Time to choose // Dolan Twins Fan Fiction

Your a 17 year old girl named Neeve and you had a really hard decision to make. Move to LA or London, you followed your heart and ended up doing something you never imagined.


8. Chapter Eight

"It's okay just go on stage and talk about YouTube" zac said pushing me onto the stage.

Out of all the YouTuber in this room, WHY DID HE HAVE TO CHOOSE ME! Like I get it I was probably the first person he saw but really! Me!

Before I walked onto the stage I calmed myself down and put on a fake smile so no one can tell I'm nervous.

THEY SHOULD KNOW! I'm not good at public speaking and that I HAVE STAGE FRIGHT.

I walked on to the stage like a model. Waved and smiled at people when I walked by. Girls screaming, crying, trying to touch my hand but I just headed to where I was directed to go.

"Hey everyone, so how is everyone today" I asked the audience.

They all shouted how they felt and it was a mixture of everything so I couldn't hear what they were saying.

"That's fantastic, so I'm up hear to talk about my experience with YouTube and how it's helped me through almost One full year of doing it" I said

The fans were roaring and screaming excited. Hopefully that means their ready for the story.

"So before I started YouTube I was a little insecure girl who didn't This she was good enough, beautiful enough and no I'm not using the one direction lyrics in this but it's true" i said the paused.

Everyone isn't screaming just..... listening.

"And it was hard when I started as well. I got inspiration to make my account by my best friend Lauren but most of you would know her as LaurenLA from her YouTube channel that has officially has 4 Million subs today!" I paused so the fans could cheer.

"But when I started my anxiety levels started to raise. I felt like that everyone would hate my content. But one thing I haven't been honestly was my anxiety with you guys. I was afraid that I would be known as the anxiety girl who does YouTube videos. But everyone here for me from the past few days as really changed that for me. So I wanted to thank you, thank you for being there for me when I needed it the most" I said

I got a nod from Zac telling me that Dan and Phil are here and ready to go up.

"So after that depressing statement, I'm glad to announce that dan and Phil are here to come on stage and tell you where they have been for the last 10 minutes" I said walking of stage.

The fans face was unbelievable. They were smiling, clapping saying nice comments and the brightest face I saw were Ethan and Grayson's.

I went back to my spot and sat until the talks were finished.


After the talks were finished people started to go to the stands to meet their favourite YouTuber but because I don't have another stand until tomorrow so I can go back to my room and relax...  FINALLY!

I reached the elevator from the secret staff room but no one was there. Strange I'm alone. The elevator came and no one was in it again. Maybe people are having stands today I thought and got onto the elevator.

It was a peaceful ride but then I heard screaming and shouting the higher I got.

The elevator door opened, without looking I was just walking. Then I looked up.

A huge swarm of fans out side all the YouTuber rooms. That's why no one was there. Their all hiding in their rooms.

WAIT how am I going to get into my room.

"OMG ITS NEEVE" one of the girls said.

Come neeve your nearly at the door.

Girls started running and trying to catch me but I got to the door.

One knock no answer.

Oh come on idiot please get the door.

"Who is it" Ethan said.

"Dude if its fans then they are going to know we're in here" Grayson said

"Right, sorry no ones here" Ethan said

"Wow so believable" Grayson said sarcastically.

"Ethan it's me, Neeve. Fans are trying to get me please open the door" I pleaded.

"Oh, Gray it's Neeve. Should I answer" Ethan said. He is so stupid sometimes.

"Yes you idiot" Grayson said.

Fans started to pull on my arm trying to get pictures of me without looking.

Ethan's pulled my arm into safety like the first time we meet. Yesterday.

Ethan slammed the door so no fans could get in. He saved my life again.

"You alright" Grayson asked.

"Yeah, just a little cut on my arm" I said. I haven't looked at it yet but I knew it was there"

"Shit. I wouldn't call it a little on" Grayson said coming closer to my arm.

I looked down and saw the gash on my arm.

Its not huge but it is deep.

"Neeve, don't look at it it's okay" Ethan said trying to comfort me.

"Neeve, hello" Grayson said I think waving his hand in front of my face.

Everything started to go blurry. I can hear them but they are both really fuzzy right now.

"Grayson get the phone, call security and tell them to get the fans away" Ethan said trying to lift my head up.

"But what about Neeve?" Grayson asked.

"Just go Grayson" Ethan yelled.

I looked up at Ethan and it wasn't blurry anymore.

He saw me glazing at him and smiled.

"Neeve are you okay?" He asked

I didn't reply I couldn't speak. My throat was so dry it felt like I lost my ability to speak.

We were looking at each other again.

But all of a sudden it went blurry.

"GRAYSON, hurry with the phone call" Ethan shouted.


Then I heard. "C'mon neeve stay with me now, come on please"

All of a sudden it went black. I could feel someone picking me up and taking me to a soft surface which I'm presuming is a bed. I could hear faint voices but I couldn't really understand what they were saying. My arm was still bleeding. But i can't feel it anymore. I just felt...... nothing.

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