said holding my hand making me blush.

I don't like to abit when I blush because it makes me feel weird.

"Awe your blushing" Ethan said holding my hand tighter making me blush even brighter.

"No I'm not, it's just.... fucking hot" I defended.

"Sure" he winked.

Why is he so smooth I bet he was really isn't I'm just heart eyes emoji over him but damn.


"Okay put this blindfold on because we will be there soon" Ethan said handing it to me.

"WHYYYYY" I whined.

"Just do it" he begged.

I just rolled my eyes but did what he said.

"Are we there yet"

"Yes actually" he said getting out of the car.

"How am I meant to get out"

"I'm coming" he said opening my car door.

Ethan got my hand and helped me down.

I still have no clue where we are but I guess it special if he's going through all this trouble just to do it.

"Where are we" I asked

"You'll find out"

Ethan put his hands on my waist

"Okay open your blindfold in 3, 2, 1."

I took it off and saw the view.


Omg the view is actually amazing. With the sunset over Hollywood. It's just..... wow.

"Oh my god Ethan" i said looking at him. He had the biggest smile on his face he is so adorable.

"You like it?" He asked.

"Of course I LOVE IT" I said jumping up and down.

Ethan grabbed me and spun me around in his arms until we are facing each other.

"I'm glad you liked it" he said staring into my eyes.

And I was staring into his.

I leaned and and he did the same. We were inches away from each other and I felt his lips touch mine.

We were in sync and and all I was thinking it was a great date.

How am I going to choose!?

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